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Main casts: Louis Koo as Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan as Quin Mo Chiu Kwan
Sunny Chan as Gong Tze Shan
Charmaine Sheh as Mun Yun Lan(Ah Man)
Lee San San as Sophie Lee Ying
Micheal Tao as Zhang Dayong
Kenix Kwok as Jessie Gao Jie
Joey Liang as Lee Zhongyi
Margaret Chung as Si Lung
Nicholes Tse as Patrick Tan Zhihao
Mark Kwok as Zeng Han
Guest stars:Shirley Cheung as Eileen Lam
Chan Tsz Ching as Elaine Lam(FOJ5 as Rouxi)
Joey Man as Situ Liqin(Date With A Vampire)
Yuen Siu Chung as Zhong Hanming
William Su as Su Zhikang
Preview from last ch:Fei and the others have finally nabbed Tian Cheng.But he insist that Quin's daddy was the mastermind!Quin hired a well-known lawyer,Zhikang to help her father.Fei had checked up Cheng's personal records and found out....

----------Chapter 9------------

Zhikang's request was granted.The new information he received from the police was indeed a new lead to the murder case.It seems that this Cheng character was not only Eileen's BF!He also had some relationship with her sister,Elaine!The long-distance call he had made on the night of Mr Lam's death was to Elaine!

Venue:Central P.S Discussion room
Dayong:We have been far too careless!If we have discovered this lead sooner,Mr Mo would not be framed!
Tze Shan:Well,it's better late than never!Fei,good work!
Fei:Now,we are still not sure why Tian Cheng made this call to Elaine but it's clear now that she's involved!
Korean:And the 50 thousand that was deposited in Cheng's account.The bank records shows that it was transferred from the Lam Corporation!I've checked with the company's personnels.Only two persons can transfer such a large amount of money.One of them is Mr Lam but he's dead already.The other person with this authority is Ms Lam,in other words,is Elaine.As she is the director of the overseas company.
Gigi:Eileen has no absolute power to do such decisions.
Fei:They must have communicated before!It's impossible to talk all the details in a call.But how do they contact?
Dayong has been thinking for some time already.He agreed with Fei's suggestion.So he asked for permission to have Tian Cheng's house searched.He,Zhongyi,Tze Shan,Fei and Silong went to have a look.

Si Lung and Zhongyi searched his letters for leads while Tze Shan and Fei searched the house for clues.Dayong was still figuring out how they contact each other.And what is their relationship?
Fei:Gong Sir,there's nothing here.
Si Lung:No clues from his letters either.Just some electrical bills.
Tze Shan:Electrical bills?!Let me see!(Silong passes the bills to him)
Fei:Did you spot something?
Tze Shan:Zhang Sir,Lee Sir,Ah Fei.Take a look at his bills.Tell me what you see.
Fei:Just some figures.Wait!I see what you are getting at.
Dayong:He has an internet account.By which he could contact Elaine without us knowing!
Zhongyi:If so,why didn't he e-mail her on the night of Mr Lam's death?Why did he call her?
Fei:Why don't we get someone to check up the IP address of the other party first?
Dayong:Ah Fei's right!Let's not make assumptions yet.

Meanwhile,Zhikang was doing some private investigations himself.He also suspected that Tian Cheng is contacting his other partner via email.If only he could get into his account to read his mails...

At this moment,Fei is at the computer lab waiting for the results. They have been trying to hack into Tian Cheng's email account for the past three hours and still they were unsuccessful.Tze Shan dropped by to have a look.
Tze Shan:How's things getting on?
Fei:Still waiting.They are still trying to hack in his account.
Tze Shan:Why don't you go home and get some rest,I'll take over from here.
Fei:I'm fine.I want to know the results too.
Tze Shan:How's Quin?I've heard that her father's case has still not ended.
Fei:Not to worry.She has hired a really good lawyer.
Tze Shan:You still cared a lot about her,don't you?
Fei:A part of me really goes all out for her but another part of me feels reluctant.I really don't know how I feel sometimes.
Tze Shan:The way you rushed to her rescue shows that you really care for Quin.Why don't you just follow your feelings?
Fei:What about Chin Chin?Who's going to take care of her when I'm gone?Hung gor has already died.I'm her only kin now!
Tze Shan:Won't you hurt her even more when she finds out your true feelings?
Fei:...Let's not talk about me.What about you?I've heard that Man's back.Have you met?
Tze Shan:I've seen her at the airport.She came back for the holidays and is now living with her colleague and his sister.
Fei:I thought she was staying with you.Didn't you tidy up a room for her?
Tze Shan:(softly)Perhaps she finds it inconvenient.
Fei:Have you told Sophie about Man?
Tze Shan:I will...later.
Fei:I wouldn't put it off if I were you.It's better to make things clear sooner.
Tze Shan:Shouldn't you do the same?
Just then,a lab assistant ran out of the lab shouting:"We've done it!We've done it!"
Fei and Tze Shan rushed in.
Policewoman:Sir!We've managed to hack in his account.This is what we've found.(She proceeds to show them the emails.)Sir!It's stated in the emails that a transaction is going on between them.The other party had also promised to give Mr Tian Cheng a lump sum of money if he kills Mr Lam.We've tracked the IP address.It was registered under the name of Elaine Lam.
Tze Shan & Fei looked at each other.In their hearts,they know this outcome is expected but it's still too mysterious!Why did she want to kill her own father?

