DIF5 Short Story: Endless Love.
Copyright EM 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Louis Koo: Tsui Fei
Jessica Hsuan: Quin Mo Chiu Kwan
Sunny Chan: Kong Chi San
Anne Heung: Leung Chin Chin

Part III:

setting: at the hotel
(fei goes to see quin at the hotel; quin opens the door)
(chisan took tweety out for a little walk and talk)

quin: what are you here for [lae lay li do jo mare ah?]
fei: i checked out (of the hospital) today. why didn't you come?
quin: was i supposed to know that?
fei: you should know. you love me remember?!
quin: i never said that...
fei: yes, you did. you cried for me, too
quin: i only did that to get u to wake up.
fei: yeah, right. you know you do
quin: so what if i did say that. i am taking it back now
fei: you can't take back something you said
quin: sure i can. you did...
fei: quin, you know i had no choice back then. if i knew you were pregnant, i wouldn't have...
quin: oh, so you're saying that you only want me back because of tweety?!
fei: no, i didn't say that.
quin: well, you wouldn't have came back to me if CC didn't leave you, so (didn't get to finish)...
fei: CC left me because she knew i still loved you.
quin: (surprised and happy, but not showing it)
fei: i really want us to have another chance.
quin: i don't think so
fei: why are you so stubborn? you weren't like this before?
quin: well, i've changed. i used to give in very easily because i thought, i thought
fei: you thought what?
quin: because i thought i could never let go of you. but after i had tweety, i realized that it really wasn't that hard to let go. i am totally fine without you
fei: you're lying. damian already told me about you and him; why you didn't give him a chance if you didn't still love me?!
quin: look, i don't want to talk about this anymore. what's passed is past. right now i just want to take care of tweety and finish my studies. i don't want to think about anything else.
[quin is very upset at fei not because he tricked her into believing that he couldn't see again, but she's mad at the fact that she's still the one who makes the first move--going back to him when she found out that he got into an accident, and he took advantage of her first move---wanted to see how much she cared for him by lying to her about the result of the surgery; she thinks that she still loves him more than he loves her--so she thinks]

(chisan and tweety comes back)
chisan: hey, we're back. oh fei, you're here
fei: eh chisan, tweety...
tweety: (looks at quin and looks at fei, but stands next to chisan. silent)
chisan: oh, are you guys still talking. tweety, why don't we go downstairs to have ice cream...
tweety: ho ah...
quin: no, tweety has a little cough. she can't eat ice cream. we have nothing to say anymore.
chisan: quin ah...
quin: umm. i have to take tweety to see a doctor.
fei: i'll drive you
quin: no, that's okay. chisan will drive us, won't he?
chisan: ah yeah.
(all head out of the room, walks down the corridor to the elevator)
quin: ai ya, i forgot tweety's medical book. why don't u guys go down first.
chisan: how clumsy [gum lun jun gare]. we'll wait for you here
quin: ok, i'll be right back...
(quin comes back with the papers and overhears chisan and fei talking)
fei: why did you come back so early. i didn't even get a chance to finish talking with quin
(quin heard this and gets mad)
chisan: i didn't know you still haven't settled things with her. if i knew it'd take that long, i'd have taken tweety to ocean park for the day...
quin: how could you?! you two tricked me [lay day leung gor kaep mai lay nga(lie) awe?]
chisan: i just...
quin: i don't need you to drive me anymore. tweety, let's go
chisan: where are you going?
quin: taking the stairs so i don't have to see you two
fei: okay, fine. you're mad at me. don't yell at chisan. we'll take the stairs and you can take the elevator.
quin: okay, fine. you said it.
fei: come on, chisan [houng(walk) la]

(quin and tweety gets downstairs; fei and chisan gets down there at the same time, too, but all out of breath from running down the stairs)
fei: i told you we were meant to be together
quin: you're crazy [been tai ga lay]
chisan: quin, it's not up to you not to believe [5 doe lay 5 shun ah]
quin: get away. [houng hoi ah] i am in a hurry

