My DIFIV...cont'd
Copyright Cheese 1999. All Rights Reserved.


Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin
Sunny Chan-Kong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum Teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hou
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung

Chisan: You look happy..what..? (the phone rings..)
Fei: Wai? ..yeah..just got in the office...dinner tonight??...ok...I
will pick you up after work then..yes I coffee just tea
right??...see you later! (hangs up)
Chisan: girlfriend??
Fei: Kwan..
Chisan: You 2 are back together?? That's must really
treasure her this time..
Fei: I know I will...

Fei: Hey, when are you coming down? I've been waiting for 10 minutes
Quin: Give me just 5 minutes more...
10 minutes later...
Quin: Sorry to keep you waiting..(gives him a kiss)
Fei: You woman are so troublesome, spend so much time putting on make
and then the same amount of time taking them off...(starting the car )
Quin: Hey..If I look nice, you should be proud, after all, this is the
first time we are watching a dance play together..
Fei: ...(silent)
Quin: (notices his expression) Are you thinking of Chinchin?
Fei:'s been so long and there's no news of her,was juz
wondering how she is coping..
Quin: She is doing something that is making her happy, you should be
happy for her too..
Fei: Yeah..tommorrow is Hung-gor's death anniversary (feeling sad..)
Quin: (holds his hand) Want me to accomapany you there tommorrow? My
first meeting is in the afternoon...
Fei: (gives her a squeeze in the hand)

Next morning at the cemetary..
Fei: Hmm..someone has been here earlier than us (notices a bouquet of
flowers at the tombstone)
Quin: Maybe it's from Michelle(his ex-wife)..
Fei: It cannot be, I did not bring her here before..(bends down to see
if there was any form of identification but notices a bracelet besides
the bouquet, and picks it up..)
Quin: I wonder who left this behind..(frowns)
Fei: You'll be late for your meeting, let's go..

At the Police Headquarters..
"Wai, Can I speak to Inspector Kong Chisan?"
Chisan: I am, who's that on the line?
"I am from Pet's Station your pet has arrived and we tried delivering
to your place just now but you were not in and we wonder if you could
come down and collect it from us or arrange another delivery time.
Chisan: My pet, what pet? I did not buy anything from your shop..
"It had been paid for already.."
Chisan: paid for? I did not pay for any pet, could you check for me 
paid for it?
"Please hold on..(a while later)It is not stated in our receipt sir.."
Chisan: Then may I know what kind of pet it is?
" It is a guinea pig.." (Close followers of DIF IV would know that
before Chisan propose to Tong Sum, he gave her a guinea pig as a
together with some flowers and his recorder)
Chisan: (picks up the phone and dials a number..) Ms Mo, the secret
person contacted me again..
Quin:  What did the person do this time??
Chisan: Gave me a guinea pig, it was something I gave to Tong Sum right
beofre I proposed..noone could have known of this..
Quin: Hm..then what are you planning to do about it?
Chisan:I have already requested the paging station to trace the
number if they receive such pages again..I guess it won't be long
I find out who it is..
Quin: You have to take care of yourself, you look tired these
days..don't think of it too much and call me if you need anything..
Chisan: Thank you..

At the pub..
Fei: Are you ok? Kwan told me you are feeling down lately...what's
Chisan: Nothing..just feeling tired I guess..(gives a weak smile)..So
how are things between you and Ms. Mo?
Fei: (smiles)..quite fine..but I think Chinchin is back..
Chisan: You saw her??
Fei: No but I have a strong feeling she is back. At Hung-gor's
tombstone, I found a bracelet that looks like hers..
Chisan: Maybe it is just a coincidence..anyway, what do you intend to
if she is really back? Are you going to let Ms. Mo know?
Fei: I am not too sure about that, I do not want her to misunderstand
again..the last time she did, I lost my chance of being a father..
Chisan: But being honest means being fair to her, she has the right to
know, you did not let her know the last time and what happen?
Fei: I guess so..I'll have to take things as it comes..(at this moment
the phone rings..) Wai? Ya, I am with Kong Sir at the pub, you wanna
come?..oh..ok..I'll be back soon..dun watch the vcds want
supper?..ok..ok..bye (clicks)
Chisan: True love is hard to come by, you have to cherish it..let's
finish this round and go..bottoms up!
Fei:...(smiles as he lifts his mug towards his)..

At Fei and Quin's apartment...
Fei: eat so much..aren't you scared of being fat??
Quin: I do gym twice a week you know..anyway, some people like fleshier
woman you know..??
Fei: How am I suppose to carry you if you are heavier than me??
Quin: Too bad, accept me the way it is or you can always find another
Fei: Really?! Maybe I will..(walks over and carried her)..You will
leave me this time!! (throws her into bed)..
Quin: What do you want?? (laughs)..
"Ding Dong!!"
Fei: You need more exercise..go open the door!
Quin: No way, You go or you will sleep alone tonite! (laughingly)
Fei  walks out the living room and opens the door., standing there is
Chinchin and a young kid..
Chinchin: Long time no see..(weak smile), er..I got your address from
Fei: uneasy), come on in..
Quin: (popping her head out from the bedroom)..who's dat? Chinchin?
(surprised, and glances at Fei)
Chinchin: I'm sorry to disturb but I really need a favour from you..Siu
Zhi, greet uncle and auntie..
Siu Zhi: (keeps quiet)
Chinchin: I'm sorry, he is just not used to strangers..
Quin: Itz were sayin you need help?
Chinchin: Well..erm.. I have to go away for a few days and I can't
him with me. You know, I have no relatives here anymore, and all I
think of is you..
Quin: shouldn't be a matter..right Fei? (nudges Fei)
Fei: Oh yeah..who is he??
Chinchin: is my nephew, my auntie left him with me for a few
days but I really need to attend to some matter..
Fei: Auntie?? I never knew you had...(before he finishes his sentence,
Quin gave him a pinch)
Quin: Oh..itz no problem, we can take care of him..
Chinchin: Thank you so much, I guess I better go now..Siu Zhi? You must
listen to uncle and auntie ok?
Siu Zhi: When are you coming back?? (tears welling up)
Chinchin: Very good ok??..(take 1 last look at him and goes
Fei: Hey..why did you pinch me just now?
Quin: Can't you see she doesn't want to say anymore?? She really must
desperate or she would not have come to us..
Fei: Siu Zhi?? Where's daddy??
Siu Zhi: I dun have a daddy only a mommy..
Quin: (quickly changes the subject)..Siu Zhi? Do you want something to
eat?? Auntie fix you some noodles ok?? 2 big sausages or you..
Fei can't help but wonder who the kid was, he knew that Chinchin never
had any relatives, his closet kin was his brother and him..


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