My DIFIV...cont'd
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Chapter 6

Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin
Sunny Chan-Kong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum Teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hou
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung

From the last chapter..
In Fei's apartment...the door clicks open..
Chinchin: Fei! (runs over ang hugs him) are finally back..are you hungry? I'll fix you something to should be tired..go ang take a bathe first and..
Fei: There's something I need to talk to you about...
Chinchin: Ok(troubled by his tone speech)

Fei: Kwan lost her baby in LA and I was there to be with her for the past few days..
Chinchin: Her baby..u mean..
Fei: Yes, I am the father. I do not want to hurt you but I just cannot keep this from you. You understand?
Chinchin: I knew I came back at the wrong time..
Fei: No (reassuring her), I made the decision and besides you suffered so much for my sake..
Chinchin: Fei? If I didn't lose my leg, would you still have chosen me?
Fei: I er..I..let's not talk about this anymore, you must be tired, why not you go in and have a rest? (gets up and helps her into the bedroom) I gotta go back to the station to settle some things, you sleep first, don't wait up for me.
Chinchin: (still shocked by the news, kept silence)
That night, Chinchin sat all alone in the living room, thinking of the events that happened a few hours ago. 'He did it out of sympathy..he never did forget her..'she thought to herself..

Back in the station..
Chisan: Fei? How's Ms Mo?
Fei: She left already..
Chisan: What! why?
Fei: You know..i really tried to stop her from leaving but with her stubborness..
Chisan: What do you intend to do now?
Fei: She didn't even leave me an address..i will just have to take things as it comes..
Chisan: What about Chinchin?

In Fei's apartment..
Fei: Chinchin? I brought you supper..(walk into the bedroom)
He notices the bed all tidily made up, his clothes folded neatly on the bed. He walks to the kitchen and notices something strange..all the cups were gone from the shelves..only 1 remained. He walks towards the living room in frustration and notices an envelope on the table. He opens it and finds a tape inside..
"Fei, I know I should not have come back and disturbed the peace you and Ms Mo had but I had really missed you for the past 3 years, I really thought things could still be the in the way they were then but I guess time do change everything, including your feelings you have for me. I had wished that you could tak care of me for the rest of my life but when I saw how you were so affected when Ms Mo had a miscarriage, I knew I can't be so selfish as to keep you to myself. Don't worry about me, I have joined a dancing troupe for the handicapped and will be performing in different countries soon. I had actually rejected to join them at first because it means going abroad often, but I guess this is the best time for me to do something for others. I have taken away all the cups we once shared, memories like these should not be remembered always as it will then become a burden instead. I have told myself I will only remember our good times whenever I pass a shop selling cups. I hope you will too.Till we meet again.."
Fei: Why??Why must all of you treat me like this?? (puts his head into his hands..)

Time passes very quickly, it has been 2 years since Quin and Chinchin left. Fei has tried all ways and means to locate either of them but to no avail, till this day...

It was Korean and Gigi's wedding, Fei was asked to be the best man.
Fei: Hey, who is this mysterious bridesmaid??I have not seen her since the day you guys announced to be getting married. Is she so ugly that she can only show her face today?
Korean: I also dunno..Gigi said she can only make it today. She is supposedly to be her best friend but have been living abroad for the past 2 years.
Fei: friend? I thought her eyes had only you..!
Korean: least I am always first in her eyes, she will only love me and...
Fei: Quit being so lovey dovey la! Kong Sir is waiting for us downstairs already, you don't want to be late do you??
Korean: last question? Am I handsome today??..

At Gigi's place..
"Ding dong!Ding dong!"
Bridesmaids: We want $9999.99..not a cent less..
The best man all push Fei up to be the negotiator..
Fei: $1999.99 final price..
Bridesmaids: No people better reconsider..$9999.99 or no bride..(closes the door behind them)
Fei: Hey!! Korean? Willing to part with $9999.99
Chisan: Ok!!stop being a miser. I will pay half..
Korean: Really! Now I know who my true brothers are..(giving a stare at Fei)
Fei: Ok ok..i get your hint, I'll pay the other half, satisfied?(turns and bangs the door once more)
When the door opened, Fei stood there stunned..At the door standing with the other bridesmaid was Quin..
Quin: Hey! Have you guys decided on the price yet?? Time is running out you know..
Fei: (stunned for a moment, received a nudge from Korean)
Korean: Wei!! What are you waiting for? My wife is inside you know!!
Fei: is the money. (hands over to Quin)
Quin: Ok girls! Let them in..
Once inside, Korean and the others all rushed into the bride's room leaving Fei and Quin in the living room..
Fei: When did you come back?
Quin: I got off the plane this morning and rushed here. Gigi insisted that I be her bridesmaid.
Fei: (reaches towards to holf her hands) You did not even write me a letter for the past 2 years, don't you think I will be worried for you?
Quin: (shrugs off his hands) I was really busy for the past 2 years, besides there is nothing for you to worry about, my boyfriend will take care of me.
Fei: Boyfriend?
Quin: Yeah..remember Steven? We have been together for 1 year already. By the way, how is Chinchin?
Fei: She is alright, I received her letter a few weeks ago, she is performing in Seoul.
Quin: You allowed her to go perform so far away?
Fei: We have broken up...

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