*After spending the night over at Fei's place, Fei drives Quin home. Due to traffic, Fei takes another route and drives by the scene of an unsolved murder case. Fei explains to Quin that on the night of the murder, Mrs. Peter Yau's car broke down and that she might have witnessed what had happened on that night...

*(both tennis scene pictures) Fei and Quin fighting over a bottle of water.

*(next two pix)Fei yells at Quin for spilling wine on the pillow ChinChin had made for Hung Gor. The next day, Fei shows up at the parking garage with a coffee cake. Quin forgives him.

*Quin complains to Fei that her relationship with her father is becoming distant ever since Kit came to live with them (she doesn't know the truth behind her dad and brother's little "scheme").