setting: outside the hotel; then outside the clinic

(quin and tweety gets into a taxi and fei drives chisan and they follow)
(quin and tweety goes into the clinic while the two gentlemen wait outside;
sees the two coming out)(quin sees them as she waits for the taxi; and starts walking in the opposite direction--she's actually playing "hard-to-get" right now; yup, revenge on fei)
fei: (steps out of the car(chisan watches)) hey, why are you walking so fast. i can't catch up
quin: look, mr. if you insist on following us around, i am going to call the cops
fei: okie, you can call me, i am a cop
quin: no, you're not. you're on medical leave now.
fei: when are you going to stop playing?
quin: whenever i want.
fei: well, can you stop playing now cuz i am getting old.
quin: that's not my problem
fei: yes, it is. the older i am, the older you are...
quin: i don't want to talk to you [fie see tone lay gong ah]
(notices tweety missing)
quin: where's tweety?
fei: she was just standing there...
quin: oh my god...
fei: i am sure she's somewhere around here. there's a park over there so she might've wandered off there.
quin: let's go
(both quin and fei shouts tweety's name)
quin: she's not here. (very worried) it's all your fault.
fei: (gives quin a "i know it's my fault" look) don't worry, we'll find her...
chisan: hey, what are you guys doing here?
fei: did you see tweety?
chisan: no, i went over to the store to get some soda and snacks (more entertaining to watch two people argue when he's got food in front of him) cuz i knew you two would have a long conversation.
quin: she's missing!!!!! oh no... what are we going to do [obviously, quin is unable to control herself now--tweety IS the person she loves most]
chisan: what?? wasn't she with you?
fei: she was, but while we were arguing... i guess we...
quin: ai ya, what are you guys standing here for. let's search for her.
chisan: okay, i look over there, and you and fei can go look around the park. and we'll keep in touch (via cell phones)
fei & quin: okay.
half an hour has passed.
fei: (on the phone) so you found her yet?
chisan: no, not yet. i am still looking. i am sure she's around here somewhere. why don't we meet back at your car.
fei: okay (hangs up)
quin: gosh [say la] what if she was kidnapped...
fei: how could she have been kidnapped when no one even came near us.
quin: you're not me. what do you know.
fei: you think i am not worried. i am just as worried as you are.
(quin just storms off-keeps on looking for tweety and fei goes after her)
(chisan walking back to the car, decides to go into the clinic to see if anyone in there saw anything)
chisan: hello, i am a cop, i want to know if you saw...
(a woman comes out of the restroom)
woman: there's a little girl standing next to the sink in the bathroom. she's been standing there for a long time
chisan: ah nurse, can you go in and check that out...
(nurse comes out)
chisan: tweety!! why were in the restroom. didn't you know your mommy and daddy were looking all over for you?
tweety: (starts crying very loud.)
chisan: thank you nurse (carries tweety out of the clinic)... so why were you hiding there?
tweety: (doesn't talk but just keeps on crying)
(quin and fei comes along)
quin: tweety, there you are. you scared mommy [lay hak say ma mi la]. where were you?
tweety: (doesn't want to talk to quin. hugs chisan and continues crying)kai ba ba (as she cries)
fei: tweety, what's wrong [jo mut yeah ah? hai mi you yun ha lay ah?]
chisan: don't cry tweety [mo haum(cry) la] tell kai ba ba why you're crying.
tweety: i don't to talk to you two.
quin: (shocked that tweety is acting this way) what? why is she saying this...
chisan: why don't you two give me a minute and i'll try and see what i can do...
(chisan takes tweety to the park--the one across from the clinic)
chisan: tweety is a good girl. [cui yee ho guai ga] don't be scared. now tell kai ba ba why you went into the clinic by yourself?
tweety: i want mommy and daddy to stop fighting
chisan: that's not a good way to stop your parents from fighting?!
tweety: on "caring bear-bear friends", bear-bear's parents had a fight and she ranaway from home and then after that her parents stopped fighting
chisan: so you thought if you ranaway, your parents would stop fighting too?
tweety: ah huh.
chisan: sourl [silly] lui [girl]. that's a movie. running away will not solve any problems. you know you really got them worried. you are not to ever do that again, you understand?
tweety: yes. will they get a divorce since they always fight?
chisan: (laughs--they are not even married:)
(fei and quin were listening to the entire conversation; quin is in tears- can't believe that tweety, young, but understands so much)
quin: tweety
tweety: mommy... (kinda scared that she will get yelled at)
quin: you know you're very silly. don't ever do this to scare me again, okay [zi 5 zi ah].
tweety: yes. (looks at fei) can i hug daddy (looks at quin)
quin: (looking at fei - doesn't say anything)
fei: (fei picks tweety up) don't do that ever again, okay. mickeyD shuk shuk doesn't like naughty kids.
tweety: i promise i won't
(fei and quin look at each other but quin is not willing to give in)
chisan: okay, it's been a long day. i really didn't expect to turn out like this.
(fei and quin silent. all leave)
(chisan gets a call from the station on a new case. fei doesn't have to go back because he's still on medical leave--remember, it's only his first day out of the hospital)
setting: at the hotel 8pm

