Cbear's DIF V
Copyright Cbear 1999. All Rights Reserved.

          Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
           Jessica Hsuan as Quin Mo Chiu Kwan
           Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
           Charmaine Sheh as Mun Yun Lan(Ah Man)
           Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying
           Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
           Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
           Joey Liang as Lee Zhongyi
           Margaret Chung as Si Lung
           Nicholes Tse as Patrick Tan Zhihao
           Mark Kwok as Zeng Han
Guest stars:Shirley Cheung as Eileen Lam
           Chan Tsz Ching as Elaine Lam(FOJ5 as

Preview from last chapter:Fang Ting died on her way to
the hospital.Zeng Han was guilt-stricken about her
death.Fei met up with Choong Ying and her brother and
even puts Ah Lei up at his place.However,Chin Chin
couldn't get along with him.Luckily,Quin came to his
aid by letting Ah Lei stay with her and Tung Tung....
---------Chapter 7----------
Choong Ying finally found a place for her and her
brother to stay.But Quin made her promise to visit
them often.Meanwhile,the Mo family were busy with
Kit's wedding just around the corner.The family were
busy with the wedding preparations.Quin even roped in
Jessie,Si Lung and Sophie to help out.

Jessie:What a lot of stuff!Should have called the guys
to come and help lighten the loads.
Quin:Thanks girls!Let's go grab a bite.My treat.
Si Lung:Don't stand on the ceremony.It's the least we
can do.
Sophie:I'm so excited!This is the first time I've
actually attending a wedding ceremony!
Si Lung:To think that you're so happy
already,attending other people's wedding.Wouldn't you
be exhilarated if it's your own wedding?
Sophie:Si Lung jie jie!How can you make fun of me like
Jessie:Look!She's blushing!If I'm not wrong,she
already has an ideal partner in mind!

Everyone was caught in the joyous mood of the wedding
but something happened to dampen their moods......

It was finally the big day!Everything had went on
soomthly.And soon it was time for the banquet to
start.Half way thru',Fei arrived together with Patrick
and Korean.They seemed very serious and they had on
their police badges.Quin knew something serious had
Quin:What's going on?Did something happened?
Fei:I'm sorry,Ah Kwan.We are here on business
today.Yesterday,Mr Lam was killed and we have reason
to believe that your daddy was at the crime scene.We
have to bring him in for questioning.
Quin:What!Are you sure!My daddy won't such a thing!
Fei:Ah Kwan!Pls calm down!This is just a routine.We
won't charge an innocent man.You should trust us.
Mo dad:Ah Kwan,Ah Kit,don't worry!I'll be fine.Let's

Venue:Central P.S--interrogation room,time:10.00pm
Fei:Uncle,can you tell us where you were yesterday
nite at 9pm?
Mo dad:I was talking about a business deal with Mr Lam
until 10pm.
Korean:Anyone else saw you?
Mo dad:When I left,I saw his daughter,Eileen coming
back.She saw me to the door.
Fei:Where did you go after that?
Mo dad:I went straight home.Reached there at around
Korean:Do you recognize this?(shoves a plastic bag
with a pen in it)
Mo dad:Yes,It's my pen.It's a birthday present from
Fei and Ah Kwan.My name was carved on it.But I lost it
a few days ago.Where did you find it?
Fei:It was found near the crime scene.
In another interrogation room....
Si Lung:Miss Lam,can you tell us where you were at
Eileen:I was dancing at the Disco with some of my
friends until 11pm.
Patrick:In other words,you didn't see Mr Mo leaving
your house at 10pm?
Eileen:How can that be?I'm still at the Disco at that

Back to Quin's dad....
Korean:I'm sorry but I'm afraid we'll have to detain
you,Mr Mo.
Mo dad:But why!?I'm innocent!Ah Fei!You know me!I'm
not that kind of person!
Fei:Uncle,I'm sorry but Miss Lam never mentioned
anything about seeing you that nite.
Mo dad:Why?Why?

Aunt Hiang,Quin and Jessie were still waiting in the
visitors room.Quin was looking very pale.Jessie and
Dayong were worried about her.
Dayong:Quin,why don't you and your aunt go back
first.I'll inform you if there's any news.
Quin:NO!I'm staying till I know that daddy is
ok.Besides,Ah Kit and Ah Yoke will take care of Tung
Tung for me.
Aunt Hiang:Ah Kwan!Will anything happen to him?Why did
this have to happen?Today was supposed to be a joyous
Jessie:Aunt Hiang,Quin.I'm sure uncle is innocent.He
won't be in any trouble.
Just then,Fei returned from the interrogation.
Quin:Ah Fei!How's my daddy?Are you going to set him
Fei:Ah Kwan,I'm sorry.But uncle will be detained for
the time-being.
Quin:Why?What happened?
Fei:We found his pen at the crime scene.But nobody can
prove that your father left the place before Mr Lam
was killed.
Quin:Can we see him?(looks pleadingly at Dayong and
Dayong:I'll arrange a meeting for you.But don't talk
too long.

