Cutiepoo's DIF V
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Louis Koo- ah fei
Sunny Chan: Chi san
Jessica Hsuan- ah quin

Ok ppl, I want to tell you if you see phrases that are bracket bracet "(( ))" that means the character is thinking (I can't use italics in here). If I am describing a character's actions, the phrases will be in bracket "( )" I hope this is not too confusing

Chapter 5

Ah fei pulls out a chair and sits next to quin. He gently picks up her hand and tears begin to fall.
Fei: Ah quin… the reason I'm here is not to break your heart again. I just wanted to tell you I have accepted the fact that you are going with Chi san. Pls wake up. I want to tell you this so badly. I know it is my fault for hurting you so much. ((I still remember the time she was poisoned because of me. I was sitting next to her exactly like this. Except I was still her boyfriend then.))
(Ah fei carefully puts down her hand and leaves)

The next day at the hospital
Chi san is sitting next to ah quin watching her every minute. He hears the door of open and turns around
Chi san: Chin Chin?
Chin Chin: How are you? (Places the flowers into the vase.) Have you been staying here all night?
Chi san: I came back late last night.
Chin Chin: ah quin…. How could this happen
Chi san: (shaking his head) It was all my fault
Chin Chin: don't blame yourself. It was an accident
(Ah quin moves her head)
Chi san: (eyes turn wide) Ah quin!! Wake up! Its me chi san
(ah quin slowly turn her eyes open. The first thing she sees is chi san. Images of fei floods through her mind. She remembers the last time she was in the hospital, the first thing she was ah fei)
Quin: Chi san? Chin Chin?
Chin Chin: ah quin!! How are you feeling?
Quin: (touches her head) Why are there so bandages in my head?
Chi san: Its ok. You survived it. (Hugs quin)
Quin: (pushes him back) don't touch me. I am already both physically and emotionally hurt. I don't want to be hurt anymore.
Chi san: (shocked) No ah quin. You don't understand
(Chin Chin leaves the room so that they could talk)
Quin: I understand perfectly. You still love tong sum rite? I accept that ok? Just leave me alone
Chi san: no, when I heard that you were taken into the hospital, I realized the one I love is you. I had to move on and let the past be the past. I knew that I could not lose any other one I love. I have made a mistake. I love you ah quin
Quin: (tears roll down her cheek) Chi san! (they both hug each other tightly)
(Ah fei sees them hugging through the window and smiles)

I think this is the happiest chapter I've wrote so far. This is my favorite chapter because everything turned out rite. In chapter 5, things would be turning in different directions.

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