Cbear's DIF V
Copyright Cbear 1999. All Rights Reserved.

   Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
   Jessica Hester Hsuan as Quin Mo Qiu Kwan
   Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
   Charmaine Sheh as Mun Yun Lan(Ah Man)
   Anne Heung as Liang Chin Chin
   Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying
   Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
   Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
   Joey as Lee Zhongyi
   Margaret Chung Li Qi as Si Lung

Guest Stars:
Maggie Chueng as Siew Yee
Angela Tong as Vivien

Preview of chapter 2: Ivy's death was not an
accident!Who could have killed her?Rite now,her
ex-boyfriend is the most suspicious.And the friend who
fixed her heater.Could it be the same guy?
-------------Chapter 3--------------            
Tung Tung juz finished school(It's a pre-school).Quin
finished her work and was waiting at the gate for her.
Tung Tung:Mommy!Mommy!Guess what I did today?
Smiling,Quin answered:You little imp!What did you do
Tung Tung:I've made a lot of friends today!Everyone
was very nice to me.I even drew a picture of me and my
new best friend.Mommy,look!
Quin:Hm..the picture is very nice.So where is your new
Tung Tung:There she is !With her mommy!
Quin looks at the direction Tung Tung is pointing.She
sees a pregnant woman holding a child.
Tung Tung drags Quin along to see her newfound friend.
Tung Tung:Xiaoyan!She is my mommy.Mommy,she's Xiaoyan.
Quin:Hello!I'm Quin.Tung Tung's mother.You are..
Siew Yee:I'm Zeng Siew Yee.You can call me Ah Yee.So
you are Tung Tung's mother.Xiaoyan has been telling me
so much about her.
Quin:It's good to make more friends.Do you need a
lift?I can give you a ride home.
Siew Yee:Thks for asking but my husband is coming to
fetch us.There he is now!Bye!
Quin:Bye Bye!(waves goodbye)
Quin sees Siew Yee get into a a car parked outside the
Quin:Tung Tung,Let's buy some things before we go

Quin returns home with bags of food from the
supermarket.She's about to enter her apartment when
Dayong appeared.
Dayong(jokingly):Wow!Bought so much food today!Are you
preparing for a ten course meal?
Quin smiles:I was thinking of inviting you guys for
dinner.(gets inside)
Dayong:Great!So i'll be expecting good food
today,huh.Where do i put these things?
Quin:Just leave it in the kitchen.And call your
friends over as well.
Dayong:A free meal,Zhongyi will be here in no
time.Tung Tung,how's your day?
Tung Tung:I've made a new friend.Her name is
Xiaoyan.Look!I even drew a picture of her.(Show Dayong
her picture)
Dayong:Very nice.When are you free to draw a picture
of godpa?
Tung Tung:I'm always free.It's you who's not free.
Dayong:Godpa has to catch the bad people.I promise to
be your personal model when I'm free,okay?Now let call
Zhongyi and Si Lung.

A few hours later...
Quin:Time to eat!Tung Tung,go and wash your hands
Zhongyi:What a fine spread!I seldom get to eat good
food these days.
Si Lung:Then you are very unsatisfied with my
Zhongyi:Of course not!But both of us are busy with the
investigations that we seldom have time to eat a
home-cook meal.
Dayong:After so many days,there's still no progress in
the case.
Quin:We'll talk after we eat,ok!
Zhongyi:Quin,your cooking is really good!
Dayong:She learnt from my mother-in-law.
Quin:You guys eat more.Oh!Dayong,I gave a call to
Jessie yesterday, and she told me that she's coming to
HK permanently.
Dayong:I know.She mentioned the news to me already.Her
mom wants her to come back.
Zhongyi:I bet she's coming back to keep an eye on
Quin:Husband and wife shouldn't stay separate for too
long.It'll spoil the relationship.
Zhongyi:That I won't worry too much.He's too busy to
think of other things.Anyway,Jessie should be used to
it by now.
Dayong:Eat your rice and talk less.

They finished dinner at 8.The guys were in the living
room playing with Tung Tung.While the girls washed
Quin:How did you get to know your husband?
Si Lung:Perharps it's fate.I remember that when I was
still small.I slipped and fall.Nobody was there to
help me.I got scared and started crying.Then out of
nowhere,this big brother came and helped me.He was
very nice to me.He even promised that he'll marry me
if nobody wanted me.I was fat then.So when I heard
him,I was really touched.In my heart,I've secretly
made a vow that I'll marry no one else but him.
Quin:That was Zhongyi?How romantic!
Si Lung:Yes.We've been thru' a lot before we can be
Quin:Everything's fated.
Si Lung:Pardon me for being nosey, but where's Tung
Tung's father?
Quin:He chosen someone else...but he's rite to choose
her.She sacrificed a lot for him.
Si Lung:But Tung Tung still needs a father!
Quin:He doesn't know of Tung Tung's existance.And I
intend to keep it that way.
Si Lung:Won't it be unfair to the both of them?
Quin:I don't want to complicate things.For the good of
both parties,I'll always keep this secret in my heart.
Si Lung now sees Quin in a new light.Quin is not only
generous towards her love-rival,she's also has a
strong determination.After all these years,she still
kept on alone.

