Cbear's DIF V
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   Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
   Jessica Hester Hsuan as Quin Mo Qiu Kwan
   Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
   Charmaine Sheh as Mun Yun Lan(Ah Man)
   Anne Heung as Liang Chin Chin
   Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying
   Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
   Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
   Joey as Lee Zhongyi
   Margaret Chung Li Qi as Si Lung

Guest stars:
Chen Xiaoyun as Ivy(FOJ5 as Ka Rei)
He Bao Sheng as Ben(When a woman loves a man as Yong Kun)
I've added two more cops for B team:
Nicholes Tse as Patrick Chen Zhihao
Mark Kwok as Zeng Han

Preview from Ch1:Quin has finally returned to HK with Tung Tung.She resumed her duties with the police psychologist department.Meanwhile,A body was found on the first day Dayong reported for work...

Back at the police station,they were having a discussion.
Dayong:Ok guys!List down what we've got so far.
gigi:The female deceased is a chinese,age 20 named Ivy.She had no kins in HK.Rite now,she's cohabiting with her 1 yr boyfriend,Ben.Her body was discovered by her boyfriend when he came back from buying lunch.
Fei:There were no signs of assult or abuse.Only the burnt marks on her hands.The area also shows no signs of a fight.Up to now,we are still unable to figure out how she got electrocuted.
Korean:Perharps an eletric leak?There's no other way to explain the cause.
Zhongyi:It's possible.She was bathing at that time.There's no protection from it.It could happen.
Fei:Isn't it a little too coincidental?
Si Lung:It's just one of the possibility.
Dayong:What about her boyfriend?Think he's suspicious?
Hoi:I've checked up on him.Clean record.Working for his uncle rite now.Nothing suspicious.
Gigi:I've also asked the neighbours about them.They all say that Ben dotes on his girlfriend.They are like inseparable.
Si Lung:Seems that this guy should be innocent.
Fei:We can't be too sure.What if the guy is a very good actor?
Tze Shan:Ah Fei,you have another opinion?
Fei;I just think that it's too awkward,too coincidental.
Tze Shan:You'll have to find evidence to support your point.
Fei:Gong Sir,Lee Sir!I would like to go back to the cime scene once more for more leads.Perharps we might miss out something.
Dayong:You go ahead.Tell us what you find there.
Fei just nods his head.He's still pondering about Dayong's relationship with Quin.But he's got a case to investigate.He had to put aside his personal feelings and concentrate on the case.

Meanwhile,Dayong,Zhongyi,Si Lung and Tze Shan were talking about Tsui Fei during their tea-break.
Dayong:Tze Shan,has Ah Fei always been like that?
Tze Shan:You mean his way of doing things?(Dayong nods)Well,Ah Fei likes to do things based on instincts.That's true.But he's a very good cop.He does his work well.His performance has always been good so far.
Zhongyi:I must admit that I quite admired him sometimes.I seldom see a person as confident as him.
Si Lung:Do you think he'll find any leads for the case?
Dayong:If his point is proven,we've got a very tricky case on our hands!

Back at the apartment in Wan Chai....
Fei was in the bathroom still figuring how the girl died.Out of curiosity,he switched on the water heater.He was going to turn on the tap when he heard a knock.So he out to have a look.
Patrick:Hi!You must be Tsui Sir!I'm Chen Zhihao.You can call me Patrick.(offers to shake Fei's hand but was ignored)Um,Lee Sir told me to come over to see if you need any help.
Fei:Just look around then.(walks back into the bathroom)
Patrick:....(shrugs his shoulders and followed Fei in)
Fei turned on the tap but found nothing suspcious.So he continued to look around for clues.
Patrick who has no idea what Fei is doing,went forward to turn off the tap.As he was doing so,he accidently touched the piping connected to the heater.
Fei turns round to find Patrick sucking his finger.
Fei:What happened?
Patrick:Nothing.I accidently touched the piping and got a shock.I think it's still has an electric leak.
Fei closely examines the heater and saw something that he had missed before.There's an extra wire connected to the heater!

Scene changes to Tze Shan's office.The phone was juz ringing.
A woman's voice:Are you free for lunch,inspector Gong Tze Shan?
Tze Shan(smiling):Sure,....ok!meet you at 1 pm.

