Cutiepoo's DIF V
Copyright Cutiepoo 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Main Characters:
Ah fei:Louis Koo
Ah quin:Jessica Hsuan
Chi san:Sunny Chan
Chin Chin: Anne Hueng
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Chapter 4

Ah kit: excuse me, how is the condition of my sister?
Nurse: You mean the girl that was just wheeled into Emergency room?
Ah kit: yes
Nurse: I'm afraid she is in pretty bad condition. Please be prepared that she might not make it
Ah kit: No it can't be that bad
(Nurse walks away. Ah kit sits down and wait for the emergency room to open)
Ah kit: no this can't be happening. Why her? (walks over to the pay phone and inserts a quarter and dials the number)

At the headquarters:
Ring Ring
Fei: Wai? Hong Kong police station
Ah kit: Ah fei gor? Ga sta (sister) was just in a car accident
Fei: WHAT? (takes a deep breath), I'm coming right now
Chi san: what happened?
Fei thinking: I shouldn't be the one going to the hospital
Fei: Ah quin was just in a car accident. She needs you, I'll take over while you are gone
Chi san: What? No, it's all my fault (runs out the door)
Fei thinking: what did he mean by his fault?

Hospital: Chi san rushes through the door
Ah kit: Chi san?
Chi san: where is your sister?
Ah kit: She's still inside
Chi san: (sits down and wait)

30 minutes later
The emergency room opens
Doctor: are any of you her family members?
Ah kit: I am her brother
Doctor: You sister is in a very unsteady position right now. Her heart rate can just stop any second. When she hit the pole, the impact was really strong and the wheel hit her heart hard.
Chi san: Can we go in and see her?
Doctor: I guess you can. But pls don't disturb the patient

Goes into the room
Chi san: (picks up her hand) Ah quin I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to hurt you. I know the one I love now is you. When I heard that u were in a car accident, I already knew. I know that I can't lose someone I love again. Please wake up. (tears fall from his eyes)
Ah kit: Ga sta, you have to wake up. Don't you see how many people care about you? (tries to hold back tears. Walks out of room to let Chi san be alone with quin)
Chi san looks at his beeper. Walks out of the room and makes a phone call
Chi san: Wai?
Aunt: Chi san? You have to come home. The lights suddenly went out for no reason. I can't turn it back on
Chi san: but oh ok. I'm coming home then.
(Chi san walks out of the hospital. Ah fei, who was hiding the whole time, watches as chi san leaves. He walks into quin's room.)

Why did ah fei hide the whole time?
What does he have to say to quin?
Will quin ever wake up?
Is Chi san going to lose his love again?

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