Cbear's DIF V
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Main casts: Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan as Quin Mo Chiu Kwan
Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
Charmaine Sheh as Mun Yun Lan(Ah Man)
Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying
Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
Joey Liang as Lee Zhongyi
Margaret Chung as Si Lung
Nicholes Tse as Patrick Tan Zhihao
Mark Kwok as Zeng Han
Guest stars:Shirley Cheung as Eileen Lam
Chan Tsz Ching as Elaine Lam(FOJ5 as Rouxi)
Joey Man as Situ Liqin(Date With A Vampire)
Yuen Siu Chung as Zhong Hanming
William Su as Su Zhikang

Preview from last chapter:Quin overheard Eileen and her BF talking and found out that they were responsible for Mr Lam's death.As she was going to call Fei,she was knocked unconscious...

-----------Chapter 8-------------

Eileen and her BF has Quin tied up.When Quin awoke,she found herself in a shed,alone with Eileen's BF,Tian Cheng.He seems to be holding a knife in his hand.
"Oh no!Is he going to kill me!?" Quin thought.She wanted to scream out but she was gagged in the mouth with a piece of cloth.
Cheng:No use struggling.You won't be able to escape.If you were not so nosy,I wouldn't have to kill you!Just blame it on your luck!
He walked slowly towards Quin.Quin was terrified and he could sense it.He seems to be enjoying this moment and was taking his own sweet time to do his evil deed.

"Slam!"Elaine was back home.There was some problems at the company and she just came back from a board meeting.W/o her father around,she has to keep the company together now.
Eileen:Sis!You are back early!How was the meeting?
Elaine:Daddy's not around,things tend to get messy.Let's not talk about work at home.How's your session?
Eileen:It was fine.I felt better after talking it out.
Elaine:That's good.In that case,I'll make more appointments with Ms Mo.
Eileen:NO!(Elaine was a little startled by Eileen's sudden outburst)
I mean can we talk about this later,when I'm ready?
Elaine:Alrite,give yourself some time.Tell me when you are ready.
"DingDong,DingDong......."Somebody was at the door.And it turned out to be Fei!
Elaine:Aren't you one of the Ah Sir in charge of daddy's case?Can I help you?
Fei:So sorry to disturb you but is Ms Mo still here?
Eileen:She has left already!
Fei:Are you sure?
Eileen:Of course!I even saw her to the door.
Fei walked in uninvited.He didn't believe Eileen and was attempting to search for Quin himself.
Elaine:Hey!Who are you to barge in like that?This is too much!
Just then,Dayong,Tze Shan and Jessie arrived.Jessie wanted to tag along when she heard that Quin could be in trouble.
Dayong:What happened,Ms Lam?
Eileen:Don't you police practise discipline?One of your subordinates just barged in.
Tze Shan:We're so sorry!I'm sure there's some kind of mistake.We received a call from Ms Mo just now and she could be in danger.
Elaine:Even so,I don't see any connections here.
Jessie:That lady is his wife.He's just too anxious.Hope that you'll understand.
Dayong and Tze Shan was surprised that Jessie told this lie.But they kept quiet about it.Fei was through searching the house but there was still no sign of Quin anyway.He got more and more worried.
Dayong:Ah Fei!We shouldn't impose on Ms Lam anymore.Ms Lam,sorry for disturbing you.

Dayong and Tze Shan had to drag Fei out.Fei was still unwilling to leave until he found Quin.
Fei:Why did you drag me out!?I still haven't found Ah Kwan!Let me go back!
Dayong:Stop your nonsense!If you really want Quin to be safe and sound then listen to me!(Fei quiet down)All of us are also concerned for Quin.But you shouldn't be so rash!You have only alerted them!
Fei:Then what is our next step?
Before Dayong says anything,Jessie signals them to come over.She had made some discovery.
Dayong:What did you find?
Jessie:I heard someone banging on the door of the shed.Then I heard some fighting sounds.But it's all quiet now.
Fei:Quin must be inside!(He ran towards the shed and kicked the door down.)
Dayong,Tze Shan:Ah Fei!!(They took out their guns out and followed Fei.)
Quin had fainted.Tian Cheng was using his knife to cut the buttons on Quin's blouse!He was going to rape Quin when Fei kicked down the door.
Fei:You bastard!(He kicked Tian Cheng in the stomach and took off his jacket to cover Quin.He was about to hit Tian Cheng again but was stopped by Tze Shan.)
Jessie:Oh my god!Quin!Are you okay?
Fei:Ah Kwan!Can you hear me?Are you alrite?Pls answer me!Ah Kwan!
Jessie:Get her to a hospital first!

