My DIFIV...cont'd
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Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin
Sunny Chan-Kong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum Teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hou
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung


Fei: Kwan? Are you ok? You don't look good..
Quin: Nothing, maybe just a little tired, that's all..
Fei: Siu Zhi has been troubling you?
Quin: No, he has been very quiet..just playing with his own toys, he does not answer me when I ask him questions. I just feel he is a little defensive towards me..
Fei: Are you sure you are not overreacting? He is ok towards me..hmm? Is it because I look more approachable to kids than you?? (smiles)
Quin: (smiles) You? No way, but he does seem to stick to you more..
Fei: Don't think so much, Chinchin will be picking him up in a couple of days..I'm hungry, when are you fixing dinner?
Quin: Don't just sit there, if you want to eat, you must help..(pulling him up from the sofa)
Fei: I'll go check on Siu Zhi first..

At the Police headquarters..
Korean: Fei gor, how is your 'son'?
Fei: Don't be such a busybody! If you are    e   nvious , ask Gigi to give you one..(smiles)
Gigi: Don't you d  are   g  ive me that look (stares at Korean)! I still want to go out and enjoy, we still have not had our honeymoon yet..
Chisan: (just walking in, dark eye rings circled his eyes) Morning everyone!
Ah Hoi: Wah Kong Sir, what did you do last night?
Korean: San gor, are you changing your image? Why didn't you shave this morning?
Chisan: Oh er..I overslept this morning , I did not even realise that I didn't shave (touching his face)..
Fei: There isn't much to do these days, why don't you go back and rest? I'll handle the things here..
Chisan: Ok then..please tell Yau Sir about it..By the way Fei, Is Miss Mo back at work yet?
Fei: No, she is on leave for a week, looking for her? Chisan: Well..thought I could talk to her about something..never mind then
Fei: She is at home taking of Siu Zhi, you can find her there..

Quin: Kong Sir? What a surprise! Come on in. Siu Zhi, greet Uncle.
Siu Zhi: (looks away and ran to his room)
Chisan: He is very shy..
Quin: What brings you here?
Chisan:'s about that mysterious person again
Quin: How about a drink? Tea? (walks towards the kitchen and pours)
Chisan: Thanks..taking a sip. I..I think I know who the person is..
Quin: What do you intend to do about it?
Chisan: I am not sure yet, the motive for her to do all these things is still unclear to me.
Quin: So you intend to know what is her motive before making her confess?
Chisan: Yes..meanwhile I have to gather more evidence..
Quin: I am sure you will find a way..(changes the subject seeing Chisan looking tensed) How about staying for dinner tonight?
Chisan: Itz ok, I told Fong-yi I will be back for dinner..sorry to disturb you on your leave..
Quin: Hey, we are friends, you are not my client..friends are suppose to help each other..
Chisan: Thanks..

Later that night..
Fei: Did Chinchin called at all?
Quin: No, but there were several phone calls with no response today..
Fei: Really? Let me take the next call then..Siu Zhi! Come and have dinner..
Siu Zhi: Shuk Shuk? When is Auntie coming back?
Quin: Siu Zhi be good, Auntie will be back very soon..
Siu Zhi: (ignores Quin and turns to Fei) Really? I will be very good..
Fei: (turns to Quin and shrugs) Now that is a good boy..come and eat now..
Quin: He has not spoken a word today till just now..
Fei: Dun think so much, he is probably just shy..I wonder why Chinchin had not called, she said she will be back these 2 days..
Quin: She is probably still busy or tied up to call..I still have 2 days leave..
Fei: Are you up to it? I can ask Ngor-che(hung-gor's ex-wife) to help ..
Quin: I can handle it, I have enough experience with people who are
Fei: Really? With who? 1 of your patients?
Quin: Oh yeah..that patient even gave me a bouquet of MIXED flowers and BOUGHT (purposely raises her voice) me a bottle of lucky stars too..
Fei: Are you complaining? Then I am sure you would not be interested in a DIAMOND RING either rite?
(takes out from his pocket a velvet box, opens it up and there lies a uniquely crafted diamond ring..) Did you know how long I persuaded the salesgirl to sell this ring to me, a limited edition, it is already reserved by another customer..
Quin: It is beautiful, I dunno what to say..
Fei: You dun have to say anything (taking the ring and puts it on for her..both of them then locked into a tight embrace and kisses..)

