Cbear's DIF V
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          Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
          Jessica Hester Hsuan as Mo Chiu Kwan
          Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
          Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
          Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
          Margaret Chung Li Qi as Si Lung
          Nicholes Tse as Pactrick Tan Zhihao
          Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying
          Mark Kwok as Zeng Han
Guest stars:Gallen Lo as Alan Low
           Maggie Cheung as Low-Zeng Siew Yee
           Mariane Chan as Fang Ting
           Timmy Hung as Benny

Preview from last chapter:Fei and Quin had met at
last.But Quin choose to keep a distance btw them.Tze
Shan caught a glimpse of Sophie and she reminded him
of Tong Sum......
------------Chapter 5----------------
Sophie had a striking resemblance of Tong Sum but she
is after all not her.That day,Tze Shan went to see
Tong Sum.(Background playing soft music from Tze
Shan's recorder)
Tze Shan:Tong Sum,today I just saw someone who looks a
lot like you.But she is after all not you.Why...why
did you have to leave me?
Tze Shan could not control his tears anymore.He break
down in tears.
Tze Shan(Sob):You were always there for me.I......I
really miss you!!

Meanwhile,the girls are having a great time
shopping.But Quin had to fetch Tung Tung home.So they
all went together.When they arrived,Tung Tung was
still playing together with Xiaoyan.
Quin:Tung Tung!Time to go home!
Tung Tung:Mommy!Godma!Wow!How come so many of you here
to fetch me?
Jessie:I'm here with these jie jie(big sister)to see
whether you've been naughty or not.
Tung Tung:Tung Tung has always been a good girl!
Quin seeing that Ah Yee is still not around to fetch
Xiaoyan,decided to stay and wait for Ah Yee to arrive.
Xiaoyan:Thks Auntie Quin.My mom has to tend to my
daddy's business that's why she's so late.
Si Lung:Is that her?(Pointing to a pregnant lady
walking towards them)
Xiaoyan:Mommy!At last you are here!Auntie Quin was so
kind to stay with me until you come.
Ah Yee:Quin,thks for your help.I was held up at work.
Quin:Don't mention it.Take good care of yourself,ok?
Ah Yee:I will.I'll be off now.Xiaoyan,let's go home
They walk off and got into a car.Quin and the others
also proceed to go back.When they were in the car...
Jessie:Isn't that Low Siew Yee?
Quin:You know her?How come she don't recognize you?
Jessie:I don't know her.I just saw her husband in the
car.You know,that Alan Low,one of the youngest
entrepreneur in HK.That's him.Remember the time when
he got married,his news was the headlines for all the
magazines.I still remembered that the lady he married
was a pretty little lass,Zeng Siew Yee.But I can
hardly recognized her now!
Quin:She's been thru' alot I'm sure.But it's her life
after all.One still has to walk on no matter how
Si Lung:But I think that you can still choose
again.It's not your fault,so why should you pay for
Quin:People are like that.They always like things that
are beyond their reach.Rite now,I don't to be
entangled in relationships again.
Sophie:Why do you gals make it sound so complicated!I
really don't understand??
Quin:You'll know when the time comes.

A girl was reported missing.Her family had not seen
her for the past 2 days and they were very worried
about her.Her name is Fang Ting.
Dayong:I hope that you'll find this girl soon.So
far,is there any news of her yet?
Zhongyi:I've asked the guys to check the traffic
reports,death reaports but no news yet.

The phone was ringing at the unit but as everyone was
in the discussion room,no one was around to answer
it.It rang for a long time before a guy picked it up.
Guy:Yes?..Ok,don't worry!We'll do our best to help
you.Pls keep calm....,rite....We'll be there as soon
as possible.Bye!
He walks towards the discussion room and knocks on the
Dayong:Come in!
Zeng Han:Zhang Sir!The Fang family just called to say
that they recieved a call from some kidnappers!
Zhongyi:Let's get to work!

Venue:Fang's Mansion,time:3.35pm....
Mrs Fang(crying very hard):Sob...sob...What will
happen to my darling?Oh!It's all my fault!!!
Mr Fang:Stop making such a big fuss!Let the police
handle this.I'll make myself clear.The purpose that I
call you is just to ensure my daughter's safety.I do
not wish any harm to befall on her.Do you understand?\
Tze Shan:This is our duty.So we hope that you can
trust us too.
Zhongyi:Mr Fang,Mrs Fang.We'll needyour full
co-operation to nab the kidnappers.Don't worry.Your
daughter's safety is our first priority.We'll be
setting some tracking devices here.If the kidnappers
call again,our colleagues will tell you what to do.

Back at the P.S..
Zhongyi:Ah Han!How's your holiday?Settled your family
Zeng Han:My sis is okay now.Thks for your concern.
Patrick:Han gor!Welcome back!It's not same w/o you to
look after us.
Si Lung:Everyone misses you.
Zeng Han(Smiling):I haven't even congratulate Zhang
Sir yet!
Zhongyi:Never mind.Just give us a treat and we'll
settle him for you.(Everyine laughs).

