Cbear's DIF V
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          Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
          Jessica Hester Hsuan as Mo Chiu Kwan
          Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
          Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
          Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
          Margaret Chung Li Qi as Si Lung
          Nicholes Tse as Pactrick Tan Zhihao
          Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying

Preview of Ch3:Wong Ah Choi was found dead.Ben is
suspected to have something to do with it.Is it
revenge?Read on to find out....
------------Chapter 4-----------------
Fei finally found what he was looking for.
Fei:Gong sir,I've seen this woman taken photo with
both deceased.(He showed Tze Shan the photo.)
Tze Shan:Isn't she Vivien?
Fei:Yes,she probably has some connections with both of
them.Do you remember how Ah Choi died?
Korean:He was struggled and stabbed.
Fei:Rite!If I'm not wrong,the killer was probably too
weak.That's why she still need to stab him before Ah
Choi actually died.
Zhongyi:But Ben was seen going into the apartment
before.Could he be an accomplice?
Fei:We have to ask him to find out.

AT the detention room....
Fei:Do you recognise this woman?(Shows Ben Vivien's
Ben:She's..she's Vivien!
Tze Shan:Do you know her?
Ben:She used to be my girlfriend.But we broke up more
than a year ago.Then I got to know Ivy.
Fei:Why did you break up?
Ben:She always suspicious.Everything I do,Where I
go..Everything she wants to control!When I finally
couldn't take it anymore,I suggested breaking up.

Fei rushes to carpark to get his car.
Tze Shan:Ah Fei!Where are you going?
Fei:I'm going back to check out Ah Choi's apartment.
I'll call you when I'm finished.
Tze Shan sensed that something is coming up.So he
called the others to assembled at Ah Choi's
apartment,while Ah Hoi and KK check out Vivien's

While Fei reached Ah Choi's apartment,a woman was seen
loitering outside his flat.When she saw Fei,she
quickly walked off.Fei took one look at her and
immediately recognised her as Vivien.He quickly gave

Tze Shan and the others have just reached the building
when a woman ran past them."Catch her!She's Vivien!"
Fei was chasing her from behind.When they heard
this,Patrick, Korean and Ah Quan immediately gave
chase.Fei stopped to catch his breath.
Tze Shan:Ah Fei,What do you think?
Fei:If I'm not wrong,the murder weapon must be still
in the house!
Zhongyi:Then let's go up and check it out!

They've searched everywhere in the house but the
murder  weapon was still nowhere to be found.Where
could it be?
Zhongyi:We've searched so long already.could it be a
Fei:No,If she didn't leave something important,she
wouldn't come back here.It must be somewhere in the
Gigi:But where could it be?
Fei:Somewhere that's convenient for her to dispose the
Just then,Patrick brought Vivien up.She was very quiet
and wouldn't talk.Fei continues to look for clues in
the house.Then it suddenly struck him!He bends over to
check the vacuum cleaner.True enough,he saw specks of
dried blood on the inner side of the hose!He opened
the vacuum cleaner and found the knife and a piece of
thick wire amongst the dirt and grime.Vivien got as
pale as paper when she saw that the murder weapon was
finally discovered.

In the interrogation room.....
Fei:Why did you kill Wong Ah Choi?
Tze Shan:It's no use keeping quiet.We have the
evidence against you.
Fei:I suggest that you better speak up or else Ben
will get into trouble too.
Vivien:What have you done with him!?
Fei:If you want him to be okay,You better speak up!
Vivien:I've known Ben for 2 years already.Everything
was fine.But out of a sudden,he wanted to break up
with me!I couldn't understand why?Then I realised that
there was a third party.She was the reason Ben left
me.I hated her to the core!That slut!What rite does
she has to compete with me?
Tze Shan:Aren't the 2 of you friends?
Vivien:I hated her!I only pretended to be her
friend.All the time,I was planning to get rid of
her.When I learnt that she had an ex-boyfriend who's
an electrician,I hatched a plot to kill her.I
purposely get to know this Ah Choi.He was a habitual
gambler,so he was a easy victim.
Fei:All this while,Ben didn't know anything about you?
Vivien:He never questioned Ivy about her friends.He's
just too nice.
Fei:How did you convinced Ah Choi to tamper with the
Vivien:I paid his gambling debts for him.He owned his
life to me!Things seem to be going my way.Ivy's heater
has some problems.So I voluteered to help her.That
stupid woman never once suspected that she would die
that day.That day,I told Ah Choi to do as I told
him.And as planned,she got electrocuted.
Tze Shan:Aren't you afraid that you'll get the wrong
Vivien:Ben doesn't often return b'cos of his irregular
job schedules.
Fei:When Ah Choi finds out that it was Ivy,he
confronted you,rite?
Vivien:He called me the day before.Said he knows I'm
the murderer.So I went to his apartment to finish him
off.When I caught him off guard,I tried to strangle
him to death but he's too strong for me.He tried to
kill me instead!But I managed to grab the fruit knife
and stabbed him in the chest.
Fei:But how did the knife end up in the vacuum
Vivien:I couldn't think of any other ways to dispose
the knife.I was so scared then.Even though I had this
planned beforehand,it was still a frightening
experience.I thought of throwing the knife away but I
was afraid that you'll find it.It was then I thought
of hiding it in the vacuum cleaner.
Fei:You never expect that we still found it in the
end.Perharps you're just too suspicious towards
people.Ben,Ivy and Ah Choi were innocent victims.None
of this would happen if you learn how to be more

