Cutiepoo's DIF V
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Main Characters:

Louis Koo: Ah fei
Sunny Chan: Chi san
Jessica Hsuan: Ah quin
Anne: Chin Chin
Charmaine: Ah man
***New Character***
Chi Lam: Ah lok

This chapter came out fast. I just wrote chapter 5 yesterday. Enjoy~

Chapter 6

At the mall- Fei and Chin Chin

Both of them walk hand in hand
Chin Chin: I'm so happy for them
Fei: Me too (smiles)
Chin Chin: Honestly? You aren't saying this because u want me to be happy rite?
Fei: Nope, me and quin are just friends now. You are my one and only love (squeezes her hand)
Chin Chin: (grins)
Fei: (pulls her hand) let's go into this store… I want to buy an air freshener for my car
Chin Chin: (shakes her head) I'll wait for you here, the store is too crowded.
Fei: are you sure you r going to be all right out here?
Chin Chin: stop treating me like a little kid!
Fei okok, hold my cell phone (walks into the store)
(5 minutes later, ah fei walks out of the store)
Fei: (looks around) Chin Chin?? (starts to panic) Don't play games with me again. You promised not to leave me again! (runs all around the mall yelling Chin Chin) Where are you? No, don't tell me I lost her again. (suddenly remembers that Chin Chin has his cell phone. Runs to the pay phone and frantically presses the #)
Chin Chin: Wai?
Fei: Chin Chin? Where are you? You promised me not to leave me again!
Chin Chin: Oh, don't worry. I'm just at the food court
Fei: (slams the phone down and runs to the elevator)
Chin Chin: Wai? Fei? (turns the cell off)

(Fei reaches the food court and spots Chin Chin sitting at one of the tables with a man about his age)
Fei: (grabs her elbow) Chin Chin? Can you explain all this (stares at the man)
Chin Chin: Ah fei, this is my old friend ah lok. He is an old friend of mine. We used to go to the same dancing class when we were little. I never imagined we would meet again,
Ah lok: Hi, so this is your boyfriend, Chin Chin?
Chin Chin: eh…yeah.
Fei: Chin Chin, you can't just run off like that without telling me. I was scared that I lost you again.
Chin Chin: Well, I thought we were just going to talk for a few minutes. We started talking and talking and…I suppose I forgot about you…
Ah lok: It's too bad that you lost your ability to dance. You were the best dancer in the whole class back then.
Ah fei: (starts to feel really guilty again)
Chin Chin: Well… you weren't that bad yourself. I would love to see you dance again
Ah lok: (laughs) sure, anytime. Maybe you can give me some pointers
Chin Chin: I don't think so. You are so much better than I am now.
Ah lok: (looks at his watch) Oh no, I have to go now. (Stands up) Call me ok?
Chin Chin: sure, bye!

At the hospital
Chi san: Wow, you finally can go home now
Quin: Yes, I don't think I can stand the hospital's food an other week!
Chi san: (starts to laugh) Well, when we get back home, you will have plenty of good food.
(Doctor walks in)
Doctor: Ms Mo? Before you go, I want to inform you of something. Do you mind coming into my office alone?
Quin: oh ok…(looks at chi san) Wait for me here.

In the office:
Doctor: I don't think you know this but before you had your accident, you were carrying a baby. But the baby is gone now… it could have never survived that accident.
Quin: baby? Are you sure doctor?
Doctor: Yes I am
Quin: How could I have a baby? The father must be…oh no…
Doctor: I am very sorry

(Quin walks out of the office feeling very dizzy)
Chi san: Quin? Are you ok? You look very pale.
Quin: No, I'm fine. Let's go home
Chi san: What did the doctor tell you?
Quin: Nothing much. He just explained to me what I have to be careful of because my injuries haven't fully recovered.
Chi san: ((somehow I don't really believe her)) Oh….

Is quin going to keep this secret away from chi san and ah fei? Will they ever find out?
Ah man is coming back next chapter. How is she going to affect ah quin's relationship with chi san? Look out for Chapter7!

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