aside from fei, quin, chisan, etc.'s names, other characters' names i made up. and also, for the people i added, i didn't put an actual "star's" face on them, so they could be whoever you want them to be. also, i only focused my story on quin and fei (sorry, a-man and chisan fans). and there are no investigation cases. so here goes...

DIF5 Short Story: Endless Love
Copyright EM 1999. All Rights Reserved.


Louis Koo: Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan: Quin Mo Chiu Kwan
Sunny Chan: Kong Chi San
Anne Heung: Leung Chin Chin

Part I

setting: over 4 years after the bar scene..., outside a performance center
by coincidence, quin sees fei again...

quin: it's been a long time since i've seen you. i heard from chisan that you got married?
fei: he said that?
quin: we met up with each other in london. he was doing his training there while i was studying (Ph.D)
fei: i don't know where he got that from. CC and i are still together but we're not married yet.
quin: (surprised)...
fei: (trying to lighten the mood a bit)... so how are your studies getting along?
quin: so far so good. i just finished up my first year, so still a long way to go...
fei: oic. so ummm
(a guy comes along; named damian (played by any actor of your preference))
damian: hey, quin...
quin: oh let me introduce you guys... this is my... um... tsui sir.
damian: hi tsui sir, i'm damian. nice to meet you.
fei: nice to meet you.
damian: oh i got the tickets for les miserable.
quin: i already told u that you didn't have to go thru all that trouble of getting it for me...
damian: doesn't matter. i wanted to see it, too.
(fei stares at the two with jealousy)
fei: umm. so how long are you staying?
quin: just two weeks.. to take care of some personal matters
fei: oic. umm... i am investigating a case right now so i need to get going. maybe i'll see u b4 you leave.
quin: okay, maybe we can come out and have tea sometime. and you can bring CC, it's been a long time since i saw her...
(quin said that out of courtesy; she really doesn't want to see the two again)
fei: ok. that sounds great.
quin: yeah, i am staying at the HotelHK, you can reach me at this number.
fei: um, mine (#) is still the same...
quin: ok
damian: bye bye

(damian and quin walk in one direction and fei walks in the other)
setting: at the waterfront where quin dropped her ring

damian: is there something wrong?
quin: that was my ex boyfriend...
damian: so he's tsui fei? so, it's because of him that you refused to accept me.
quin: i am sorry damian. i know he and i can never be together again, but i can't seem to forget him.
damian: how could you sacrifice your whole life for one person?
quin: when you really love someone, it's worth it.
damian: so you're not going to give yourself another chance at finding your true love?
quin: not at this point.
damian: smiles forcefully (a smile that signifies Understanding)...
setting: 2 days later: at the bar

chisan: you still look as unhappy as the day i left for come?
fei: i saw quin the other day...
chisan: you did... and what happened?
fei: i wonder who told her i got married [5 zi been gor wah kul zi awe git jor fun lare (jokingly)]??
chisan: i just wanted to see what reaction she would have... to my surprise, she was very calmed
fei: i am glad she's happy now.
chisan: how do u know?
fei: well, i met her bf damian today. they look very good together. and he seems to treat her very well, at least better  than the way i treated her
chisan: how could you be so sure that damian is her boyfriend?
fei: i just know
chisan: fei, you are very good when it comes to solving cases, but when it comes to women, you're just...
fei: what do you mean??
chisan: damian is just one of the members at the local church where quin attends.
yes, it's true that he likes her, but quin is not interested.
and it's obvious why she's not giving him a chance (giving fei a "hint-hint" stare)
fei: what are you looking at me like that for?
chisan: so do you still have feelings for her.
fei: what if i do and what if i don't? (yao yau dim, mo yau dim ah??)
chisan: well...
(Chin Chin comes)
CC: hey chisan. long time no see. thought you've forgotten about us...
ChiSan: how could i. so, thought about getting marry soon?
CC: oh we don't plan to get marry.
Chisan: why? is fei not treating you well enough (jokingly). i could lower his salary if he's being mean to you..
Fei: hey, hey... i heard you're not my boss anymore [tang gong lay 5 hai awe sheung si lor wor]
CC: no, we just don't think that a marriage cert means anything. what's important is that two people are happy together.
right, fei
fei: of course (still kinda dazed)

