Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

SETTING: In an unknown modernized manor, slowly lead the way in to a bedroom with abundantly lighted candlesticks formed around. In the preeminent bedroom, picturing the back of a person, beginning to write on the several sheets of paper left in the diary.

Dear? This person hesitated as usually when starting off every journals. Many thoughts will automatically make it's place. A despairing face will slowly appear.


Dear____ ,
It is the nearness of the cold winter. I have longed over and over for this time of the year. I cannot withhold my eagerness to watch the snow breeze. He always did made fun of my Rudolph nose when we played in the cold for hours. If only he could see the snow I will be seeing, feel the snow I will be feeling. I cannot lie, those were the happiest moments of my life. I, I......
I was awfully surprised on the growing affects of my book. I wonder if, if the book will ever get into his hands....

Bing sitting on a nice polished black armchair, slams the diary shut as she hears the knocking on the door. "Come in," Bing answered. Ching is standing in front of the door, eyeing Bing's long face in sunglasses. Bing welcomes Ching inside and offers her a seat. They began a small chat session. In between, Ching, from her purse, takes out a thick paperback novel. "Are you the author?", Ching asked getting to her main purpose of her arrival.
"Will a yes or no, satisfy your inquisitiveness or will lead you to disappointment?" Bing replied.
"I'll take that as a yes. Don't you think this is a bit too risky? You have millions of copies of this book being sold World-Wide and the popularity, it's known for 'Bestseller' in the book industry. If you don't sense the overflowing danger, I feel for you." Ching, looking like a nervous reck.
Seems to be unaffected by Ching's urgent tone, "Take a glance at the novel again, it's written by anonymous, see," Bing replied facing the book at Ching's face trying to reassure her.
"Even so, the content of it, anyone that was involved with this game, the game we fleed from. If it gets into the wrong hands, they will find you. Then what we all did years ago will be ineffective. I really hope that will never happen," Ching troublesomely said.
"I know, I know you too well. You are worried for me, but...," before Bing could continue, Ching interfered.
"I know what you are thinking, you are hoping that someday he will read this and look for you. But the question is, is he still alive?" Ching snapped at Bing's titanic weakness, giving her the reality check once again. This left Bing in silence. She knows her own motive and she didn't really need Ching to remind her. Even if this is her only hope, she is willing to take the risk. "I'm sorry, sorry for rupturing you like this, I couldn't help it," Ching apologized.
Bing looked up at Ching, "You mean it in a good way, I know. Pausing again, "Why don't you let me be along now," turned the other way. Ching slowly walked out of the room, sorrowfully letting her eyes off Bing as she closes the door.
She is known for being strong, strong in every way. She isn't planning to breakout in tears or crying hysterically. She sees that Ching has left behind her book. She picks it up, strong feelings quickly burst into her. The same feeling she had the first time she wrote the story. She opens the book and stops at the dedication page. She saw the nicknames and lets out a weak smile. She keep on turning the pages and stops again on the first page of the first chapter. She regains a lot of long put aside memories. She suddenly has an urge to read her own novel as a new reader......

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet(Suet/Deci)尹 雪 Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen 宣 萱
Jaye Wan Wun(Jah/Jaye) 尹 雲 Joey Meng Yi Man 萬椅雯
Rain Wan Lum(Lum/Rain) Marianne Chan Mui Ying 陳妙瑛
Joe Chow Kin(Joe)周 健 Julian Cheung Chi Lam 張智霖
Kyle Hoi Sueng Nam(A8/Kyle)海上南 Michael Tse Tin Wah 謝天華

Unrevealed Characters/Artists Edan 原 Bing 冰 Ching 程

Chapter 1

SETTING: In NYC, outside the JFK airport...
"Suet, this is your luggage, not mine," Rain conplained while she swinged the luggage back at Deci.
Deci grabbed it back right after Rain's stares. "I can't believe I have to baby-sit you two again," Jaye added with annoyance. "Taxi, I'll get the taxi," Deci called out purposely trying to get out of the argument.
A yellow cab stops in front of them. A black man gets out of the car and handles their luggage's.

SETTING: A house in the Queens...
The taxi drives away. The three stands in front of the house with their luggage's stood aside them. "So, this is it?!" smiles, "Nice!" Deci said.
"Keys, keys, keys! Where's the keys? Who has the keys," Rain shouted instantly.
Shocked over their excitment, "Ok, Ok," Jaye took out the keys and opened the door.
As the door unlocks, Rain called out, " I get the biggest room." "Over my dead body you are," Deci snapped back. They ran in leaving their luggage's outside.
"You guys! Your stuff." Jaye managed to pull everything together herself. "I don't care, I'm the oldest. Wait, the formal way... How does rock, scissors, paper sound?!" She shouted out as the door closed.
Rain came down the stairs with a million dollar face expression, taking a seat. "Did you see the size of that hot tub? It's nothing like the one in our bathroom in Tsuen Wan." Deci, laying on the couch, "Boss doesn't treat us that bad."
Jaye, walking out with a cup of tea from the kitchen, "There are many things you don't understand now, Suet."
Smile turning into a frown, "Why do we have to bring her up?" Rain angers. "Yu, calm down. I know you get extremely sensitive when the topics reflects her," said Jaye. Rain lets off a furious face while Deci doesn't seem to mind. "OK, let's go back to our happier discussion. The bedrooms."
Using their most common way of settling things, Deci caught the hand gun Rain threw at her. Whined, pleading unfairness, Deci argued not to do things like this. Unfortunately, the majority rules. "Suet, don't see it as an unfair situation. See it as another chance of motivation. You even know and admit that you are not better or as good. That's why you should enhance every opportunity. Isn't this our main reason for traveling around half of the equator? Now Yu, don't take advantage of her. We're supposed to help her not discourage her." Jaye scolded.
"Why can't I have a simply, normal life?" Deci questioned herself in her mind. "I know what you are thinking. I really do. I'm just sorry that I couldn't get you out of this." Jaye quilted on herself. At this point, the other 2 sisters sorrowed for upsetting the oldest, the one who blames herself the most for all that is happening.

