DIF5 Short Story: Endless Love.
Copyright EM 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Louis Koo: Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan: Quin Mo Chiu Kwan
Sunny Chan: Kong Chi San
Anne Heung: Leung Chin Chin

Part II:
setting: at the hospital

(quin told damian that she'll be okay staying in HK with tweety and tells him to look after her parents on the plane...
meanwhile quin and tweety goes to the hospital)
(quin in tears recalls the the last time she was here--when cc was saved and fei hugged her, etc..)
tweety: mommy, why r u crying... (tweety's crying because she sees quin crying)
quin: nothing...
chisan: (comes with food). here tweety. a happy meal for you (he drove to a nearby McD just to get her that).
quin, why don't u eat something too. you haven't eaten anything today (it's now 6pm and the doctors are still performing surgery on fei). don't worry he'll be fine.
quin: i'm fine. i am not hungry.
tweety: kai ba ba. why is mommy crying...
chisan: because shuk shuk got injured in a car accident and mommy is very sad...
tweety: how come you are not crying? is it because you are not sad?
chisan: no, kai ba ba is sad too, but not as sad as mommy...
(at this point, the doctors come out...)
quin: doctors, is he okay...
doctor1: who are you? are you family members...
quin: umm... i am his...
chisan: i am his friend, this is his wife and daughter...
doctor2: he made it, but he's still in very critical condition. however, because his head was severely injured and this affected his nervous system, there's a possibility that he might lose his eyesight, but we won't know until he wakes up
quin: oh my god... how long will it take for him to wake up??
doctor: it depends. some of them wake up the next day and go home right away. then there are those who take more time than that...
chisan: can we go in to see him?
doctor: yes, but please do not disturb him
CC: i got here as soon as i can... how is he...
quin: (surprised to see CC)
chisan: he's in critical condition...
CC: (comforts quin) don't worry. fei is a very strong person, he'll be okay.
inside the intensive care unit, quin sees fei lying there, bandages wrapped around his head... she starts to cry again...
CC is also in tears...
quin: (holds fei's hand) please wake up. (reaches out for tweety's hand) i brought tweety here to see you
quin (talking to tweety): remember you always ask mommy where daddy is? (tweety nods her head). well, shuk shuk is your daddy. (tweety doesn't know how to react... she just stares at fei...) fei, please wake up... you can't leave us now...
(fei is still in a coma)
(now even chisan is in tears...)
(quin brings tweety with her to the hospital everyday. 7 days later)
setting: hospital

quin: nurse, how is the patient now.
nurse: the doctor said he is in a more stable condition now
(doctor comes in)
quin: when will he wake up
doctor: you can't rush things. you have to give it some time.
quin: i understand...
(doctor and nurse leaves)
tweety: mommy, don't cry.
quin: (looks at fei and then looks at tweety) fei, wake up please. can you hear me??
CC: tweety.
tweety: auntie CC
CC: good girl. auntie CC bought you a little tweety. i couldn't carry a big one so hope you like this small one.
quin: (wipes her tears) CC.
tweety: thank you auntie CC
CC: you r welcome (to tweety) he's still in a coma?? (to quin)
quin: yeah, the doctor said we need to be more patient
CC: he'll be fine. i know him. he'll make it thru okay.
quin: i'll keep my fingers crossed.
CC: (smiles) i have to head back to the comm.ctr. don't forget to call me when he wakes up...
quin: i will.
(because fei is still in the intensive care unit, quin can't stay inside his room. instead she awaits in the guest room)

setting: 2 weeks later. 9pm

quin: eh chisan. how long have you been here?
chisan: not too long. i saw that you were sleeping so didn't want to wake u up.
quin: oh, i've been sleeping for over 3 hours...
chisan: i know you are worried about fei, but you need to rest and take care of yourself, too.
i don't think fei wants to wake up and see u like this...
quin: don't worry, i am fine.
doctor: mrs. tsui. patient just woke up. you guys can go see him..
quin: (happy)...
chisan: don't wake tweety up. let her sleep for a while. i'll stay here with her (giving quin a chance to be alone with fei)
quin: thanks.

setting: inside fei's room

quin: fei, r you okay? i was so worried about u
fei: (lying in bed) quin, is that really u
quin: yes, it's me (she puts her hand on his face).
fei: (tries to reach for her face) how come i can't see anything...
quin: what??? doctor??
doctor: like i had mentioned to you b4, his nervous system was injured so it might affect his eyesight.
quin: will he go blind?
doctor: i can't answer you at this point. i will have to give him a complete checkup to find out.
i'll be back to check on him later
quin: (looks at fei) (cries--yeah she cries alot in this story)
fei: quin, are you crying? don't cry. it's okay.
quin: it's all my fault. if i had given you a chance to talk to me, none of this would have happened.
fei: no, quin. none of this is your fault. if i am to blame anyone, that would be me. i didn't know how to handle the situation between you, CC and myself.
quin: fei...
fei: quin, can i ask you something?
quin: you can ask me anything
fei: is tweety my ...
quin: yes she is.
fei: really... is she here now
quin: she's sleeping and chisan is looking after her. i can go get her...
fei: no (holds on to her hand), i don't want you to leave me. could you stay by my side tonite?
quin: of course i could.

