Cutiepoo's DIF V
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Main Characters:
Ah fei:Louis Koo
Ah quin:Jessica Hsuan
Chi san:Sunny Chan
Chin Chin: Anne Hueng
Continue at cafe- Quin, fei, Chi san

Chapter 3

Next day at cafe -fei and quin

Quin: how are u doing?
Fei: (stirs his drink)... Quin? why did u decide to date chi san instead of another guy?
Quin: ??? (stuns by his question) what do u mean? I thought u would be happy that I am now your best friend's girlfriend.
Fei: why would I be?
Quin: Fei! I thought u would be relieved that I actually found someone instead of thinking about u everyday.
Quin: Why can't u accept the truth?
Fei:because I still love u (grabs her hand)
(Quin pulls her hand away and angrily stands up)
Quin: what do u want me to do? Wait for u my whole life? Chui Fei, I think you need to smarten up. I'm leaving
(Angrily walks out the door. Ah fei buries his head into his hands)

Chi san's apartment:
Chi san thinking: why why? Why do I have to fall in love a girl that I know still loves her old boyfriend? I know that a fei still loves her too. Why do I have to block them? I know I'm still deeply in love with tong sum. So why? We aren't meant to be together anywayz. Her heart belongs to ah fei and my heart belongs to tong sum. Maybe I should break up with ah quin. But I can't. She has been hurt too many times. What am I going to do??

Ah quin's apartment
Quin thinking: I don't know what a fei wants. First, I back out so he and chin chin can be together. I finally found someone that I truly love and ah fei can't accept him. Instead he tells me he still loves me. What is wrong with him? I know deep deep inside my heart, I still love him. NO, I don't. I love chi san now. Nothing will change that.
(Phone rings)
Quin: Wai?
Chi san: ah quin?
Quin: Chi san?
Chi san: Can I meet you at Chez Maman tonite?
Chi san: see u then
Quin: bye

That night : Chez Maman

Quin: So why did u ask me out on such a short notice?
Chi san: I don't know how to say this to you
Quin: wat do u mean?
Chi san: (takes a deep breath) ah quin, we aren't meant for each other. Let's face it. You still love ah fei and ah fei still loves u. My heart belongs here (meaning chez maman- referring to tong sum). I don't know how we suddenly got together, but I know it's not right. The feeling isn't right.
(Quin suddenly turns very pale)
Quin: ... You are serious?
Chi san: Yes
Quin: I don't understand. You know I love you now, I don't love ah fei anymore.
Chi san: But he still loves u
Quin: wat do u mean?
Chi san: I don't want to come between you two
Quin: He has chin chin now.
Chi san: maybe it's not that. I still love tong sum very much. I can't let go of her.
Quin: (tears fall down her eyes) well, if that is your decision, I can't force u to love me.
(Stands up) I have nothing to say (leaves)
Chi san: sigh...Why is my life so complicated?

Quin driving home

Quin: (tears fall down her eyes) why do they hurt me once after another? Some how I know that wat chi san said was true. I know I still love ah fei. But I tried hard to forget him. So hard (tears blur her vision. Quin doesn't realize she was driving towards a pole. She hits and bangs her head onto the wheel

Whoa. This chapter is pretty complicated, first ah fei says he still loves ah quin and then chi san tells quin he wants to break up with her and now she's in a car accident.
Quin is having pretty bad luck. Is quin going to survive this? Is she going to go back to chi san or a fei?
Wait till chapter four..

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