My DIFIV...cont'd
Copyright Cheese 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin/Kwan
Sunny Chan-Gong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hao
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung

Chapter 4

Scene: In the LA hospital the next morning... Quin
woke up with someone lying beside her, her hand is
filled with warmth that once gave her much
happiness... Fei woke up with a start when he felt
movement within Quin but could not utter a word when
he faced her..

Quin: What are you doing here? I do not want your
pity, please leave!
Fei: Kwan..why?why didn t you tell me ?We could have
come up with something..
Quin: (cutting in) If you still have some regard for
me, please leave now!I do not want to see you.
Otherwise, I will walk out myself..
Fei: (still holding on to her hand, lets go with much
difficulty, takes his leave quietly..)
Quin: (stares at the door, fighting hard to hold back
her tears..)

Over in Hongkong..
Chisan: How is she now? Yes I understand your
situation, you may take one more week of leave. Don't
think too much, I'll help you look after Chinchin
Fei: Thanx..but don't tell her where I am ok? It may
cause more trouble..i will keep you updated. (hangs up
the phone)
Korean suddenly rushes into his room..
Chisan: Doors are meant to be knocked..
Korean: Sorry Sir! But that girl Tse Sum Teng is in
trouble again. This time she is involved in fast
driving and crashing into another car.
Chisan: Wat?Is she alright? (taking his jacket and
ready to leave..)
Korean: She is ok but the driver of the other car
wants to sue her for dangerous driving. Her boyfriend
is bailing her at the moment
Chisan: Oh!(putting back his jacket) in that case I
should not interfere..

Later at the Police Headquarters carparpark..
Teng: Let go off me, you are gripping too tight!
Hou: No I am not going to let you out of my sight.
Once you are gone you are always in trouble. Your dad
asked me to take care of you while he is gone and..
Chisan: What is going on?
Teng: Oh! Is that handsome cop again! Good I want to
sue this guy here for interfering with my freedom!
Hou: I am her lawyer cum guarantor. I wont hurt her..
Chisan: oh ok.(turns and walks towards his car)
Teng: Wai! Wai! Idoit!..(shouts to Chisan)
In Chisan car, he could still see Hou struggling to
get Teng into the car. His mind filled up with
thoughts of Tong Sum..(She resembles so much like
her...)he thought to himself. His phone rang and
snapped him out of the thoughts..
Chisan: Wai?
Chinchin: Kong Sir! Sorry to trouble you but do you
know where fei went and when he will be back?
Chisan: Well..(trying to think of an excuse) Our head
asked him to go China to get some information on a
recent case, he would be back around a week or so..
Chinchin: Oh!(sounding disappointed) thank you

Over in LA..
Steven: Are you sure you want to do this??
Quin: Yes. If you still treat me as your
oblige to this favour that I have asked
Steven: If you have no regrets then I got nothing to
Quin: Thank you..

In the hospital later in the afternoon, Fei went to
visit quin in hope that things would be better..
Fei: What do you mean she is gone?!!
Steven: I also dunno where she went. She signed the
leaving papers this morning without my notice..
Fei: (rushes out to ask the nurses) When did she
leave? Did she say where she was going?
Nurse: No. She left alone this morning.
Fei: She wants to avoid me..
Steven: Maybe things is not as bad as you think. She
probably just wants to sort out her thoughts..give her
some time..
Fei: But..
Steven: Why not you go back to HK and think what you
really want out of her and yourself?There is no point
staying here and putting pressure on Quin..
Fei: Did she say something to you??
Steven: No, but I could see she is really confused and
upset over some matters and I guessed it is related to
Fei: But I cant just leave her alone here.
Steven: I will do my best to find her and take care of
her. She will turn up when she cools down her
Fei: Can you contact me when you find her? (hands his
contact number to Steven)
Steven: Sure..
Fei walked dazed and filled with misery out of the
hospital..from a corner Quin retreats out from her
hiding place..
Quin: Thanx Steve..
Steven: Hey no problem! If there is anything you need,
juz gimme a call..what do you intend to do now?
Quin: I also have no idea..all I know is I need some
peace and quiet..

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