Quin's daddy looks haggarded when Quin and her aunt
came to see him.It really broke their hearts to see
him in this state.
Quin:Daddy!Are you ok?
Mo dad:I really don't understand?I did see Eileen when
I left that nite.Why did she deny it?
Aunt Hiang:We believe that you are innocent.You'll be
Mo dad:What's the use?I need the police to believe me.
Quin:Daddy,they won't wronged an innocent man.You'll
be out in no time.
Mo dad:Alrite you 2,stop worrying about me!Ah
Kwan,take care of your aunt for me.Lau Lian,take care!

Next day,in the discussion room.Dayong,Tze
Shan,Zhongyi and Fei had arrived early.They were still
waiting for the others to come.
Dayong:What are your views about this case?
Tze Shan:The deceased was shot in the study.And such a
coincidence,Mo Yuan Qiang's pen was found at the crime
Zhongyi:He's the only prime suspect cos he's at the
crime scene that nite.
Fei:And the statements given by Eileen and uncle
doesn't tally.Someone's giving false statement.
Tze Shan:Let's assume one of them is lying.But who?And
Fei:Both of them had no motive to kill.I wonder if
anyone is involved?
Just then,the rest of the members have arrived.
Dayong:Rite now,what info do we have?
Gigi:The deceased was shot in the head.No other signs
of gun marks around the area.Seems that the killer
only fired one shot.
Fei:One deadly shot.The weapon we found in the garden
gave us no clues.Just know that it's unlicensed.
Korean:Eileen told us that the gun was her father's.He
bought it for security purposes and it has always been
kept in the study.
Patrick:Wow!The killer even knows that the gun was
hidden in the study!They must be very close.
Fei:And a great marksman.It only took him one shot to
kill Mr Lam.
Dayong:Not many know about the gun.Only his family and
some close friends.
Fei:But there's one point that I'm still doubtful
about.If Mo Yuan Qiang is really the killer.How did
take the gun w/o Mr Lam noticing?The drawer is always
locked and the key is with Mr Lam.(Everyone becomes
very thoughtful)
Dayong:No matter what,we must find the murderer.

Eileen's elder sister,Elaine,has returned to attend to
her father's funeral.She was a university graduate.And
at the moment,she's taking care of her father's
business in the States.This time she'll be only
staying for a week.At the moment,she's staying with
her sister.Everything had went on smoothly,except that
Eileen don't seem like herself after her daddy
died.She kept having disturbing dreams about her
father dying horribly.Her sister was worried for her
and extended her stay.That nite....
Eileen:Ahhh!No!Daddy!Pls!I didn't mean to!No!It's not
Elaine heard her screams and quickly ran into her
Elaine:What happen?Eileen!Wake up!
Eileen:Sis!I dreamt that daddy had come back!He keep
telling me how horribly he died!He's coming back to
get me!He's coming!
Elaine:Now don't be silly!Daddy's died.How can he come
back?Even if he does come back,He won't harm
you!You're his daughter,rite?
Eileen:NO!Daddy will get me for sure!He will!He

Elaine was disturbed by her sister's behavior and
decided to let her see a psychologist.However,Eileen
was too freak out.Elaine had to call the psycologist
to come to their house instead.
Quin came to the Lam's Mansion to have a look.She was
the psychologist Elaine hired to see her sister.She
was welcomed into the house by a maidservant.Elaine
was out to settle some business.As Quin was waiting
for Eileen,she heard shouts from upstairs."I don't
want you to see her!What if you spill out everything!"
Out of curiosity,Quin climbed up quietly.She overheard
Eileen and her boyfriend talking to each other.
Eileen:I'm so scared!I kept dreaming that daddy came
back for revenge!
Eileen's BF:That's why I don't want you to talk to
that psycologist!You'll only spill out the secret.I
don't want another living person to know about this!
Eileen:But I kept having these dreams of my daddy
coming back to get me!It was so real!
Eileen's BF:Don't be silly!It's just your
imagination.Just stop thinking about it and you'll be
better.Even if he comes back,he can't do you any
harm,rite!He wouldn't be able to prove that we are the
ones who did it...

Quin was shocked!She crept away silently.With her
discovery,her dad would be freed!She quickly used her
cellphone to call Fei.
Quin:Come on!Pick up the phone!Wei!Ah Fei....
Fei:Wei!Hello!?Is that Ah Kwan?
"Toooo...." The phone went dead.
Quin was knocked unconcious by Eileen.She and her
boyfriend knew that she had attempted to call the
Eileen's BF:Let's kill her!
Eileen:No!Pls don't kill another person!I don't want
to make another mistake!Why don't we just tie her up
and hide her somewhere.Then we'll inform someone to
release her after we've flee.OK?
Eileen's BF:Alrite,we'll do as you say.(But in his
mind,he has other plans...)

Fei was frightfully worried for Quin.He was sure that
the call was from Quin.But when he tried to call
back,the cellphone was off.As he got more and more
anxious,Dayong called.
Dayong:Ah Fei!I've checked out that Quin was going to
the Lam's Mansion this morning.She's probably still
there.Do you.. "click" Fei has hang up.He was too
anxious to find Quin.Something must have happened to
--------End of Chapter7-----------
What will happen to Quin?Will Fei save her in
time?Tune in!


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