setting: 3 days later: at the hotel

(knock on the door)
(quin opens door)

quin: ah yi (lau lin heung), dad.
tweety(translate name into chinese: cui yee): mommy...
quin: tweety!! mommy misses you alot... did u miss mommy?
tweety: of course
heung: tweety says she misses her mom alot and cried everynite because she said you weren't there to tell her stories so we decided to bring her back to see you.
quin: what about ah kit [quin's half-brother]?
dad: he said he can take care of himself. i am sure he'll do okay without us for a week. he won't starve. there's plenty of tv-dinner in the fridge...
heung: so have you taken care of the purchase and sales for the house?
quin: yeah. damian [an attorney] said the paperwork is almost done. next week is the closing. so, after that, we can go back to london.

(i always thought it'd be great if quin could have fei's baby even if they couldn't be together--yes, another obsession of mine... heehee. j/k. this is just for the sake of the story...)
setting: next day: at MickeyD's

chisan: okay, here's a happy meal for tweety.
quin: so what do you say? (looking at tweety)
tweety: thank you kai ba ba [godfather]
chisan: you're welcome. remember what i told you?
tweety: yes, don't be naughty, or else, you will not buy me anymore happy meals.
chisan: good girl. if you're a good girl this year, i'll buy you the big tweety you want from WB,okay?
quin: you r spoiling her (jokingly)...
chisan: it's okay, she's only a little girl.(both quin and chisan laughs)
chisan: quin ah, umm, i know you're not going to tell fei about tweety, but what about tweety?
she's going to grow up real soon, what are you going to tell her about her dad?
quin: she's beginning to ask me and i tell her that her dad is working in a faraway place and cannot come back to see her.
i'll think of something else when she gets older. as for ah fei, there's no need for him to know. (very persistent)
chisan: what about damian? he cares alot for tweety...
quin: what about you? you care alot about tweety too. does that mean i should like you (joking)
chi: okay, i lose. you're the psychiatrist. you're always right :)
setting: after eating at MickeyD's
(quin and chisan are holding tweety's hands (tweety stands in the middle))
(walking down the street and sees CC and fei holding hands)

Chisan: ah fei, CC. shopping?
CC: yeah. umm. hello quin. long time no see (ho loi mo kin)
quin: yes, it's been a while. how've you been?
CC: i am doing great. i'm now working with disabled children at the community center. (teaching artistic stuff)
quin: that sounds very good.
fei: umm, where are you all going?
chisan: o tweety here wants to watch "snoopy and frens" so we're heading to the theater...
oh yeah, you haven't met tweety... tweety is... (didn't finish his sentence)
quin: (gives chisan a glance) tweety, say hello to shuk shuk and auntie [or maybe CC jie jie sounds better]
tweety: (looks up at fei) shuk shuk... kai ba ba said if i am good this year, he's going to buy me a big tweety.
will you do the same? [a very outspoken and precocious little girl]
fei: (kneels down) sure i will
quin: now, tweety, you can't be too greedy...
fei: that's right tweety. how about this, if you are a good girl, shuk shuk will buy you ice cream.
tweety: hooray...
quin: okay, okay. (happy to see that tweety is so happy)
(meanwhile CC stares at tweety).
chisan: okay we better go now cuz the movie is going to start soon.
(chi san carries tweety in his arms and the three head toward the theater and CC and fei continues their shopping date)
Setting: CC and fei shopping

CC: tweety is really cute huh??
fei: all children are cute. i was very cute when i was a baby...
CC: mo liu... i wonder if quin is dating anyone? (testing fei to see if he still has ne feelings for quin)
fei: (sad tone) i don't know. why didn't you ask her b4?
setting: next day: CC pays quin a visit at the hotel...
no dialogue for their conversation...