Finally.it's the day of the last hearing.Tze Shan and Fei arrive to hear the verdict.After a long fight,it was finally time to determine Quin's daddy's fate.Zhikang gave a brilliant ending speech. Finally,it was time to announce the verdict.
Jury:We agree that the first suspect,Mr Mo Yuan Qiang is ..not guilty of the charge of masterminding the murder of chinese male,Mr Lam.As for the second suspect,Tian Cheng.We find him guilty of the charge of murdering Mr Lam.
Quin and Aunt Hiang were so relieved to hear that Mr Mo is innocent.They hugged her daddy as he was released.
Quin:Daddy!I know you'll be alright!
Tze Shan:Congrats,Quin!And you too!Big lawyer Su!
Zhikang:Thanks for your compliment!Inspector Gong Tze Shan!
Quin(puzzled):You two know each other?
Zhikang(smiles):He's my buddy since small.How can I not know him!
Tze Shan explains:Zhikang was my old neighbour.We grew up together and went to school together.He's my best buddy.But we have different ambitions so we took off in different directions.He's a famous lawyer,after his father.Me,still a small cop.
Zhikang:Ah!That's not true!I'm still only an employee of my boss' firm.And him,an inspector already!I'm the one who should be ashame.
Quin:Alright!Let's get my daddy home first,ok!
When they were finally back at Quin's apartment,Tung Tung,Sophie and Jessie were making dinner and preparing the things to celebrate Uncle Mo's release.
Quin:Isn't it a good feeling now that we are back together again?
Mo dad:This time I really must thank lawyer Su.If not for you,I would have be charged guilty!
Zhikang:Oh!It's really nothing!Uncle,I'm just doing my job.That's all.
Mo dad:Don't need to be so modest!You really deserved the compliments.
And you two,Ah Fei and Gong sir!I have to thank you too for finding the evidence to clear my name.
Fei:It's our job,Uncle.I'm just glad that you're okay now.
Quin:Don't you two have something to do at the police station.It's getting late already.I'm sure you wouldn't want to be late.
Fei(takes the hint that he's not wanted):I better be going.I still have a lot of things to do at the station.
Aunt Hiang:Tsui sir!Why don't you stay for lunch?We've prepared so many food.Eat some before you go!
Fei:Um..I better not impose on you.It's ok.I'll just let myself out.
Tze Shan:I better go too!
With that,Tze Shan and Fei left Quin's apartment.Zhikang senses that there's something between Quin and Fei but he didn't want to probe further.He felt something for Quin and was hopeful that they could have a good start.

Meanwhile,back at the Central P.S...
Si Lung and Zhongyi were studying the emails that the lab has sent over.
Si Lung:Did you notice that Elaine was always so quiet?Who would have thought that she would want to kill her own father?
Zhongyi:You can't just look at the surface of things.Sometimes,there could be dark secrets behind these matters.
Si Lung:We better take her in for questioning.

Tze Shan and Fei received a call from Zhongyi to take Elaine back for questioning.When they reached the Lam's mansion,everything was quiet.Nobody seem to be around.No one answered the door.
Fei:Think she've already made plans to escape?
Tze Shan:I'll call the others to check out the possible escape means.
(He punches some numbers on his handphone)lo!Korean!Tell the others to check out the airports,trains station and ferry services!We must catch Elaine,no matter what!

They finally caught her when she was preparing to catch a flight.She was disguised as a man but her disguise did not escape the watchful eyes of Fei.She was soon brought back to the police station.