The case finally closed.Ben was freed,while Vivien was
convicted.This day,Jessie was to come back from
US.Quin,Dayong,Tung Tung,Zhongyi and Si Lung were at
the airport.Jessie came out from the gates and was
surprised to see so many people.
Jessie:(To Dayong)Do you have to rope in so many
people to fetch me?
Dayong:That's what you think!Zhongyi and Si Lung are
here to fetch his cousin(biao mei).
Jessie:Never heard that you have a cousin.Is she here
Zhongyi:Nope.I hope she's not lost.She just came back
from Australia.She's a distant cousin of mine.
Si Lung:Did you get the time right?
Zhongyi:Why don't you go back with them first.I'll
wait for her myself.
Quin:Come on,Si Lung,we'll prepare for a fine spread
while waiting for them.

They went out to get a cab.Right beside them,a
middle-aged girl was sitting on her luggage.She seems
to be waiting for someone."Oh dear!I should have
called them.But I lost their phone no.What should I do
Quin:Miss,do you need any help?
The lady turns and saw Quin."Oh thanks!Do you know
where is the Central Police Station?"
Quin had a shock when she saw her.She has a striking
resemblance of Tong Sum!
Sopie:Miss!Miss!Is there anything wrong?
Si Lung walks over to see what's wrong.When she saw
Sopie,she got excited.
Si Lung:Aren't you Lee Ying?
Quin:Lee Ying?She's Lee Ying,Zhongyi's cousin?
Sophie:You're my sister-in-law?Oh my god!Thank
goodness!I was having trouble contacting you.
Si Lung:I'll go tell Zhongyi!

They finally got home.
Zhongyi:Of all the relatives,why did you have to
choose me?
Sophie:Sorry,cousin Lee.
Zhongyi:Just call me Zhongyi.
Sophie:And you can call me Sophie.I won't trouble you
for long.I'll move as soon as I found a place to stay.
Si Lung:It's no hurry.Any plans for now?
Sophie:Well,I was hoping to get some answer from these
hotels.I've just send them my resume via e-mail.
Zhongyi:Aren't you majoring in medical studies?Don't
tell me a hotel needs doctors too?
Sophie:Medical studies is too boring!I switched to
management w/o my parents knowing.So don't spill the
beans on me,ok!
Si Lung:So you're staying here permenantly?
Sophie:Yeah.I'm staying here for sure.Do you know how
long I beg my mom before she lets me stay you guys?Of
course I won't give up any chance of being
Zhongyi:Glad I don't have a daughter like
you.Otherwise,I'll really die of a heart attack.I'm
going to Yong gor's place.
Sophie:Bring me along!
Zhongyi:Why do you want to go?
Sophie:To express my thanks,of course!I want to thank
the nice lady for her help.But it's a little strange.I
still remember that she called me Tong Sum when she
first saw me.
Zhongyi:Do you want to go over or not?
Sophie:Yes,of course!Si Lung jie jie,let's go

Later at nite,Quin was putting Tung Tung to sleep,when
the doorbell rang...Jessie and Si Lung were there.
Jessie:I noticed that you seem troubled today.Anything
Si Lung:I and Jessie were worried about you so we came
over to have a look.
Quin:Don't worry.I'm fine.Just thinking about the
Jessie:Don't think so much about the unhappy past.
Quin:They really look so alike!If I didn't see it with
my own eyes,I wouldn't believe it.It's as if she was
Si Lung:Who are you talking about?
Quin:Let's not talk about it anymore.Jessie,why don't
we bring you around tommorrow?I'm free.
Si Lung:I'll ask Sophie along.If it's ok.
Quin:Ask her.It's good for us to know more about her.I
have a feeling that I'll like her very much.

The next day afternoon,Jessie,Quin and Sophie went to
the Central P.S(Short for plice station) to fetch Si
Lung.As they passed by team A's unit,Quin stole a
glance in.However,Fei was not around.
Jessie:If you want to see him,just give him a call!
Quin:What are you talking about?
Jessie:Don't think I didn't caught you looking in.
Quin:I'm just looking if my friend is around.He works
Jessie:Only you know what you're thinking inside.But
most importantly,don't decieve yourself.

The girls were ready to leave and were going to get
their car.On the way,they met Fei and Tze Shan,who
were back from their lunch.Fei was simply surprised to
see Quin.
Fei:Ah Kwan!?I haven't seen you in a long time!How
have you been?
Quin:I'm quite fine,thank you.Look,I'm going the girls
now.I'll give you a call when I'm free,ok?

As the car drove off,Tze Shan caught a glimpse of a
familar face.
Tze Shan:...Tong Sum!?
-----------End of Chapter4-------------
Hope that most of u aren't disappointed!The past
character that I mentioned last ch was actually Lee
San San.But she's taken a new identity as Zhongyi's
distant cousin.Do u think Tze Shan will like her?It's
still too early to tell.Quin and Fei have finally
met.But Quin still chooses to keep a distance from
him.Will they be together?


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