Tian Cheng was apprehended.The police will charge him with assault and attempted rape.Quin is recovering in the hospital.She just suffered a few minor bruises and will be discharged the next day. Back at home,Jessie and Si Lung had brought Quin back from the hospital.
Quin:So how's Mr Lam's case?
Jessie:Quin,you just got back.Why don't you rest first?
Quin:I've rested enough at the hospital.I want to know if daddy is ok.So how was it?Did Eileen's BF confessed?
Si Lung and Jessie had no idea how to break the news to Quin.In actual case,Tian Cheng did confessed but...
Quin:So how was it?
Si Lung:He did confess that he shot Mr Lam but..
Quin:But what?
Si Lung:He insisted that uncle was the mastermind.
Quin:How can this be?

Han had nearly recover from his injuries.The doctor had allowed him to be discharged.His sister,Siew Yee was not feeling well these days so Han told her to rest at home.He'll get back home himself.As he was leaving,he saw someone familiar."Liqin!" The lady turned around.It was her!They haven't met since she left for NY to study 5 years ago.
Liqin:Ah Han!Long time no see!How have you been all these years?
Han:Still the same.Haven't got time for anything else except my job.
Liqin:What are you doing here?Got injured during duty again?
Han:You know me.I must do my part.Enough about me.Why are you here?Shouldn't you be schooling?
Liqin(looking sad):Daddy had a stroke and was hospitalised yesterday.I'm back to take care of things for him.
Han:Uncle is still so hot-tempered.You must take good care of him.
Liqin:Ah Han,don't you want to see him?
Han:Nah,I don't want to get him all worked up.You know how he is whenever he sees me.
Liqin:Ah Han,I'm so sorry!If not for my father,we would have been...
Han:It's all in the past now.I don't blame him.Whose parents don't want the best for their children.You probably would have suffered if you end up with me.
Liqin:Don't feel this way!I never regretted knowing you.
Han:What's happened is in the past.Don't dwell on it.I'll call you.Are you still living at the big house?
Liqin:Yes,since daddy was hospitalised,I've been living there.You can visit me sometime.
Han:I will.(They parted)

At Tze Shan's apartment...
He was tidying up his place,when he came across Man's things that he put away in a box.He was reminded that she'll be coming back to HK for the holidays.He was filled with mixed feelings about her return.Should he tell her about Sophie?During these times,Sophie had been very good to him.He in turn had also learnt to get use to her childish ways.Tong Sum's image still remains in his mind but the pain is slowly easing.
"Ring!Ring!"Tze Shan answered the call.
Tze Shan:Hello!This is Tze Shan speaking,who's that?
Woman:Make a guess!If you get it correct,I'll give you a prize.
Tze Shan:Are you Nancy?(no!)LuLu?(no!)MiMi?(NO!)SaSa?
Woman:Is it that difficult?I never knew that you've so many girlfriends!
Tze Shan:I wouldn't dare forget you,Ah Ying.So where's my prize?
Sophie:Huh!I'll have to reconsider!
Tze Shan:Are you free tomorrow?I've got a friend that I want you to meet.
Sophie:Ok,I'll be free tomorrow anyway.Who's that?
Tze Shan:You'll know tomorrow.

The next day,at the airport.Tze Shan and Sophie were waiting at the arrival gates.
Sophie:Why didn't you tell me that your friend is coming back?I could have prepared a welcoming party.
Tze Shan:We've known each other for so long already,there's no need for these kind of noisy events.Besides,she'll be tired from the long flight.We can always arrange these some other time.(He saw Man walking out)Man!(waves)
Man saw Tze Shan and waved back.Behind her,a guy guided her towards them.Tze Shan frowned."Who's that guy?"He thought.
Man:Tze Shan!Long time no see!How have you been?And how's the others?
Tze Shan:Ah Man,before I say anything else,I have someone that I want you to meet.Sophie!This is my friend,Mun Yun Lan.We all call her Ah Man.
Sophie:Nice to meet you!(she holds out her hand to shake Man's hand)
Sophie:Oh,I forgot to introduce myself!My name is Lee Ying.You can call me Sophie.I'm Tze Shan's girlfriend.
Man finally snapped out from her trance.Seeing someone so like Tong Sum was indeed a surprise for her.
Man:I'm so sorry!I must be very rude to you!Pls forgive me.Oh!I haven't even introduced my friend to you!He's Hanming.A colleague of mine.He's also a teacher.We'll be staying together at his sister's place for the holidays.
Tze Shan:Why not stay at my place?I've already prepared a room for you!
Man:I wouldn't want to impose on you anymore.And I want to have a good rest for this holiday.
Hanming:Did you know Man nearly got killed when there was a big fire at the school.She was trying to save the students from the burning house and she suffered some minor burns.Then the roof caved in,trapping her and another student inside!
Man:Thanks to you that I'm alive,rite!It happened so long ago that I've forgotten about it already.
Tze Shan:Why didn't you tell me about this accident?How serious were your injuries?
Man:I wasn't hurt badly.Anyway,I'm ok now,rite?Now,let's not neglect your girlfriend.She must be bored to tears.
Sophie:No,I'm not!I really admired you!If only I have the courage to do what you did!
Man:You will.I'm sure you will.Now,why don't we talk along the way?