Jessie had resumed her post with a local magazine as a
reporter.That nite,Quin,Dayong and her were having
dinner.As Zhongyi and Si Lung were on duty,Sophie
decided to join them.
Sophie:Sorry to impose on you.Zhongyi gor and Si Lung
jie jie were not around so I had to settle dinner by
Quin:It's no bother.Just another person.
Dayong:Those 2 are in separable even at work.
Jessie:Are you working on the kidnap case?Any leads
Dayong:None so far.We'll have to wait for the
kidnappers to call again before we can take further
Jessie:Great!If you have any information,feed it to
me.Rite now I'm writing an article about the girl.
Quin:I suggest you better tell her everything you
Dayong(signs):Just my luck!Why do these things have to
happen to me?
Jessie:Just tell me what you know so far.
Dayong:The victim is a 14 yr old girl.Her name is Fang
Ting.Her family made a report the day before.....
An hour later...
Jessie:Do you have a recent photo of her?
Dayong:I have it on my desk.I'll go get it.
Sophie:Wonder what she looks like?Her parents are so
worried.Hope that she's ok.
Dayong just came back with the photograph.
Dayong:Here's the photo!But I can't let you have
it.I'll still need it.
Sophie:Eh!She looks kinda familar!
Quin:Where have you seen her before?
Dayong:Try to remember anything.It could be a lead for
Sophie:Ah!I remember seeing her last Friday.I was
job-hunting that day.
Dayong:Hm...Friday was the day she went missing.Where
did you see her?Was she with anyone then?
Sophie:I remembered that I was job-hunting at Causeway
Bay.I was looking for a place to eat my lunchbox.
Then,this girl bumped into me.She was looking a little
dazed then.Later,a guy help her into a van.That's when
I last saw her.
Dayong:Do you have any idea where they were heading?
Jessie:How would she know?She's not familar with the
roads here.
Sopie:Sorry but I really don't know.
Quin:Why don't you go back to the place?She can
identify the route for you.
Dayong:We'll go first thing in the morning.

Venue:Causeway Bay(near World Trade
Quin decided to accompany Sophie,in case she needs any
help.Dayong and Zhongyi were already there.
Zhongyi:Miss Sophie!Is this the place?
Sophie:I think so...It's somewhere around here.
Dayong:Can you give us a more specific position?
Quin:Sophie,just relax.Don't give yourself too much
pressure.You'll think better this way.I'll ask you
some questions first,ok?(Sophie nods her head)Where
were you sitting that day?
Sophie:...Just rite there....I bumped into that girl
around there too.
Quin:Did you see where the van was parked?
Sophie:Rite at the opposite lane.
Quin:Do you still remember the guy who helped her into
the van?Any special features?
Sophie:I can only remember that he's a chinese man
with spectacles.About 5' tall.I think he's from
China.And all I saw was the van heading that way.
Dayong:That way is heading towards Happy Valley.
Zhongyi,Call the guys to get to work immediately!

Within half an hour,Tze Shan ,Korean ,Patrick ,Mark
and Fei reached Happy Valley.Tze Shan was surprised to
see Sophie again.
Dayong:Sophie,if you saw the kidnapper again,would you
be able to recognize him?
Sophie:I think I can.
Zhongyi:Ok,guys.We need to find a Chinaman.Wearing
specs and about 5' tall.Whether you find him or
not,we'll meet here at 3pm.

Finding a man here was like finding a needle in a
haystack.When 3pm had finally passed,there's still no
news at all.
Dayong:What are you guys doing?
Quin:Keep your cool,Dayong!I'm sure they have done
their best already.It's not their fault.
Dayong:But time is running out.
It was then Sophie saw him!"There he is!Together with
the girl!"
Dayong and the rest gave chase."Bang!"The guy is armed
with a gun!And he's holding Fang Ting hostage!
Dayong tries to calm him:Hey!We won't go any
further!But you must promise not to hurt the girl!
Benny:If you grant my request!I'll promise not to hurt
Zhongyi:Yong gor!We'll have to take the risk!
Dayong:The girl's safety is the most important.(Shouts
to Benny)Alrite!Tell us what you want!
Benny:I want a car to get away!And one of you is drive
me to safety!Ensure that we'll not be stopped!And
remove all your weapons,step back 10ft away.Do you
Dayong:Give us 10 mins to get the car!Ah Han,You'll be
the driver.Be careful!
Zeng Han:Yes Sir!

10 mins later....
Dayong:Hey!We've done as you wish!Now let the girl go!
Benny:She stays with me til I'm safe!

Benny and Fang Ting got into the backseat of the red
car.Zeng Han is in the driver's seat.
Benny(pointing his gun at Han):Drive now!And no
They drove off but Han purposely drove around the area
as he knew that Dayong and the others have set up a
road block.But Benny was impatient and kept on
pressing Han to drive faster.
Han:Take it easy with your gun,ok!I still want to
Benny:Just drive faster!The sooner I get out of
here,the better!
Han:There's a road block in front!I'll have to stop.
Benny realised that he was tricked:You stupid cop!How
dare you decieve me!
---------------End of Chapter 5-------------


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