Cbear's DIF V
Copyright Cbear 1999. All Rights Reserved.

          Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
           Jessica Hsuan as Quin Mo Chiu Kwan
           Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
           Charmaine Sheh as Mun Yun Lan(Ah Man)
           Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying
           Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
           Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
           Joey Liang as Lee Zhongyi
           Margaret Chung as Si Lung
           Nicholes Tse as Patrick Tan Zhihao
           Mark Kwok as Zeng Han
Guest stars:Timmy Hung as Benny
           Gallen Lo as Alan Low
           Maggie Cheung as Low-Zeng Siew Yee
           Mariane Chan as Fang Ting

Preview from last chapter:A rich girl,Fang Ting was
kidnapped.Sophie happens to see the kidnapper's
features.They managed to track him down.But Fang Ting
was still in his hands...
---------Chapter 6-------------
"Bang!"Benny fired a shot at Han!Fang Ting got panicky
and tried to get out of the car."Bang!Bang!"Another 2
shots were fired.This time at Fang Ting.She was shot
in her chest and leg.Han had only managed to knock the
gun off his hands before he fainted....

"Ahhhh!"Han woke up in cold sweat.He felt pain in his
head.It was bandaged."What happened?"Then he recalled
the afternoon's ordeal.He tried to get out of bed but
immediately collapse into the bed.
Nurse:Don't get up!You were lucky that the shot missed
you by a few inches.Otherwise you won't be here
Han:Missy,Where am I?
Nurse:You are in the hospital.Just take a good
rest.I'll get the doctor to check on you first thing
in the morning.
Han:Missy!What about the girl who also got shot?
Nurse:Oh!You mean the girl who was held hostage?She
wasn't that lucky.She died when she reached here.
Han:What!?She died!  

Dayong got a scolding from his head.Even the Fang
family were upset that their daughter died.But what
had happened was after all an accident.Noone can be
blamed.Benny was nabbed.And he confessed to all his
crimes.He was an engineer with high pay.But due to his
mother's illness,he resorted to borrow from the
loansharks to treat her.Of course when the time came
for him to return the money,he had none.He was
desperate,with the loansharks pressing hard on him.It
was then he saw the news about Fang Ting and decided
to kidnap her and ask for ransom money to pay off his
debts.But now,he ended with nothing.He didn't mean to
kill the girl but he panicked when he saw the

Han had stayed in the hospital for 5 days
already.Dayong and the guys went to visit him.His sis
was there tending to him.
Ah Yee:Gor!Luckily you were ok!Otherwise,I would lose
my good brother!
Han:But I caused her(Fang Ting) death.
Dayong:Ah Han,these things happen sometimes.It's an
accident.So don't blame yourself anymore.
Zhongyi:Rite!What's most important now is to heal your
injuries faster.
Han:I think my injuries would take a long time to

Since the last time Tze Shan saw Sophie,he had been
wanting to know more about her.This day,he called Quin
out for lunch.Quin knew his purpose and leisurely
asked Sophie to join them.

Venue:Japanese restuarant,time:1.00pm
Tze Shan arrived first.When he saw Sophie coming with
Quin,he was pleasantly surprised.
Tze Shan:I see you brought your friend along.Kindly
introduce us.
Quin:This is Zhongyi's cousin,Sophie.He is my good
friend,inspector Gong Tze Shan.  
Sophie:Hi!I've seen you before..Aren't you the cop who
was working with my biao gor the other day?
Tze Shan:Yes!I was there.You were great!Thanks to you,
we nabbed the kidnapper.
Sophie:But the girl still died.
Tze Shan:It was an accident.Nobody wanted it to
Quin:Hey!Am I invisible here?I think if I leave,you 2
won't even noticed!
Tze Shan:Come on!I'll treat you 2,ok!

Things seem to be going smoothly for Tze Shan and
Sophie.Just then,Tze Shan recieved a mail from
Man."I'll be back next week for the school
holidays.See you then!"

Chin Chin has finally decided to return from
Canada.Fei was at the airport waiting to fetch
her.Then,he saw a ball dropping down from the
escalator.He stooped down to pick it up."Is this
yours?"He looks up and saw Ah Lei(the autistic kid
from DIF4).His sister,Choong Ying came soon after.
Ying:Tsui Sir!?What a surprise to see you here!How
have you and Miss Mo been?
Fei:We're both fine.What about you?How have you been
all these years?
Ying:I've just returned from my overseas studies.Now
I'm intending to stay here.After all,my roots are
As for Ah Lei,I'll have to let him stay with my friend
while I try to get a place to stay.
Fei:Why don't you let him stay with me?I can take care
of him.It's been a long time since I've seen him.
At this moment,Chin Chin arrived.She was so excited
that she didn't even notice the 2 sister and brother.
Chin Chin:Ah Fei!Oh,I'm so happy!Everything went
smoothly!And there's chance that I'll be able to
perform again!
Fei:Let me introduce to you first.This is Choong Ying
and her brother,Ah Lei.
Chin Chin:Hello!(whispers to Fei)His brother seems
very quiet..
Choong Ying overhears her comment and was a little
Choong Ying:My brother is autistic!Tsui Sir,I don't
think that it's such a good idea to put up my brother
at your place.
Fei:But I insist!Pls!Let him stay with me for a few
Ying:Alrite..but I'll pick him up in 4 days time.  

So it was decided that Ah Lei would stay with
Fei.Although Chin Chin tried hard to get along with Ah
Lei but her patience soon wear out.
Chin Chin:Ah Fei!Can't you tell Choong Ying to pick up
her brother earlier?He don't seemed to enjoy his stay
Fei:I can't do that!Ah Ying is still trying to get a
place to stay.Rite now,she's still staying with her
Chin Chin:But I really can't stand him!Sometimes so
quiet,yet somtimes he'll throw tantrams for no
reason!I really don't know what to do with him!
Fei:Alrite!I'll put him with my friend.

