Cbear's DIF V
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   Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
   Jessica Hester Hsuan as Quin Mo Qiu Kwan
   Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
   Charmaine Sheh as Mun Yun Lan(Ah Man)
   Anne Heung as Liang Chin Chin
   Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying
   Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
   Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
   Joey as Lee Zhongyi
   Margaret Chung Li Qi as Si Lung


At the airport...
Dayong,Jessie and Quin were saying their goodbyes.
Jessie:Quin,you must take care!Any problems just call him(refering to
Quin:I will!I'm too tough to fall down.So don't worry!You should show
more concern for Dayong instead.
Dayong:Ha!If only she would!I'll be grateful if she doesn't make me
Jessie:If you are so unhappy with me,then don't come back!It's not as
if I can't live without you!
Quin:Pls you two ,don't argue over such trivial matters!Of course he'll
come back.He's only got one wife,who else can he go to.(making signs to
Jessie:Who knows if he's got a mistress over in HK!He's always going
Dayong(fuming):You know it's for my work!
Tung Tung decided to help.
Tung Tung:Pls godma and godpa,don't get angry with each other!I don't
want to see the both of you so unhappy.
Jessie(a little regreting):Don't feel sad!It's your first trip.Godma is
only joking.Cheer up!
Dayong:Well,it's all my fault,ok!Don't worry about us,Tung Tung.Your
godpa and godma are always like that.Now let's go.We don't want to miss
the plane,rite?
Quin:Let's hurry then!(To Jessie)Don't worry,I'll keep an eye on
him.Any mischief,I'll report to you immediately!
Jessie:He dares and I'll skin him alive!(finally smiles)
Dayong:Yea,Yea.I won't give you the chance so don't worry!Come,Tung
Tung!Let's go!
Jessie:Tung Tung!Remember to write to godma,ok!
Tung Tung:I will!godma,you take care yourself!
Jessie:Don't create trouble for your mummy!Bye bye!
Quin,Dayong,Tung Tung:Bye Bye!

On the plane,Tung Tung was fast asleep.She was exhausted from the day's
Quin(stroking Tung Tung):Finally everything's settled.
Dayong:How are you feeling now?
Quin:I'm ok,it's not as if it's my first flight.
Dayong:I mean how are you feeling now that you are going back to HK?
Quin:What do you mean how I feel,how should I feel?
Dayong:HK is not that big,You'll meet him someday.Don't find long
winded but you'll have to face him one of these days.You really don't
intend to tell him anything?
Quin:What is there to tell?He already has Chin Chin.I don't want to
make things more complicated for him.Besides,I like it this way.I'm
contented to have Tung Tung by my side.Nothing matters more than her.I
won't ask for more.
Dayong:Not even if he decided to make up with you?
Quin:What's meant to be yours will be yours.No point keeping something
that doesn't belong to you.Fei has already chosen Chin Chin.
Seeing that Quin is upset,Dayong decided to change subject.
Dayong:So where are you living?With your parents?
Quin:No.I intended to have a change of enviroment.Besides,my brother is
getting married soon.I'll leave the house to them.
Dayong:Then where are you putting up now?You can always come and live
with me if you like.There's plenty of room for you and Tung Tung.
Quin:Thks!I appreciate the thought but I've already rented an
apartment.We may not live together but I'll be glad to have you as a
good neighbour!
Dayong:You mean that you've taken the empty apartment beside mine!
Quin:Hope it won't bother you too much!
Dayong:Don't be silly!You just make things easier for me.Jessie won't
nag me so much.And I'll get to see Tung Tung everyday!
Quin:Enough talk about me.What about you?Where are you promoted to?
Dayong:To the Central.
Quin:What a coincidence!I'm also assigned there for half a year for
Dayong:I've heard that they got some cases with you before,rite?
Quin:Just for a short period.They are really good cops,don't worry.
Dayong:I'm just worried about you.
Quin:I'll take things as they come.No use trying to avoid problems.
"All passagers,pls fasten your seat belts.And switch off all laptops.We
are about to land."
The conversation ends as the plane lands.
Quin's family were there to fetch her.Her father and aunt had just
returned from their travels to attend Kit's wedding.(Quin's brother)
As they made their way back,Quin was confronted by her aunt.
Aunt Hiang:Ah Kwan,the guy who came back with you,is he your
boyfriend?Looks okay.Does he treat you well?
Quin:Aunt!He already has a wife!Don't think wrongly.There's notihng btw
Aunt Hiang:(signs)Are all good man taken already?
Kit:Aunt,you still have dad!He's good enough for you.
Aunt Hiang:To tell the truth,I never thought that we would be together
at first.
Quin:Well,you both deserve each other.There's on doubts about that.And
Kit,when is your 'big day'?
Kit:Soon!Everything is underway.It's fixed at next month.The
invitations have already been sent out.
Tung Tung:Mommy,Mommy!I want to be the flower girl!
Quin:That,you'll have to ask your uncle.
Kit:Tung Tung is so cute.Yoke would love her.I'm sure she wouldn't mind
having her as a flower girl.
Tung Tung:Yipe!!I get to be the flower girl!Mommy!I get to be the
flower girl!
Everyone laughs.
Meanwhile,Dayong,Zhongyi and Si Lung were discussing about their new
Zhongyi:Tomorrow we'll be reporting for work.Wonder if we can get along
with our new colleages.
Si Lung:It's the same anywhere.Besides,we're only combining teams.
Zhongyi:Well,with more people to do the job,should ease the work
load.But it'll make things worse if we don't co-operate with each
Dayong:Shouldn't be any problems.They don't look difficult people.
Zhongyi:Easy for you to say!You're their head!In future,you've got to
look after me.
Dayong silently crept behind Zhongyi and gave him a tight 'hug'."Sure
I'll 'look after' you!
Zhongyi choked:Hey!(Dayong quickly released him)
Si Lung:How's your friend?I've heard that she's the new psychologist
hired by the police department.
Dayong:Only for half a year.
Zhongyi:Heard that she has a child but where's her husband?
Dayong:Stop being so nosy!It's other people's business.

