My DIFIV...cont'd
Copyright Cheese 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin/Kwan
Sunny Chan-Gong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hao
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung

Chapter 2

Dear Fei,
by the time you have received this letter, I would be
on my way for a long vacation. I do not know when I am
coming back. Sorry for not telling you earlier but I
have my reasons. What is over is over, there's no
point dwelling on it. I'll always have happy memories
of us together. Wish you and Chinchin happiness
Regards, Kwan

Fei : (crushes up the letter and stares in space..)
Chinchin: What's wrong? Who is it from?
Fei: Nothing(stands up hurriedly and went into his
room to change) The station just paged for me, I've
gotta go. You sleep early tonight..(and rushes off)

"Ring Ring!!'the phone ranged at the police station
Korean: Wai!Korean speaking..
Chinchin: Korean? Fei left his handphone at home,
could you tell him when he come sto the station?
Korean: Huh?but eveyone is gone now and I am going off
soon..Kong sir  couldn't have called him back
Chinchin: But he said the station paged him(voice
trailing off.)

Scene: Quin's house
"Ding dong!!!"
Kit: Eh?Fei gor? Sis left this evening already..
Fei: Why did she leave all of a sudden?
Kit: I dunno...she just said she wants a long vacation..
Fei: Hmm..did she say anything before she left?
Kit: No..but she asked me to give you this..(hands him
a small gift box), she said you would understand after
seeing this..
Fei: That's all??!!
("whenever you call" plays in the background)
In his car, Fei opened the box with utmost care, there
lying amonst sheets of tissue paper, is a ring...the
ring that he had given Quin when he proposed his eyes
watered'Kwan..'he whispered

Over in LA...Steven's clinic

Steven: Your baby's doing fine Quin? How come I wasn't
invited to your wedding?
Quin: (ignoring his question) Really??Should I eat or
not eat anything specifically??
Steven: Basically you can eat anything you want but
moderately..i will prescribe you some vitamin pills.
How come your husband didn't come with you?Isn't he
worried about your saftey?
Quin: Er.we are not together anymore.I am sure I can
take care of myself fine..
Steven: (embarrassed)..oh..sorry to have asked..
Quin: It's ok..but Steven??Can you keep it to
yourself? I don't want to worry auntie..
Steven: Sure..i am not big mouthed u
know..?(smiling)remember dinner tonight at mom's?
Quin: Yes yes...I'll be there..(trying to sound
cheerful)you are getting long winded..Hmm..i shall do
some shopping now since it's still early..see ya!

Quin walked aroung the shops of LA in a dazed
manner..her mind is still full of thoughts of things
that happenend within the last month.suddenly,
something stopped her.
The song "Big Big World' plays in one of the
shops..she tried to avoid it and crossed the road
hurriedly.suddenly, someone shouted: 'Watch out!!'

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