My DIFIV...cont'd
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Louis Koo-Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan-Quin
Sunny Chan-Kong Chisan
Charmaine Sher-Man
Lee San San-Tse Sum Teng
Chin Kar Lok-Lum Tze Hou
Joyce Tang-Lee Meng Sum
Anne Heung-Chinchin
Steven Ma-Steven Lum Hoi Fung

"Ring Ring!"
Quin: Wai?
Fei: Mo Chiu Kwan, do you really hate me that much?
Quin: Fei? What are you talking about? You drunk?
Fei: Yes I am...I just don't understand why you resent me so much..
Quin: Look..If you are not telling me...
Fei: Lee Meng Sum, Steven's sister?? You don't have to use this kind of method to reject me. Do you know it worsens the hurt?
Quin: I..
Fei: Don't worry, I won't bother you again. (Hangs up)
Quin sat down devastated...on one hand she was relieved to hear that Fei would not pressure her again but on the other hand, she is afraid..afraid of not being able to see him again

Next day at the Police Headquarters..
Quin: Hi! Good Morning everyone! (glances over to Fei's seat, but notice he is not around)
Korean: Mornin Ms Mo!
Gigi: Mornin! Looking for Kong Sir?
Korean: Of course not, she is looking for..(nods his head towards Fei's seat)
Gigi: Ignore him! Kong Sir is in his office.
"k nock knock!"
Quin: Mornin Kong Sir! I need to get some documents from you..
Chisan: Hold on..(hands it to her) So how's the work going?
Quin: I'm getting used to have you heard from the mysterious person again?
Chisan: No, but I have a feeling she is going to contact me very soon..
Quin: Good luck! (trying to sound casual) Er...Fei is out for investigation?
Chisan: No, He called this morning to take a week leave, sounded real rush..You are looking for him?
Quin:, just curious! Gotta get back to work, catch up with you some other time!

Few days later, over dinner at Steven's place..
Steven: You mean he disappeared after the phone call??
Quin: Yes, I did not see him at work for the past few days..
Steven: But he took leave right??
Quin: You don't understand! Fei is a workaholic, he would not take leave for no apparent reason..
Steven: Ah huh...someone here is getting worried..
Hou: Worried about who?? (comes home at this moment with Teng)
Steven: Tsui Sir!
Hou: Tsui Sir?? Oh..the one we saw at the canteen the other day??
Steven: Yah..
Hou: Teng and I saw him down at 97 bar for the past 2 nights. He was quite drunk and in the company of some wild looking girls..
Steven: See?? You were worried for nothing, he is having fun..
Teng: He nearly got beaten up when he tried to talk up to another guy's girlfriend..I thought he was famous for being cool..did not expect him to do that.
Hou: Yeah..after that his car nearly rammed into the light post..
Steven: Quin? (noticing that she has been keeping very quiet) Quin? (taps her shoulder)
Quin: Huh? Er..I have some documents that I left back at the office..I have to go back now..
Hou: So urgent? I'll send you there after dinner..anyway, I have to see Teng home later..
Quin:'s ok, I drove today..gotta go. Bye! (rushes out)

Along the stretch of road at Lam Kwai Fong, Quin walked anxiously to 97 bar, at this moment, a drunk Fei walked out from one of the pubs, he puked at the nearby aisle, while Quin watched him from a distance. He cleaned up and headed towards his car in unsteady footsteps. A car heads towards him at high speed...
Quin: Careful! (pulling him with all her strength aside)
Fei: (turns towards her) Kwan? (pushes her hands away and continues walking towards his car)
Quin: Let me see you home, you cannot possibly drive in this state!
Fei: Leave me alone! I am all alone in this world anyway, who would care if I lived anot?
Quin: I said I will sent you back! (calmly)
Fei: I beg you just leave me alone! Don't make forgetting you so difficult! (eyes turning red, continue to make his way to his car)
Quin: ...(silent for awhile) You don't have to forget it if it is so difficult!
"Color of the night plays in the background"
Quin: (walking towards Fei) I remember you have a good memory..and what's more, I just saved you, don't you owe me a treat?
Fei: (turns with a big smile) I'm hungry too...(hugs her tightly)
Quin: I am running out of breath soon..(laughingly)
Fei: Well, that is how you are gonna feel for the rest of your life! (smiles)..

After supper..
Fei: I have got something to show you..
Quin: What?? I thought I have seen everything on you! (teasingly)
Fei: Close your eyes! You will know when you reach..

At the apartment they nearly bought for their wedding..
Fei: can open now!
Quin: (stunned)
Fei: I have it renovated since 3 years ago, the female owner of the place said she like renovations done this way...
Quin: (teasingly) Wonder who is the female owner?? Her taste is so bad!
Fei: (wraps his arms around her) Yeah...but who ask me to like her!
Quin: Really?? I didn't know that? ?!
Fei: Now you know..(kisses)

Next day at the Police Headquarters...
Chisan: Eh Fei?? Thought you are back next week??
Fei: Oh, I have settled my things already so I thought I would come back early in case you are short of helpers...
Chisan: You look happy..what..? (the phone rings..)
Fei: Wai? ..yeah..just got in the office...dinner tonight??...ok...I will pick you up after work then..yes I coffee just tea right??...see you later! (hangs up)
Chisan: girlfriend??
Fei: Kwan..
Chisan: You 2 are back together?? That's must really treasure her this time..
Fei: I know I will...

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