My DIFIV...cont'd
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Chapter 7

Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin
Sunny Chan-Kong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum Teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hou
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung

From the last chapter...
Quin: Yeah..remember Steven? We have been together for 1 year already. By the way, how is Chinchin?
Fei: She is alright, I received her letter a few weeks ago, she is performing in Seoul.
Quin: You allowed her to go perform so far away?
Fei: We have broken up...

At a certain hotel ballroom in HK..
"Yum Seng!! Bottoms Up!!"... Korean ang Gigi are going round the tables to receive blessings from them...
Fei: Korean, don't drink so much, hey, I'll help you..(gulps down a glass of brandy)
Korean: Good brother! He knows I got so much to do tonight..(sniggers)
Fei: I'll drink it..(gulps down another another..)
Chisan: Fei? You are drinking too'll be drunk in no time..
Fei: No worries! I can take it..
Korean: (sensing something wrong) Oh..Gigi's gotta go in an have a change of clothes, we shall stop here ok folks??
Fei: (seeing the attention all on him)Er..gotta go to the washroom..
In the washroom...
Fei: (splashes water furiously onto his face and hits his fists against the sink repeatedly)
At this moment Chisan comes in to check on him..
Chisan: Fei? Something wrong?
Fei:...(keeps silent)
Chisan: Izzit because of Ms Mo?
Fei: (after a long moment) After waiting for so long, she told me she found herself a new boyfriend. I thought we could start anew but...
Chisan: If this is her choice and you want her to have happiness, you can only wish her all the best and support whatever decision she made. You cannot expect her to forget all that has happened.
Fei: (starts to clean up his mess and walks out of the washroom)
Once out, he notices a crowd at the table Quin is sitted. He froze in his footsteps. People were crowding round the table cause Steven had arrived and everybody was curious about Quin's new boyfriend. Giving them one last stare, Fei storms out of the ballroom.

For the past month, Chisan has been receiving strange pagers with wired messages for him. At this moment his pager beeped again...
"Self collect your present at XYZ gift will definitely like it!"..
Chisan: 8899 returning page. Did the person who just paged me leave his name or contact number"
Operator: No sir, we tried to ask but she hung up as usual
Chisan: Thank you..
After work, Chisan drove to the gift shop over in Tsim Tsa Tsui..
Chisan: My name is Kong Chisan and I am told to collect some thing from your atore?
Salesgirl: Oh..just a moment please..(hands him a parcel), it's already been paid for.
Chisan: Do you know who left this for me?
Salesgirl: I'm not sure sir, we just changed shifts.
In his car, Chisan tore open the wrapping paper hurriedly, inside lying in the box was a clown,
A clown with a teardrop dripping from one of it's eye..
Chisan: Tong Sum...

Fei who had the day off, went off to gym to vent some of his frustrations. After putting his things into the locker, he made his way there.
Sum: Hey...stop tickling me..(laughs)..hey..take this back!
Steven: How dare you!(teasingly), don't run! I'm coming to catch you!
Sum: (laughs) I am so scared..haha..catch me if you can!
Steven: Hey! Wait up!
Fei sees them and was shocked to see Steven two timing Quin. He had wanted to go up and confront him but stopped himself from creating a scene. That night, He waited below Steven's apartment. Steven and Sum were walking hand in hand back.
Fei: Mr. Lum! There's something I want to talk to you about.
Steven: (turning to Sum) You go up first, I'll be back in no time.
Fei: (grabs him by the sleeve) How dare you two time Kwan?
Steven: Hey! Itz none of your business alright?! You 2 are history now. Stay out of our affairs!
Fei: Kwan is my friend and I am not going to let you hurt her in anyway..either you break up with this woman or settle things with kwan..
Steven: If you don't get your hands off me now, I am going to call the police..
Fei: I am a police officer..
Steven: So what? I know Kong sir all right!!
Fei: By all means go ahead and report to him!
Security officer: Hey what's up?(tries to break off Fei's grip) You better let go now or I'll call the police!
Fei: (not wanting matters to blow up, in case Quin knows)..storms off.

Up in Steven's apartment...
Sum: What happened? You are bruised..
Steven: That is Quin's ex boyfriend..he thinks we are together now..
Sum: Oh no! Did you tell the truth?
Steven: Of course not! I promised Quin..

Hmm...what did Steven promise Quin?? Will Fei tell Quin about Steven two timing?? Stay tuned folks, chapter 7 will be out soon. Sorry for the shortness of this rushing project. Comments and suggestions welcome! ^o^

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