Tze Shan and Sophie are alone in his apartment.Tze Shan has the TV on and was playing with the remote controller.Sophie knew he was troubled.She had tons of questions for him but she knew that this is not a good time to ask."Beeeeeeeee"The water had boiled.Tze Shan looked up.Sophie was making tea for the both of them.
Tze Shan:You want to talk?Come and sit beside me.
Sophie(sits down):Is she your ex-girlfriend?
Tze Shan:We did have a relationship together once but we are just friends now.
Sophie:Am I thinking too much?I know that you are good friends but I can't help thinking that you two still have some feelings for each other.
Tze Shan:Silly girl.Did I ever lie to you before?No,rite?Do you trust me?
Sophie:I trust you but I want you to promise me that you will tell me everything.
Tze Shan:I promise.

At the detention room,Quin,Ah Kit,Ah Yoke and Aunt Hiang were persuading Mo dad to let the lawyer defend him in court.
Quin:Daddy!Don't be so stubborn!
Mo dad:Why do I need a lawyer?I'm innocent!
Kit:Dad!That guy insists that you instigated him to kill Uncle Lam!
Mo dad:But I really didn't do it!
At this moment,Zhikang walks in.He is the lawyer Quin has hired to defend her daddy.
Zhikang:Let me talk to your father.I'll convince him.Why don't you all wait outside first?
Quin:Daddy,listen to him,ok!
They all went out to wait.Half an hour has passed and there's still no sign of Zhikang.
Aunt Hiang(sign):Your father is so stubborn!Do you think he'll let the lawyer represent him?
Quin:It's the only way to get daddy off the hook.I really hope he'll be able to persuade daddy.
Kit:Sis,will daddy be ok?
Quin:He's innocent and we all know it.He'll be fine.
Just then,Zhikang walks out.
Zhikang:I've talked till my mouth is dry.But your father has agreed to the arrangement.
Quin:Really!How can I ever thank you?
Zhikang:How about buying me a drink?
Quin(smiles):I'll give you a treat as well.

They came to a chinese restaurant.Aunt Hiang and Ah Yoke had gone home to take of Tung Tung.
Zhikang:I never thought girls like you likes to come to chinese restaurant!
Quin:I'm a very conservative person.There's nothing wrong with that,rite?So how's my daddy's case?Any confidence?What are the chances of winning?
Zhikang:I've seen the statements given by your daddy,Tian Cheng and Eileen.I suspect that Tian Cheng is using his relationship with Eileen to ask Eileen to help him lie.I believe that this case is not that difficult.Trust me!Your daddy will be fine.Your treat won't go to waste.I seldom disappoint my clients.

Zhikang was in fact a very good lawyer.He holds a good record and has not lose a case before.If he's willing to take up the case,then it's likely that he will win.His performance in court was outstanding. Although there were suspicious points in the case,Zhikang managed to turn them towards Tian Cheng.He had completely steered Quin's daddy clear of the suspicions.

Venue:Central P.S
Fei had some doubts regarding Tian Cheng's statement.He was also anxious to help clear Quin's daddy's name.So he had the guys to check up on this Cheng character.He found out that his accounts had a sudden increase of 50 thousand dollars!But it was immediately withdrawn the next day.This was rather strange.But Fei still needed more clues.And he soon found something from the telephone company.It nearly slipped his eye at first.After looking at the record for the third time,he noticed that Cheng made a long-distance call on the night Mr Lam was killed.This aroused his suspicions.He immediately had Korean to check out the number...
Korean:Hello!Is this the telephone company?..I'm an officer from the police department.I need your assistance regarding a long-distance call number.I was wondering if you can help me?This is the number.7864357...Okay.Thank you very much!(Hangs the phone) Fei!You'll never guessed who he called!It's...

Back at the court,Zhikang received some new information from the police.He requested for an adjournment as there's a new evidence to proof his client's innocence...
------End of ch8------------


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