My DIFIV...cont'd
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Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin
Sunny Chan-Kong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum Teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hou
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung

Up in Steven's apartment...
Sum: What happened? You are bruised..
Steven: That is Quin's ex boyfriend..he thinks we are together now..
Sum: Oh no! Did you tell the truth?
Steven: Of course not! I promised Quin..

Once she is back in Hongkong, Quin was asked to reinstate her former position as the Police Force psychologist. She contemplated the whole night before coming up with the decision of returning there as she still finds, after so long, that the job is the most challenging.

On her first day back at work...(at the Central Police Station)
Quin: Hi guys!! I'm back again!(Once in, she glanced towards Fei's seat)
Korean and the rest: Ms Mo! Welcome back!Haha...we got free afternoon tea for today..
Quin: No problem, order what you want!Is Kong Sir here yet? I thought I should say hi..
Gigi: He and Fei gor went to see the Chief Inspector about something..
Quin: Ok..I guess I'll come by again later then..bye!!
After Quin left, Korean starts to gossip..
Korean: I saw her looking at Fei gor's seat the moment she came in..
Gigi: Don't be such a busybody..Ms Mo has a boyfriend already!
Ah Hoi: Ya..Fei gor was upset when he turned up at your wedding that night..
(At this moment, Chisan and Fei returned..)
Korean: Ya..he was drinking so much..but come to think of it, Ms Mo and her new boyfriend looks quite compatible together! What's more, he is a doctor and..(receives a pinch from Gigi), What? It's the truth wat and..(notices Fei and Chisan)
Chisan: Korean! Are you very free? Where is the document I ask you to finish??
Fei: (walks to his desk in silence)
Korean: Oh er..I am going to complete it soon..pass it to you when I'm done..

Back in Chisan's office..he dials to Quin's office..
Chisan: Wai, Ms Mo? Kong Chisan..are you free for dinner tonight?
Quin: Wa..Kong Sir! I have a boyfriend you know(laughs)..shouldn't be a problem. What about 7pm at Repulse Bay?
Chisan: Ok, see you there!

Over dinner...
Quin: So what's up?? You seem troubled..
Chisan: Well..I don't know how to put it. I didn't believe that 2 person would look so alike, and she is...
Quin: Hold on a second..who are you talking about?
Chisan: Tong Sum..I met a girl who looks so much like her and from then I cannot seem to get her out of my mind...and just yesterday, a mysterious person gave me a present that I had given to Tong Sum as a token of affection...Am I crazy to think that it may be given by her??
Quin: I can understand how you feel but isn't it not logical? How could she have known something so intimate? Kong sir!! You have given yourself too much pressure. It's time you let cannot go on if you stop witholding memories of the past
Chisan: I just don't know why but I know it's from her...
Quin: Maybe it's just a conincidence...don't dwell so much on it and give yourself more chances..
Chisan: Yes...maybe..

The next day at the station. Fei was alone in the station while the others are out having lunch and at this moment Quin walks in...
Quin: Erm...Hi!! I'm looking for Kong Sir, is he around?
Fei: ( surprised), he went out for lunch with the others. Is there anything important??
Quin:'s alright, I guess I will come back later then..Bye
Fei: Ermm...why not we have lunch together??
Quin: I have got a lot of things to do back in the office and...
Fei: Then what about a drink in the canteen?
Quin: You have something to tell me?? (looks at him questioningly)
Fei: You and your instinct....
At the canteen
Quin: Hey...I thought you have things to have not uttered a word since we sat here for the last 10 minutes..
Fei; (sitting up and clears his throat nervously) are things between you and Dr Lum?
Quin: I can't believe it...that is what you want to talk about?
Fei: Well??
Quin: We are getting along fine..yeah..
Fei: You seem very confident of yourself...
Quin: Why shouldn't I be??(smiling) After all, I still have many admirers you know..(gives a wink)
Fei: Not all guys can be totally trusted you know...
Quin: That I know...I learnt a lesson from you already (laughs)..Ok, just what are you trying to say?? I don't have the whole day you know..
Fei: I saw Dr. Lum behaving very intimately with another woman the day before yesterday...
Quin: are getting quite nosey...c'mon it's just normal socializing..(trying to lighten up the situation)
Fei: You call staying together normal socializing??(angrily)
Quin: Wei...why are you so worked up??
Fei: I am concerned for you..that's why!
At this moment, Steven walks in to look for Quin with Hou...
Quin: Wai! Hi Hou! Long time no see! Must be at least 4 years...Fancy meeting you here
Hou: My profession requires me to spend a lot of time here..this is? (referring to Fei)
Quin: is Chui Sir! Fei, this is Lum Tze Hou, he is a lawyer and Steven's older brother..
Steven: Are we interrupting your conversation?? We could take a seat over there
Quin: No..Fei was just talking about you and Sum..
Fei: You know???
Quin: Er Sum is their sister. (gives a signal to Steven)
Hou: Huh? Sum is our(gets a nudge from Steven)..oh yeah..our little sister..heehee
Fei: I think the rest is back, I have to get back to work (walks off abruptly)
Hou: Well well..something is going on here that I don't know of (looks questioningly at Quin and Steven)
Steven: I'll explain to you some other time..hey? didn't you say you are meeting Teng?
Hou: Oh ya!! I better be on my way...bye!
Steven: (turning to Quin) Now, how are you going to get out of this mess?? See this bruise on my hand? Your Chui Sir did it
Quin: I'm really sorry..I'll think of something..
Steven: That better be quick..

A few days later, on a certain street, Fei was driving his way home when suddenly an accident occurred right in front of him... 2 cars had crash into each other, 1 driver managed to escape to the side of the road while the other still remained in the car..Fei stopped immediately and call the ambulance. After that he rushed to see what he could help. When he reached the driver's seat, he was shocked to see that sitting there unconcious was Sum. Seeing that there maybe more danger by leaving her in the car, Fei tried to carry her out, at this moment, something dropped, it is a wallet…The ambulance came soon after and Fei went back to get his car so as to follow her to the hospital. On his way, the wallet caught his eye, he opened it...
Fei: Lee Meng Sum?? Isn't Steven's surname Lum??

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