(fei carried tweety back to the hotel because she fell asleep in the car. he placed her on the bed)
fei: can't believe a little doctor's appointment took up the whole day.
quin: yeah. well, thanks for the ride. i need to...
fei: give me another chance [bay dor 1 chi gae wul awe ah]
quin: i am really tired. i need to get some sleep. you just got out of the hospital today. i think you ought to get some rest too.
fei: in that case, i'll talk to you later.
quin: bye.
(fei leaves, quin questions herself whether she should just give in and get back with fei since she really wants to be with him)

setting: next morning outside the hotel

passerby1: look at that man?! (all talking to one another)
passerby2: how sweet!!!
passerby3: my gosh. is he crazy??

(knock on quin's door)
delivery boy: may i ask if you're miss mo [ching mun lay hai 5 hai mo sil jie ah]
quin: i am
delivery boy: someone sent these flowers to you
quin: oh thank you.
(closes the door)
quin: (reads the card and card says "i love you, quin. please look out your window. love fei")
(quin walks to the window and sees fei clinging onto a rope)
quin: what are you doing out there (it's ONLY the 9th floor, hehe) get back in here.
fei: will you marry me?
quin: you're crazy. you're going to fall and get yourself killed!!
fei: if you don't marry me, i rather be dead.
quin: (silent)
fei: so...
quin: yeah, whatever, just get back in here...
fei: (smiles, but at the same time, he starts to slowly fall to the ground)
quin: (tries to hold on to fei, but...) FEI!!!!!!! (screams out his name)
fei: (ends up on the ground, but he's okay. instead he's standing in the middle of a heart-shaped chalk-sketch that says "fei loves quin forever" he did that before he went up to her window.)
quin: (hurries down to see fei) tweety, stay here, i'll be right back
(down on streetlevel)
fei: do you like this?
quin: are you okay. i thought you really...
fei: i am fine. chisan's up on the roof with the ropes. he wouldn't want me to die. if i die, no one's going to help him solve cases.
quin: mo liu (tries to walk away)
fei: (grabs quin's hand) hey, you can't leave. you promised to marry me?
quin: i didn't say that.
fei: fine, if you don't, i'll go up to your window again...
quin: are you bribing me?
fei: yeah, i am [hai ah. gum dim ah]
quin: (her back is now facing him)
fei: (he stands behind her and whispers into her ear) so what do you say?
quin: say what??
fei: (pulls out her hand, puts a ring on her finger) don't ever lose this again, okay?
quin: (turn to face fei) how come the diamond is smaller than the last one?
fei: no, it's not. it's bigger.
(there's nothing to see anymore so no one is surrounding quin and fei. just then some idiot saw quin's ring and comes up to them with a gun).
robber: don't move (points the gun at quin)
fei: what do you want?
robber: give me the ring
quin: no... (she doesn't want to lose it again)
robber: no?? i'll shoot
fei: quin, give it to him... (fei obviously does not have his gun because he's on sickleave)
(chisan is now behind the robber and quin; fei is in front of the robber and quin)
quin: (gives the ring to the robber)
robber: (pulls quin back with him (so that he could be far from fei) and then pushes quin away; turns around and tries to run the other way)
chisan: (points a gun at the robber)
robber: (gets nervous and turns around and shoots at quin)
fei: (pulls quin aside and (fei)gets shot)
chisan: (shoots the robber)(other cops came; chisan had already made phone calls when he saw this earlier)
fei: (lying on the ground)
quin: fei!!!
chisan: fei. stay strong, i called the paramedics already
fei: quin, are you okay...
quin: why did you do that? [lay jo mare gum sourl ah?]
fei: because i truly love you and i want you to know that i'll never stop loving you.
quin: (thinking he's badly injured starts crying nonstop)
fei: i am okay. see, there's no blood and i can stand up (stands up).
quin: but he shot you...
fei: well, thanx to my credit cards and ID badge, i am okay (the robber shot fei in the chest, but fei had his credit cards and ID badge in his inside jacket pocket).
chisan: ai ya. you scared me. okay, you two can settled everything from here.
(chisan walks away to finish this little case)
quin: you tried to trick me again??
fei: you're not going to leave me again, r you?
quin: what do you think [lay wah lare?]
(a cop brings back the ring to fei and quin)
fei: (puts the ring back on her finger) will you marry me :)
quin: (smiles)
fei kisses quin on the lips.
(the end)