Cutiepoo's DIF V
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Main Characters:
Ah fei:Louis Koo
Ah quin:Jessica Hsuan
Chi san:Sunny Chan
Chin Chin: Anne Hueng
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Chapter 2

Fei: So how long have u guys been dating?
Quin: Well, I don't know, u know we've been really great friends before and whenever I had problems with u (smiles) I would usually talk to Chi san about it.
(Fei watches as Quin takes Chi san's hand and places it on her lap)
Chi San: Anywayz, we have to go to see a movie now
Fei: (Looks away) Yeah, you guys go, I have to meet Chin Chin anywayz
(Quin and Chi san stands up)
Quin: Ok then, (grins) double date with you guys later.
(Fei watches them as they leave)

(Fei leaves the restaurant and goes crazy speeding his car)
Cellular: Ring Ring
Fei: hello?
Chin Chin: Wai? Ah fei? When r u coming home? I've been waiting for you all day
Fei: I'm coming home now
Chin Chin: Oh ok...Bye

At ah fei's apartment
Chin Chin hears the door open
Chin Chin: Ah fei!
(Fei just walks directly to his room)
Chin Chin: Wat's wrong with u? Ah quin told me u guys had lunch together.
She told u the good new already rite?
Fei: Wat good new?
Chin Chin: About her and Chi San...
Fei: I really don't want to hear about it anymore
Chin Chin: Aren't u happy for them?
Fei: (gives her that stare) I don't know. I don't like the idea of my best buddy pairing with my ex-girlfriend
Chin Chin: You do realise that u r being very selfish rite now don't u?
(Fei doesn't answer, walk into his room and closes it)

Next day: Ms. Mo's office
Secretary: Ms Mo, your friend is here to see you
Quin: Oh ok, send her in
(Chin Chin comes in)
Quin: Chin Chin! Wai, I didn't expect u...
Chin Chin: (smiles) actually I want to talk to you about something.
Quin: oh ok... But afterward u have to go to the mall with me ok?
Chin Chin: (smiles) No problem!
Quin: So wats the problem?
(Chi san arrives at the door. He sees dat Quin and Chin Chin is talking and overhears theie conversation)
Chin Chin: it's about fei
Quin: wat happened?
Chin Chin: Wat was his reaction yesterday when u told him you were dating Chi San?
Quin: I don't really know...he seemed sorta shocked, I kinda expected it though
Chin Chin: Will u have a talk with him personally? Without Chi San I mean...
(Chi san hears this and leaves the office)
Quin: Is he taking it really badly?
(Chin Chin nods)
Quin: Yeah, I'll talk to him tomorrow. In the mean time, lets go shopping!
(Quin and Chin Chin leave the office)
Secretary: Ms Mo, you boyfriend just dropped by but then he left a minute ago.
Quin: (frowns) I wonder why he left.

Did Chi San actually hear their whole conversation? Where did he disapear to?
Wat is ah fei going to say to ah quin about how he feels about her relationship with chi san? Stay tooned for chapter 3!

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