setting: next morning

quin: (wakes up and sees fei missing) nurse, what happened to this patient?
nurse: oh, he's gone
quin: what do you mean gone?? storms out of the room and starts looking for fei...
doctor: oh, mrs. tsui. your husband has been relocated to another room. he longer needs to stay in the intensive care unit.
quin: oh thank you doctor.

setting: quin finds fei

quin: why didn't you wake me up... i was so worried when i didn't see you this morning
fei: don't worry. i am here... hmm. i didn't know you cared so much about me until now...
quin: what do you mean until now...
chisan: hey... stop it with the mushy stuff. look who i have here...
tweety: mommy...
quin: tweety. mommy misses you... did you give kai ba ba a hard time??
tweety: no, i was a very good girl
fei: kai ba ba??
chisan: yeah, didn't you know i am tweety's kai ba ba...
fei: now i know... tweety come over here...
tweety: (looks at quin--seeking approval to go over to fei)
(as tweety was about to go over to fei, the doctor comes in to check on fei. so everyone has to leave the room)
setting: 1 week later
(fei might have a chance to see again... he needs surgery [eye and brain surgery thing--don't know the medical term].)

doctor: mr. tsui, your only chance to see again is to undergo surgery, however, i must warn you that the success of this surgery is at a low 10%
fei: what if the surgery fails?
doctor: you will never be able to see again...
fei: i want to do this
doctor: now, do you need to talk it over with your family first?
fei: no, there's no need to. i don't want them to worry.
quin: doctor, how is he today...
doctor: he is getting better. i'll leave you two alone now.
fei: quin, i have something to tell you.
quin: what is it?
fei: i wasn't going to let you know about this but... i think i should be more open and honest with you.
i am going to have surgery. if it fails, i will never be able to see again...
quin: (worried, but tried not to sound like it) whatever you decide on, i will support you.
fei: if i can't see again, will you leave me?
quin: (hugs fei) no matter what, i will never leave you.
setting: 2 weeks later
setting: (surgery was completed. now it's 1 week after surgery, so waiting for the results)
(everyone in fei's room talking to him)
doctor: okay, i need to take the bandages off. why don't you all wait outside.
fei: don't worry, quin. i'll be okay.
quin: i know you will be
(doctor comes out)
quin: doctor, is he able to see.
doctor: why don't you all go in to see him
chisan: fei, how is it?
fei: it failed.
quin: in tears (AGAIN).
CC: quin, don't cry, i am sure there are other solutions.
fei: quin, it's okay. it doesn't matter if i can see again. what's important is that we can be together. (fei and quin hug)
CC: chisan, i don't think we should be around here (somewhat joking)
Chisan: oh yeah... we'll come back later. bye bye tweety.
tweety: bye bye kai ba ba, bye bye auntie CC
CC: bye tweety. bye quin, take care of fei...
fei: tweety, come over here
tweety: (goes over to fei) yes...
fei: can you call me daddy??
tweety: (seeking approval from quin)
quin: (nods her head)
tweety: daddy
fei: (fei hugs tweety) good girl... quin, how come you still have the ring. i thought you lost it
quin: i had it custom made. i knew i wouldn't be able to find it in the ocean, i decided to have one made...
fei: it looks so similar to the one i got you, that i almost couldn't tell the difference...
quin: you think so... wait, how come you know so much about my ring...
fei: ummm...
quin: you lied to me? you could see.
fei: quin, don't get mad. i just wanted to see how much you cared about me...
quin: well, since you know. happy now?? (very upset) (takes tweety's hand) let's leave.
fei: quin, don't go. i am sorry...
tweety: daddy...
fei: tweety... quin...

setting: at the bar

quin: i couldn't believe he lied to me like that
chisan: this time, i am not going to be on his side. that fei, he should've known better.
quin: i can't believe i went thru all this for nothing...
chisan: well, don't say that. at least he knows you still love him
quin: is there a time where you could stop teasing me for a minute...v chisan: sure there is... look why don't you give him 1 last chance..
quin: hey, i thought you were siding with me??
chisan: what can i say. i am tweety's kai ba ba. i don't want her to have no father...
quin: ahhhhhhhh
setting: fei packing his stuff waiting to leave the hospital

fei: how come quin is still not here...
ivan: i am sure she's coming
CC: yeah, fei, don't be so impatient...
(ivan's CC's boss at the community center. at first, they were VERY good friends and both had feelings for each other. but CC's not sure if she should accept him because she felt that he's too good for her (because of her disability), but later she accepted him and they are now happily together [this is already 6 weeks after fei and CC broke up. so i am just pretending that CC has been out with Ivan for a few days).
chisan: umm, fei, ready to go?
fei: i am waiting for quin
chisan: oh i almost forget to mention that quin won't be coming. she has something to do...
fei: (very disappointed)

DIF5 Short Story: Endless Love Part III