The next day,Dayong,Zhongyi and Si Lung were waiting for the lift.Quin
and Tung Tung have just stepped out from their apartment.
Tung Tung:Good morning godpa!
Dayong:Good girl!Today is your first day at school,don't create trouble
for your teacher,okay!
Tung Tung:I won't!I'm sure the teacher would like me.
Quin:Good Morning Dayong!(To Zhongyi and Si Lung)Hello!I'm Quin.
Zhongyi:Hi!I'm Lee Zhongyi.This is my wife,Si Lung.
Si Lung:Hello!
Dayong:Are you starting work today?
Quin:Have to.Otherwise they'll fire me.
Dayong:Who's going to send Tung Tung to school then?
Quin:Kit will come and fetch her.
Dayong:You want a ride with us?I know your car is still not ready yet.
Quin hesitates for a while before she accepts.

At the Central Police Station...
Korean just come back from outside.He seemed pretty excited about
Korean:Hey everyone!Guess who I saw on my way back?
Gigi:Come straight to the point!
Korean:I saw our new head,Zhang Dayong.
Hoi:What's so strange about that?Everyone knows that he's reporting for
work today.
Korean:But you'll never guess who I saw together with him.
Gigi:Don't keep us in suspense!Tell us quick!
Just then,Tze Shan and Fei entered the room.
Fei:What's going on here?You guys gossiping about who this time?
Gigi:Oh!Korean was about to tell us something regarding our new head.
Tze Shan:What about him?
Korean:Nothing.When I was on my way back,I saw our new head,together
with .....
Gigi:With who?
Korean:I could be wrong but I thought I saw Ms Mo..
Fei stared at Korean in surprise:Are you sure?
Korean:She really looks like Ms Mo!
Tze Shan:Stop your crap and get to work.
Fei was still disturbed by the news.Tze Shan observed that Fei was
quite shaken by the news.
Tze Shan:Ah Fei,Stop thinking so much.Perharps it's purely coincidence.

Lunchtime had passed.The guys have all returned to the unit.Dayong and
Zhongyi just arrived with Tze Shan.
Tze Shan:Everyone!This is our new head,Zhang Sir.Together with him is
Lee Sir.He's in charge of the B team.
Dayong:As you all know,we've combinied A and B team to form this
special task force.I've high expectations for everyone of you and I
hope you won't disappoint me.
At this moment,the phone rang.Fei answered the call.
Fei:Um..okay,we'll be there!(hangs up)A body has been found in Wan
Dayong:Get to work!

At the scene of crime,an apartment in Wan Chai.
Dayong and Zhongyi had just arrived.The rest of the gang arrived
Dayong:So what's up,Dr Chan?(Tze Shan took his recorder and started
Dr Chan:First deductions show that the deceased was electrocuted.There
were no signs of assult or abuse.The death time should be around 2 or 3
hours ago.For further information,you'll have wait for the report.I'll
send it to you as soon as possible.
Zhongyi:Thks Dr Chan!(Turns to examine the body)She's still so
young!Wonder who bears such a grudge against her?
Fei:Whoever it is,the person certainly didn't want her alive.
------------------End of Chapter 1------------------


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