Venue changes to Chez Maman.Turns out that the woman who called Tze Shan was Quin.
Quin:You still like to come here?
Tze Shan:Still come once in a blue moon.Don't know why,but somehow I feel that Tong Sum's spirit is still here.
Quin(signs):Time really flies!It's been 3 years since I left HK.But everything seems to have juz happened yesterday.
Tze Shan:Now that you're back,any future plans?
Quin:I've still got half a year with the police.After that,I'll transfer back to my mentor's company.Tung Tung likes it here.So I'll stay here for the moment.At least until my contact is fulfilled.
Tze Shan:Aren't you going to tell Ah Fei about Tung Tung.He's her father after all.
Quin:I never had that intention.I don't want to put him in a difficult position.Anyway I like it juz the way it is now.I don't another person to interfere with my life.
Tze Shan:What about Zhang Sir?
Tze Shan:I heard from Korean that he saw you together with our new head.Is he your boyfriend?
Quin:Why do you people always have to think this way!He's my best friend's husband and my child's godpa.That's it!There's nothing btw us!Don't get the wrong idea!
Tze Shan:How's Tung Tung?......
They had a pleasant conversation and finally parted after an hour.

At the Central Police Station,everyone was in the discussion room.Fei passed around some files.
Dayong:Ok Fei,tell us what you found.
Fei:We've found the death cause to Ivy's case.I've gone back to the house for more clues and I found that the water heater had been tempered with.
Zhongyi:Tempered with?
Patrick:Yeah!I was shocked myself!Turns out that someone connected the power supply line directly to the heater.So she'll get electrocuted if she touched the metal piping.
Fei:Because the deceased was bathing at that time.The floor was all wet.Her body was also wet.As there was no protection,she would be killed instantly if she touched the piping.
Tze Shan:This means that all these are not coincidental!
Si Lung:Do you think that his boyfriend is involved?
Dayong:We better take him in for questioning!

In the interview room,Si Lung and Fei were questioning Ben.
Ben:Ah Sir,I thought I told you everything the other time.What else do you want to know?
Fei:We have a new lead to prove that your girlfriend's death was not an accident.We hope that you can provide us with more info.
Ben:So what else do you want to know?
Si Lung:Any idea if your girlfriend has any enemies?
Ben:No,Ivy's always so good to everyone.Everyone likes her.
Fei:Think again!Did she had any arguments with anybody recently?
Ben(thinks for a while):AH!A few days ago,her ex-boyfriend came to borrow money from her but she wouldn't.B'cos of this,she got slapped by him.
Si Lung:Why wouldn't she loan him the money?
Ben:He's a habitual gambler.Always borrowing money from the loansharks.Whenever he gone hiding,Ivy has to deal with his problems herself.It's for his own good.Ivy can't take care of him forever!
Fei:Any idea where he might be now?
Ben:I'm not so sure myself.
Fei:Has your heater been leaking electricity recently?
Ben:Yes,but we got it fixed a few days ago.
Fei:Who fixed it?
Ben(confused):I'm not sure who.Ivy said she got her friend to fix it.Does this have anything to do with the case?
Fei:Does Ivy's ex-boyfriend knows how to fix these kind of things?
Ben:I heard from Ivy that he was once an electrician but he got fired due to his working attitude.

Back at the unit,Si Lung and Fei juz walked in.
Tze Shan:Got anything from Ben?
Fei:He told us that Ivy's ex-boyfriend could be suspicious.
Si Lung:He was once an electrician.He should have the experience with these kind of things.
Korean:From what you got,I can deduce that his ex-boyfriend certainly has a hand in this case.
Fei:Ben also mentioned that the heater was faulty before.Ivy got her friend to fix to it.I think that "friend" could be the killer.He/she has the best opportunity to temper with the heater.We have to seek out this person.Hoi:Could it be the same guy?I mean her ex-boyfriend.
Dayong:All rite guys!We'll split the work.Korean,Gigi,KK.Find that ex-boyfriend's whereabouts and take him back for questioning.Ah Fei,Patrick,Si Lung.Check out Ivy's friends.Ah Hoi and Ah Kao,keep tabs on Ben.Ok everyone!Get to work!
Everyone:YES SIR!
---------------------End of Chapter 2----------------------------

Who’s the killer?The ex-boyfriend or her friend?Could they be the same person?Pls tune in to find out!


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