My DIFIV...cont'd
Copyright Cheese 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin/Kwan
Sunny Chan-Gong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hao
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung

Chapter 5

Scene: Over in Fei's hotel room..He had sat there ever
since he returned from the hospital, thinking of
things that had all happened so fast
Fei: Wai? Chinchin?
Chinchin: Fei? When are you coming back? I am scared
to be alone in the house.
Fei: I erm..I will be coming back ...soon, got to
settle some.. things before coming back
Chinchin: What? I really miss you..
Fei: (rushes)
All will be clear when I come Kong Sir if
you need anything..Bye..(hangs up)
Chinchin: Wai?Wai?...(puzzled at Fei's tone of speech)
Fei: (hits himself on the head, and sinks back onto
his chair..)

It is already midnight and Fei, despite tossing and
turning in his bed, still could not get to sleep. He
decided to take a walk down the street..Loud music
from one of the pubs attracted Fei's attention,
Drinking may be a good idea to forget my sorrows, he
thought to himself, and entered the pub.
Fei: A dozen vodka lime
'Big Big World(remix)' starts to play in the
pub..memories of Quin and Chinchin keeps playing
profusely in his mind, he tried to shake it off but to
no avail..
Fei: One more dozen please..
Drunk, he walked out of the pub, wondering aimlessly
around the streets..
Fei: Quin! (unsteady in his footsteps)..Quin!please
don't go..(reaches out for the girl in front of him)
'Hey! What's the matter with you?Get your hands off
Fei: Quin!Please don't leave me..i'm sorry! (ignoring
the guy, his hands still on the girl)
'Why u!!' (reaches out and hits Fei..Fei was too drunk
to retaliate and lets the guy gets his way onto him)
Steven: Hey! Stop it! It's all a misunderstanding! I'm
sorry, I'll take him away now..Fei? Are you ok?
Fei: (no response)

Over in Steven's clinic
Steven: Quin? Steven here..Fei is drunk and got beaten
up by some guy on the street for mistaking his
girlfriend for you
Quin: Is he all right?
Steven: Physically he's ok..but I don't know about his
inside..why don't you come over and take a look at
Quin: I...erm..don't think so..
Steven: Oh!!er..i've got to go over my girlfriend's
place..she is expecting me..he will be left alone
Quin: Are you serious???
Steven: C'mon Quin!..things have to be settled sooner
or later..
Quin: Ok..
Half an hour later, Quin arrives at the clinic..
Steven: Hmm..I;ve gotta go now..take care ok?
Quin: yeah
the next morning..
Fei wakes up, groans...feeling real bad coz of his
hangover and bruises he suffered..he looks around  at
the unfamiliar environment. At the corner, sitting on
the sofa was Quin, who had fallen asleep.
Fei: Kwan?
Quin: (arouses from her sleep)..
Fei: Why did you avoid me?? I had a hard time looking
for you..
Quin: I think we need to settle some things between
us, I have thought it over very carefully last night
and...I think we should stop seeing each other from
today onwards..
Fei: You think??Did you ever considered how I felt??
Quin: Then did you know how I felt when I see you
hugging Chinchin in the hospital??I hared the entire said you couldn't live without
her!Then what was I suppose to do??Threaten you with
my stomach??
Fei: (pauses for a long moment..regret written all
over his face)..I am really overwhelmed by what she
did and suffered for my sake..I really felt
responsible for what she became today but when I knew
you had a baby..our baby..i just can't deceive myself
Quin: Stop...things just aren't the same anymore. I
can't just pretend nothing has happened at all. I've
decided to further my studies and will be flying off
Fei: What?? For how long??
Quin: I don't know either..maybe 1 or maybe 2
years..let's use this period of time to forget what
has happened...we can still be friends..

Over in Hongkong...
Chisan and Man were having dinner at Chez Mamon
Chisan: This place brings back many memories
Man: yeah, I miss her laughter
From one end of the restaurant, loud giggles could be
Teng: lose..drink!
Hou: I really can't take it anymore..i'll be drunk!
Teng: Isn't it better??Then you won't have to nag so
much!!(gulps down a glass of wine)
Hou: Don't drink so much..Uncle will scold again
Teng: Let him be!!He doen't care about me at all
anyway, all he does is scold scold scold..
Hou: Uncle is just concerned about you..and..
Teng: Oh shut up!! I'm leaving(stalks off)
Hou; Hey.wait up!!(quickly leaves a stack of cash on
the table and chases after her..)
Chisan: It's her again..the world is so small, I seem
to see her everywhere I go..
Man: She...she is a striking resemblance to Tong Sum..
Chisan: Yeah..but they are worlds apart..

In Fei's apartment...the door clicks open..
Chinchin: Fei! (runs over ang hugs him) are
finally back..are you hungry? I'll fix you something
to should be tired..go ang take a bathe
first and..
Fei: There's something I need to talk to you about...
Chinchin: Ok(troubled by his tone speech)

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