setting: next day: at the church

fei: why did you bring me here?
cc: nothing. i just wanted to see what it would be like walking down the aisle with you.
fei: and how DO you feel? are you asking me to marry you (teasing her)
CC: in your dreams... (silent for a minute) before coming here, i thought that i would be very happy. but now that i am here with you, i don't feel anything. and i don't think you feel anything either.
Fei (confused look on his face)
CC: (words coming out of nowhere) do you still have feelings for her (quin).
fei: why all of a sudden ask me stuff like that...
CC: i knew from the day she left you that you loved her the most. you only left her to be with me because you felt responsible for all that had happened before.
fei: that's not true
CC: you can lie to yourself, you can lie to everyone, but you can't lie to me. i noticed that you're not the same around me anymore... i think both of us have changed alot. and you don't even eat the chinese herbal candy anymore... believe me. i know. women are very sensitive toward these things. if quin had not loved u so much, she'd not have left you. she didn't want to place you in a difficult position. don't u understand?
fei: CC ah, i umm [awe ah.. fei stuttering his words].
cc: i know. i am grateful that you were so caring for the past years. and you've been really supportive of everything i do. but after seeing quin again, i realized that if i keep you by my side, i would be very selfish. i want you to know that i can take care of myself now.
fei: quin and i can't be together again...
cc: how do you know? she still loves you
fei: what are you saying [lay gong mare ah?] (very surprised because he still thinks that damian and quin has something going regardless of what chisan tells him)
cc: umm. i must confess. i went to see her today.
fei: why did you go see her?
cc: after seeing quin, chisan and tweety that day, i noticed something. something that made me realize that i'd be very selfish if i hold on to you.
fei: what is that?
cc: tweety. she's your daughter.
fei: what????!!!!! that's impossible [mo hall nung...]
cc: at first, i told myself that it's not true. but the more i think about it, the more she looks like you. so i decided to question quin about it. she denied that tweety had any relation to you. i had doubts about her words. but i guess it was fate. while quin was opening the door for damian, i came across tweety's passport. she's going to be 4 years old this summer. i confronted her. so it's impossible for tweety not to be your daughter.
fei: shocked and speechless.
cc: i always thought that i sacrificed alot for you... but... what are you going to do now?
fei: what do you suggest i do? what can i do?!
cc: i think you should have a talk with quin.
fei: (silence for awhile) sorry CC.
CC: it's okay. i understand. btw, i hope quin will be the person you walk down this aisle with.
Fei: (gives CC a big hug) thank you.

(it's not the best way to end CC and fei's relationship, but i couldn't think of another way... maybe you guys can think of something better)
setting: next day: at the hotel

damian: are you done packing?
quin: yeah, there's really not much to pack
damian: of course not, you bought so few things for yourself. and you got tweety a full suitcase of stuff.
quin: where's tweety?
damian: oh she's playing with the balloon (one of those huge clear balloons) in the corridor. i am going back to my room to finish packing. i'll see two in half an hour for dinner?
quin: sure, i'll go check to see if dad and ah yi will have dinner with us.
damian: okay, i'll see u then...

setting: outside the corridor

(tweety hits the balloon and it went towards the elevator and she runs after it...
elevator door opens and fei comes out--tweety being the little girl she is, does not see fei and keeps on running and fei sees a little girl as he heads out of the elevator).
fei: (holds her up with his hands) be careful...
tweety: uh oh... where's my balloon... (elevator door closes and the balloon is in there)
fei: tweety???
tweety: shuk shuk... i lost my balloon. could you find it for me.
fei: sure. i'll go look for it. now be good, and go back to your mom and i'll bring the balloon back to you, okay?
tweety: okay.
setting: inside quin's hotel room

quin: tweety. look at you. you are sweating. let's have you take a shower now.
tweety: No. i have to wait until shuk shuk comes back with my balloon.
quin: what shuk shuk? remember i told u not to talk to strangers?
tweety: oh he's not a stranger. he was the shuk shuk you were talking to last time.
fei: (walks in with the balloon) tweety. i found it.
tweety: thank you...
quin: (surprised to see fei) uh tweety, why don't you go next door to uncle damian's and tell him we can go to dinner now...
tweety: okay. (looking at fei) shuk shuk. i want to treat you to dinner because you help me find my balloon.
fei: (smiles) okay (looking at quin)