In the questioning room....
Elaine:Why did you bring me here?I've a very important business trip to make!If I lose the deal,I'll make everyone of you pay!
Korean:Just like what you did to your father,right?
Tze Shan:Korean!(He makes a sign for Korean to go out)
Korean angrily got out of the room.When Tze Shan and Elaine are left alone,he speaks.
Tze Shan:Miss Lam.I'm sure you and I know why you are here.I do not wish for things to get ugly.So please don't try my patience.Now,tell me!Do you know this man?(He throws a picture of Tian Cheng in front of her)
Elaine:......He's my sis' boyfriend.
Tze Shan:What else?
Elaine:He killed my father!
Tze Shan:Who instigate him to kill your father?
Elaine:......I don't know!
Tze Shan:Are you sure?(Elaine kept quiet)All right!Fei!Get the evidence!
Fei walks into the room,carrying in his hands a file.
Fei:Gong Sir,here's the file.
Tze Shan:Look carefully.(He took out the emails and shove it to Elaine)Don't tell me this isn't your doing.Without your password,nobody can access to your account.And this clearly states your identity!Why did you want to kill your father?
Elaine broke down and cried.Tze Shan and Fei looked at each other silently.They left Elaine alone and went outside.
Fei:What do you think?
Tze Shan:I don't know.A part of me didn't want this to be true but the truth stands clearly in front of me.
Fei:Let's hear her out.
Tze Shan nods his head.They entered the room again.Elaine has quietened down and sits quietly,waiting for them.
Fei:Are you ready to tell us what happened?
Elaine looked up.Slowly,she spoke in a clear voice:
I've always thought that I'm my daddy's daughter.He has made me into what I am today.My childhood was my happiest moments of my life.But things changed when Eileen came.He gave all his attention to her.Everyday I would hope that he'll come up to me and say:"Elaine,I'm so proud of you!"So I would always do my best in school.Get the best results,going to college,studying management courses.All these for him.But he never paid any attention.I was so upset.It was then I get to know Tian Cheng.Yes!I had a relationship with him before.Even before Eileen knew him.He was my support.He gave me the attention that I've longed for all these years.He was there for me when I suffered setbacks in US.Things would have been fine if I didn't overheard the conversation daddy had with our family lawyer.
Elaine was back home for the holidays.She was back home early that day.As she passed by her father's study,she overheard Mr Lam talking on the phone.
Mr Lam:I want you to get it done as soon as possible...yes,strike out Elaine's name from my will...Yes!Thank you!(He hangs up.As he turns,he saw Elaine standing at the doorway.)Elaine!What are you doing here?
Elaine:I got home early to pack my things.Daddy,I'm sorry but I didn't mean to hear the conversation you had with the lawyer.But don't you think you owned me an explanation?
Mr Lam:Elaine,this will be difficult for you!Let's just leave it this way,ok!
Elaine:But daddy!I think I deserved to know the truth!Please don't keep it from me!
Mr Lam:Elaine........you're not ......my daughter.
Elaine:What!This can't be true!No!
--------End of Flashback----------
Elaine:When Tian Cheng found out about the relations of my daddy and I,he confronted daddy,only to worsen things.Since then,daddy always tried to hide away from me.I wanted to get away from everything so I went back to the States.Tian Cheng had some unfinished business so he stayed behind.I didn't realise that he wanted to take actions on my daddy!I wouldn't have known if my daddy haven't called me.He wanted me to come back to clear up the mess that I've left behind.
Elaine just got home.Eileen saw her and happily dragged her towards the dining room.
Elaine:Now,what's the hurry?Let me put down my bags first!
Eileen:Sis!Let me introduce somebody to you!This is Tian Cheng,my boyfriend.
To her horror,Elaine saw Tian Cheng giving Eileen a kiss!What's going on?She was only gone for a month and Tian Cheng has a change of heart!At this moment,Elaine could only feel the anger inside her building up.But she managed to murmur to Eileen that she was tired and wanted to rest.A few days later,Tian Cheng came to Elaine's office to explain things to her.
Cheng:I can explain my actions,Elaine.
Elaine:What is there to say?I saw it before my own eyes!It's a fact!What do you have to explain?!That you fell in love her?!Or is it love at first sight?!
Cheng:No!!Things are not what they seemed to be!You must trust me!I'll never do anything to betray you!
Elaine:This is ridiculous!I'm not staying here to listen to this nonsense!
Cheng:Elaine!Alright,I'll tell you what's going on!I don't love your sister!
Elaine:What!(Her face full of disbelief)
Cheng:I only want to get back what's rightfully yours!
Elaine:But that doesn't give you any right to cheat my sister!And how do I know if you're not cheating me too!
Cheng:Listen,Elaine!Your father is not a good man as he seems to be.He'll never treat you equally.I've done some checking on your father.And you know what I found?Look at this.(He hands her some old newspaper cutting)
Headlines:Woman jumps from Lam's Corporation.Mr Lam denies acknowledgement of driving woman to her death.
Elaine:What has this to do with me?
Cheng:Elaine....That woman was your mother!
------------End of ch9----------


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