2 days later...
Fei: There is still no news from Chinchin yet..I promised Siu Zhi that she would be back today.
Quin: Yeah..I was worried about that and I cannot possibly take any leave..
Fei: It's ok, the station has been pretty quiet lately, I will just call and take a day off..meanwhile I will try contacting Chinchin.
Later in the day..
Fei: (over the phone with Quin) Lo Por (wife)..he is asleep now..
Quin: Dun be so mushy, I am not your Lo Por yet, we are just engaged ok..
Fei: Ok then, Mei Loi Lo Por (Future wife) Have you taken lunch?
Quin: Yes, I had eat with my superior, you?
Fei: I was just about to have some cup noodles..
Quin: Dun take so much of is not nutritious.. (smiles)..Not enough nutrition? I am waiting for people to cook for me about we go western tonight? Haven tasted your steak for a long time..
Quin: You go buy the ingredients then..
Fei: Ok, I will go to the supermarket later to get the back early..bye. (Grabs his wallet and keys, took a last glance at Siu Zhi to make sure he is asleep and heads for the supermarket, along the way he notices someone following his every move)

**Added a new character to be potrayed by Ma Tuck Chong (The boss (Vet) of Jessica in MBF) to be Lau Ching Kin Anthony

Fei picks up on his speed and hid in a corner waiting for the person to pass, with his quick reflexes, he managed to pin the guy down onto the floor, the guy being big sized managed to free himself quickly too, the 2 guys got into another struggle and eventually Fei managed to handcuff him..
Ching: Let go off me..
Fei: Why are you following me?
Ching: Let go of me you bastard..(struggle harder..)
Fei: All right, since you are not going to say, I'm bringing you back to the station..

At the station..
Korean: Fei gor, what's up with this guy?
Fei: He followed me and tried attacking me..
Ah Hoi: Attacking a policeman? You are in big trouble..come on you are going to the investigation room..
Korean: Dun worry Fei, we will take care of him..
Fei: ..Yeah..(at this moment his phone rang) Wai?yeah, I am at the station.. Siu Zhi? He is not with me, he was asleep when I left him..he is not in his room? Are you sure? Ok, I am coming back now, meanwhile check the nearby park..
Quin: Oh no! We still cannot find him..what are we going to do?
Fei: Calm down..try to focus..did you bring him to any places or
amusement parks these few days? Or did he seem attracted to anything or anywhere?
Quin: (After a while) Yes..He likes to stand in front of the sweet shop down the road very much..but when I asked him if he wants to buy anything, he would not reply me..
Fei: Let's go..(both of them walked down the street hurriedly)
Quin: Siu Zhi! (Runs up and hugs the boy) Why did you come down yourself? You scared the daylights out of me..
Siu Zhi: (pushes away Quin and went up to Fei instead) Shuk Shuk, can you buy that candy for me? Auntie used to buy these for me every week..
Fei: (looks at where he is pointing..) Kum Mui Pin?(Author's note***"that" candy, remember?) Your auntie still eats this?
Siu Zhi: Yes, she keeps a bottle with her wherever she goes..
Fei: (looking at Quin) Oh..she likes to eat this long ago..but this sweet is not suitable for small kids like you, why not Shuk Shuk get you a lollipop instead?
Quin: Yeah..fruit candies are better..(turning to Siu Zhi)
Siu Zhi: No..I just want that! (starts to cry..) I want Auntie...
Fei: (carrys Siu Zhi) Now Siu Zhi..boys dun cry you know? It is shameful! Guys shed blood but not you want other people to see you like this?
Siu Zhi: (Shakes his head)..
Fei: Now that's a good boy, Let's go home now and we will play err.. 'ultraman', how about that?
Siu Zhi: (nods)

Later that night, both of them were getting ready for bed...
Fei: (emerges from the bathroom, notices Quin staring at him) You dun have to wait for me, you know? (smiles)
Quin: (turns into a serious tone and sighs) Siu Zhi clearly dislikes me a lot..
Fei: are just being over sensitive (rubs her head), he is still small and probably just shy..
Quin: How come he is only like that towards me? I just feel that he is very defensive towards me..
Fei: Probably you look very fierce to him (tries to lighten up the situation) have to get up early tomorrow..sleep early..I have to call the station, dun wait for me..
Korean: Wai?
Fei: It's me..what's with the guy I brought back today?
Korean: He still refuses to say anything and specifically asked to speak to you in private only..
Fei: He did? I'll be down in a while..

***Who is this guy? Why did he follow Fei? And the kid, why is he so
defensive towards Quin?
Find out more in the next chapter..
(sorry to those who waited for this chapter, I am already working on the
next one, so it will be out  very soon)

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