(fei and quin alone)
fei: tweety is very adorable.
quin: (smiles)
fei: she looks very pretty,too--just like you...
quin: umm, is there any special reason why you're here
(quin already knows that CC told him about tweety)
fei: it's about tweety. is she...
quin: umm, i can't talk now. i have to meet my parents for dinner. (walks toward the door)
fei: (grabs quin's hand) is tweety my daughter? [cui yee hai 5 hai awe gae liu?]
(quin's door is opened and damian comes out of his room)
quin: (damian lookno, she's not. there's no relation between you and her. tweety is only 3. we broke up over 4 years ago.
fei: i don't believe you.
damian: (seeing that quin is very unstable) quin, are you ready to leave?
quin: (silent) (looks at fei)
damian: tsui sir, why don't you join us?
quin: no!! [5 ho] umm, i mean, tsui sir is very busy.
fei: yeah, chisan just paged me so i have to get back to the station.
damian: in that case, we don't want to take up your time.
tweety: (whining) how come shuk shuk is not having dinner with us? i promised him that i would treat him to dinner since he found my balloon.
quin: (upset) now, tweety, remember what u promised me? you're going to be a good girl.
fei: (seeing that quin is very upset at him, and taking it on tweety): okay tweety. how about this. shuk shuk promise you that he'll have mickeyD with you next time.
quin: (immediately says) that won't be necessary. we'll be leaving tomorrow...
fei: so soon?
quin: the main reason i came back was to sell my parents house. now that everything is all settled, it's time for us to go back to london.
(fei and quin stare at one another and look at tweety)
setting: the bar

damian: (makes a call to fei on his cell phone) tsui sir, i was wondering if i can have a word with you?
fei: sure.
damian: okay great. i am at the bar right now so why don't u meet me here...
(fei arrives in 10 minutes)
waiter: what kinda drink would u like...
fei: beer... (turns to damian).. so what would u like to talk to me about?
damian: why are you still acting so cool? don't u want to know more about quin?
fei: she already made it very clear earlier tonite.
damian: and u actually believed her????? you know she was crying after you left? of the 3 years i've known her, i've never seen her cry. she never told me who tweety's father is until tonite.
fei: (can't seem to find his words-speechless again)
damian: she said if she had not realized that she was pregnant, she wouln't have left hk. she had no intention of telling u about it because she didn't want you to feel responsible. from the first day i met her, i fell in love with her, but she rejected me everytime i asked her out. i couldn't understand why until i returned to HK with her to sell her parents' house. i found out that the tsui fei she had mentioned before (in england) is the father of her child... i knew i had no hope...
fei: she told you all that???
damian: believe me, you're my enemy in this battle. if i didn't care so much about quin, i would not bother telling you all this. i know she'll never be happy without you.
fei: i don't know what to say. she doesn't want to talk to me though.
damian: well, i've done all that i can. our flight leaves at 9:30 tomorrow morning so it's up to you...

(at nite, fei thinks back to all the good and bad times he's had with quin...
he stays up all night thinking... it's 8am and he's still contemplating whether or not he should go to the airport)
setting: airport
(fei decides to go to the airport and to try to convince quin to stay. quin asks damian why he's constantly looking at his watch. he just tells her that he's anxious to board the plane when he's actually wondering why fei is still not here (and it's 9:15)... and he pretends that he needs to go to the restroom so that they can wait a bit longer)

quin: (damian comes back) we have to get going now.
intercom: last call for flight??? to London, England
damian: wait, i forgot...
heung: why are you acting so weird today...
damian: oh nothing, (takes tweety's hand) let's go.
quin: (smiles)(about to enter the gate, receives a phone call) hello...
chisan: (on the other line) quin, it's me, chisan. fei got into a really bad car accident...
quin: (stunned)
chisan: he was on his way to the airport to ask you to stay. a truck tried to cut in front but instead collided with fei's car and the impact was so strong that it pushed fei's car over the guardrail
quin: (in shock and in tears...)

DIF5 Short Story: Endless Love Part II