That day,Fei brought Ah Lei to the Central P.S.He
still can't think of where to put him up.Then,he met
Quin again.
Quin:Hello!Is Tze Shan or Zhongyi around?
Fei:They haven't arrived yet.Any problems?
Quin:Nothing much,just another case...
Quin saw Ah Lei and went over to give him a hug."Ah
Lei!It's been so long since I've seen you!How are
Lei turns to face Quin.Quin thought she saw a smile
from him.
Quin:What are you doing here?
Fei:I met him and his sister the other day.They still
haven't found a place to stay yet,so I suggested
putting up Ah Lei at my place.But Chin Chin didn't
know how to deal with him.Now I'm trying to find a
place for him to stay.
Quin:It's difficult to understand his world.Why don't
you let him stay with me?I'll take care of him for the
Fei:Sure!But I got a request..
Quin:What's that?
Fei:Can I visit him?I mean...at your place?
Quin:Are you trying to find out where I'm
living?(laughs)Come on!Don't look so serious!Of course
you can!Oh!By the way,did you recieve my brother's
wedding invitation?
Fei:Yes,I did.It seem so fast.Just a few years
ago,they just know each other.
Quin:Time passed quickly.Be there early!
Fei:Don't worry.I'll be there.
Quin:Ok,rite now I've got some things to do.I'll write
down my address.You can bring Ah Lei to my place at
3pm.I'll be home then.

Venue:Repulse Bay,time:10.00am
Tze Shan had arranged to meet Sophie for
sight-seeing.He seems very attracted to
Sophie.Especially when he get to know her well.He had
a strange feeling that Tong Sum was back in his life
Sophie finally arrived but she was not alone.Quin,Tung
Tung,Zhongyi,Si Lung,Dayong and Jessie also came
along.Tze Shan was disappointed but he was quick to
hide it.
Dayong:I hope our appearance won't spoil your mood!
Tze Shan:No!Of course not!The more the merrier.I'm
glad that you all came.
Quin:From the bottom of your heart?
Jessie:Stop teasing him,look!He's blushing already!

They had a great time that day.Sophie was more relaxed
with Tze Shan.She seems to have accepted Tze Shan.But
Quin was still a little worried.She knows that Tze
Shan still miss Tong Sum.If Sophie is just a
substitue,it would be very unfair to her.But still she
hope for the best for her friends.And she could tell
that Sophie likes Tze Shan.

Fei finally mustered his courage to visit Quin.But he
was in for a surprise when he saw Tung Tung.
Fei:Hello!Is Quin in?
Tung Tung:Are you looking for my mommy?She's cooking
in the kitchen.I'll go call her...MOMMY!There's an
uncle looking for you!
Quin:Who's that?Oh!Ah Fei!Nice to see you!You've come
to see Ah Lei?Just in time!I'm making dinner.Do join
Fei:Alrite,Where's Ah Lei?
Tung Tung:Uncle!He's playing in the living room.Come
and play with us!
Quin:Tung Tung!Don't be naughty!Dinner's almost ready.
Run along now.Go get Lei gor gor here.(To Fei)Excuse
me.Take a seat!Make yourself at home.
Fei seated himself in front of the TV.Ah Lei and Tung
Tung were having much fun.Although Ah Lei is
autistic,he seems to like Tung Tung alot.Fei joined in
their fun.
Fei:Ok!Who wants to play piggyback?
Tung Tung:Me!Me!Uncle Fei,I want you to play with me!
Fei:Alrite then.(Stoops down)Come on up!(Tung Tung
happily jumps on Fei's back)Wow!You're so heavy!You're
quite fat,you know!Ah!My bones are breaking!I'm going
to let go!
"Plod!"Fei dropped Tung Tung gently on the sofa and
picked Ah Lei up.Silently,he walked towards the
kitchen,with Tung Tung following behind.As he gazed at
Quin,he recall that they used to do this too during
the good old times......
(Background music:I'll still love you more by Trisha
Quin was busy cooking at Fei's home.Fei silently
walked towards her and hug her from behind.
Fei:What are you cooking?It better be good or I won't
eat it!
Quin:I'm making steak.So stop disturbing me or you'll
get burnt steaks!
Fei:Then I'll eat you!(attempts to bite Quin)
------End of Flashback-------
Tung Tung:Uncle Fei!Uncle Fei!Time to eat!
Fei:Huh?Oh!Let's eat.
Fei was curious how Quin had get on all these years.He
started a little conversation with her during
Fei:Your daughter's so cute.She's bright and
cheerful..just like you.
Quin:Yes,she's the joy of my life.I wouldn't know what
I'll do w/o her.
Fei:Where's her father?
Quin:He...died of an accident.
Fei:I'm so sorry!I didn't mean to...
Quin:It's ok!I'm not upset.Ah Lei,eat more.Tung
Tung!How many times have I told you not to play with
your food!

The dinner ended in a disturbing mood.Fei was still
quite suspicious about Quin's marriage. For some
reason,he felt a feeling of kinship towards Tung
Tung.But he still feign ignorance.He knows Quin had
her reason to do so and he respected her
decision.What's more,he'll have to consider Chin
Chin's feelings.He could only bury his doubts deep in
his heart...

--------End of Chapter6---------
Will Quin ever accept Fei again?Fei and Tung Tung get
along well.Will he ever find out that Tung Tung is his


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