From left to right:

*(Party on TongSum's yacht) Fei is fishing. Quin tries talking to him. He tells her to be quiet (because he's fishing). As Quin was able to walk away, he asks her for the time. She gets back at Fei by telling him to be quiet. :)

*Quin asks Fei what he learned from the (second) case. Fei says he feels sorry for his cousin; he refuses to comment any further.
Quin: I know you don't want to talk right now. When you feel like talking, you can come see me.
As Quin was about to leave...
Fei: Do you have time? why don't we have dinner together?
Quin: Why not?!

*(after the "island" case) Fei drives Quin home. They run into her dad and aunt outside. Her aunt invites Fei to join them for dinner.