Cutiepoo's DIF V
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Author's Note:

Dear Readers,
This story will not be completed.  If you don't mind stories that are
left hanging without an ending then plz read on.  This is a warning 
to ppl that can't stand an unifinished story.  If you have any questions 
you can email me at  Sorry if you have been waiting 
for the next chapter to come out.  I hope you enjoy these few chapters.  
Maybe I will go on if I have time and my readers want me to go on.

Main Characters:
Ah fei:Louis Koo
Ah quin:Jessica Hsuan
Chi san:Sunny Chan
Chin Chin: Anne Hueng

Chapter 1

2 months after bar scene...
At the headquarters

Fei: Gong sir, r u busy tonite? Chin Chin told me to invite you for dinner tonite
Chi san: uh..i wished u told me earlier. I have a date tonite.
Korean: Hey! Gong sir, u've been going out everyday. Have u met some new girl dat we don't know?
Chi san: (grins) Go back to work!

At the mall-Chin Chin and Quin

Chin Chin: So...have u found a boyfriend yet?
Quin:um....yeah...kinda of, i guess (smiles)
Chin Chin: really?? So who's the lucky boy...?
Quin:You actually know him..
CC: huh? really? who?
Quin: don't laugh ok?
CC: why would i laugh?
Quin:it's Chi San
CC: oh my god....really? u guys r dating?
(ppl, i thought dat chi san and quin together would be interesting so...)
Quin: yeah...oh, don't tell ah fei yet ok?
CC: why?
Quin: (smiles) i want to tell him personally...

Next day, at a cafe-Quin and ah fei

fei: so how are u doing?
quin pretty good...
fei: (gives a little grin) so...have u found a boyfriend yet?
quin: yup, dat's why i called u today..i wanted u to meet him...
he's going to be here in a while
fei: can't wait to see him
(sees chi san coming into the door and walking over to their table)
fei: wat a conciedence! hey gong sir, why don't u stay and c who quin's new boyfriend is
Quin: FEI! Chi san is my new boyfriend!!!
(fei watches as chi san places his lips on quin's cheeks. He stares in shock)
Fei:...(can't think of wat to say. Remembers the bar scene...)
Quin: Fei? Fei? hey, wat do u think?
Fei: uh...i'm really happy for you guys

So, wat is fei going to do?
Can he actually accept the fact dat his best friend is going out with his ex-girlfriend?
Wat is going to happen if ah man comes back?

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