When Quin and Si Lung finished their chores,Dayong and
Zhongyi were discussing about Ivy's case.
Dayong:Who do you think is the culprit?
Zhongyi:The only suspect is her ex-boyfriend,Ah Choi.
Si Lung:Remember,when Tsui sir and I interrogate
Ben,he did mention a friend.But up to now,there's
still no new leads yet.
Quin:Tsui sir?You mean Ah Fei?
Si Lung:Yes,You know him?
Quin:Oh!Just a normal friend.I haven't seen for quite
some time already.I'm going to put Tung Tung to
bed.You guys better go back,it's late already.
Zhongyi:But it's only..Hey!(Dayong drags him to the
Dayong:Quit talking so much!Quin,I'll close the door
for you.No need to see me off.Bye!

Meanwhile,Fei was driving home.He suddenly brakes
outside a shop.It's a confectionary that sells
cheesecake.Looking in,he starts to recall.........
There's a long queue outside the shop.
Fei:Wow!Such a long queue!What are you buying?
Quin:Oh,I just saw a mag that recommends the
cheesecake here.So I thought I'll buy some for you to
try.But I didn't know that there would be such a long
queue.(Fei looks a little uneasy)
At the square...
Quin:Hm!Quite nice but lacks some cheese.
Fei:Rite,really lacks a little cheese taste.(takes a
bite of his cheesecake)
Quin:Wei!Spare some more for me!
Fei:Wow!You've eaten a lot already!Really not afraid
of getting fat?
Quin:It taste so good,why should I be scared?Anyway,I
often gym.
Fei:Oh all rite.(scene shows Fei and Quin sharing the
-----------end of flashback--------------
Fei smilingly got out of his car and went into the
When Fei got home,Chin Chin was nowhere to be seen.
Fei:Chin Chin?Where are you?I've bought something for
Fei goes from room to room,searching for her."Chin
Chin?Where are you?Stop playing now!"
She was still nowhere to be found.Fei got anxious when
he found a note on the table.
"I've gone to Canada with my friends for a
performance.Be back next week. Chin Chin"
Fei:Gone again!How many times more do I have to bear
with this?I shouldn't let her go back to performing.
Chin Chin has been quiet for a few days.Fei could
sense that she was troubled.
Fei:What's wrong?You can tell all your troubles,you
Chin Chin:I want to go back to the stage.I want to
dance again.
Fei:We've discuss this before.You have to accept
Chin Chin:I know, but a few days earlier, my friends
informed me that I could have a chance to perform with
them!I've thought about it.And I've agreed.
Fei:Without consulting me!?
Chin Chin:I know that you care but I really want to do
Fei:What can I say?You've already promised your
friends already!
-------end of flashback------------
Fei sat quietly, eating the cheesecake he
bought.Thinking of something that made him smile.

Another new day has begun.There's still no news of Ah
Choi.But Fei, Patrick and Si Lung managed to find out
some of Ivy's friends.
Patrick:This Ivy,may seem friendly but she's only got
these few close friends.
Si Lung:The closest one is her.(shows a photo to Tze
Fei:Her name's Vivien.Working as a model.No bad
records,no electrical knowledge.Nothing suspicious.
Korean:Nothing again!And still no news of that Ah
Choi.When can we close the case?
Just then,Zhongyi came rushing in."A male corpse found
in Tsim Sha Tsui!Let's go!"

They arrived at an apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui.Tze
Shan, as usual,took out his recorder and started
taking notes.
Tze Shan:The apartment is in a disarray
state.Obviously, there was a fight here.
Fei:Don't seem like a break-in.The valuables are still
Si Lung:It was his buddy who found his body.He was
already dead when he discovered him.
Zhongyi:Dr Chan, what did you find out?
Dr Chan:From the marks on his neck and the wound on
his chest,I can deduced that he was struggled and then
stabbed.From the wound marks,the knife is probably
only one inch wide.
Korean:Wow!Scared that he's not dead enough,so he/she
gave him another stab.Really brutal!
Zhongyi:Dr Chan,When did he died?
Dr Chan:From the looks of it ,I estimate the time to
be 1am this morning.I'll give you more details in the
autopsy report.I'll be off now.
Tze Shan:Thank you, Dr Chan.
Back at the Central Police Station.....
Dayong:The deceased identity given by his buddy was
Wong Ah Choi.
Gigi:Ah Choi?Isn't he Ivy's ex-boyfriend?
Dayong:You are rite.It's the same person we're looking
Korean:Even he has died.This case is getting more and
more complicated!
Tze Shan:His neighbour saw a man going into his
apartment yesterday nite.Rite now,KK is going over to
collect the portrait.We should very soon know who the
culprit is.(KK comes in with the portrait.)
KK:Head!It's Ben!

Ben was taken in for interrogation again.
Zhongyi:Where were you yesterday nite at 1am?
Ben:I was sleeping of course!Where do you think I
Si Lung:Wong Ah Choi died yesterday nite.You were the
last one seen together with.
Ben:You suspect me?Yes,I was with him yesterday
nite.But I only went there to pay him some
money!That's it!After that,I went back home straight
Si Lung:When did you get home?Can anyone prove that
you were not at Ah Choi's apartment at 1am?
Ben:I got home at about 12 in the morning,but I can't
think of anyone to prove my words.
Zhongyi:You better speak truthfully!
Ben:I am talking the truth!
Si Lung:But you've no time alibi.How do you expect us
to believe you?

Ben is detained.However the murder weapon(the knife)
is still not found yet.
Fei was still thinking about Ivy's case and he's
trying to connect both cases together.He suddenly
recalls something and started to search around for
Gigi:Fei gor,What are you looking for?

------------End of Chapter3-----------

What is Fei looking for?Is Ben really the culprit?
Jessie is coming back in the next chapter.+ another
character from the past.Who's it going to be?
(P.S Sorry the case drags so long.The killer will be
nabbed in the next chapter.Guess who is it?)


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