SETTING: The next day...the three are driving in the streets of Chinatown, Manhattan...
Annoyed by the long car ride, "How many more blocks till we get there?" Rain asked.
Pointed at a direction, Jaye replied, "It's there. Suet, can you really adjust to the left side?"
"Would you two stop nagging me? It's not like any of you can." Deci yelled.
They finally arrived at the place. Getting out of the car, Rain showed confusion. "This is the place? A bowling alley?" Rain questioned.
"Never judge a book by it's cover," Jaye answered, while they followed her in.
Inside, crowds of people were bowling. The 2 younger ones are still confused and unsure about this place. Following Jaye near the bathroom, they each put on handkerchiefs covering their faces. On the other end of the corner, a man stared at them and Jaye stared right back. "It's him, that man." Jaye said was a certain tone. Walking up to each other, they spoke in few words. "Darkest of the night..."Kyle started off.
" daylight of the morning," Jaye completed the sentence.
Kyle said, "Follow me." Rain, Jaye and Deci followed Kyle in.
"I don't get it. How does she always know who to follow in such a complicated environment?" Deci wondered. "Beats me." Rain answered as she shook her shoulders.
Kyle lead them through the back alley to an underground tunnel. As they walked, everything around them was filthy. But as they reached closer and closer to their destination, everything was suddenly so neat and tidy. Kyle finally stopped in front of a door. The door needed special numbering codes in order for accessing. He punched in the numbers and the metal door slides opened.
"Hey, this is so cool, better than the one in HK." Deci mumbles.
Kyle soon explained, "Here, this is the place. You see, this is a professional service as each of us are either professionals or will be professionals after their admittion here. That is a for sure. You will have to report here three times a week. Each of your training session will be on a first come first serve based. These are the many programs we offer in here. All controlled by designed computers as a virtual reality game lesson." He then passed panels to them but soon noticing Deci's inattention. She went off touching what her eyes caught and expressing the wildest behaviors of what her curiosity my cause.
Displeased, Kyle stopped everything, waiting till Deci's attention is given. Realizing, she quickly quit her troublesome acts and gave a smile.
Continuing, "Each day you are allow to spend 4 hours only. We have more than 1000 members. Every program is shared and cannot be over used by one person. When the red light is on, that means the room is in use and can be only used by one person at a time. You are not supposed to have any kind of contact with the other members. As you know, the rules applies for everything. Your face must not be shown to anyone." They arrived outside of a room. "Here, this is our gunning room. This is a highly used program."
"The red light is still on." Deci interrupts.
" Yessss. He should be about done." Refering to the person inside. "As you can see, the windows are transparent and you can watch the person practicing but the person inside cannot see the outside until their practicing is over and the computer shuts the program."
Rain asked, "How do we refer to each other? Wait, let me rephrase it, are we even supposed to call anyone?"
"Don't worry, we are all given ID numbers to be called upon, replacing our names. This is mine," Kyle tapped on the sticker tag on his shirt. They saw the letters A8 on his shirt.
"They have all these high tech equipment but they can't afford long lasting endurable pins of some kind." Rain mumbled into Deci's eyes. Deci giggled along.
"Keep in mind, your ID numbers will change through out the year. Your ID numbers are depended on your level of skills now. To determine that, you will each have to take an "incoming test" in order for us to put you in the right level. As you improve or worsen, your ID number will change."
"Now did you get a satifiying answer? Jaye stared at Deci and Rain while they kept quite. "So where do you lie?"
Kyle replied. "Well, well. A8..the A stands for advance and I'm lined on the 8th. There is also B and I, which stands for Beginner and Intermediate as you could've guessed."
"Who's A1 then?" Deci immediately asked. Kyle suddenly gave them an unknown stare, stared at them like they came from Jupiter. He told them that the originator of this whole trainers organization took the position from start. The girls felt splendid that this 'A1' was a woman.
"Like I said before, no one really knows who's who in here. We are not supposed to anyway. But if you get into the top 10 like I did, you will definitely get to meet with her." Kyle explained to them.
Deci, being herself, she went down the line and wanted to ask about all the 'A's'. Probably have been used to this, Kyle gratified her curiosity. Deci and Rain's expression became little children listening to an old man telling old folk tales. Jaye tried to bear with this by still standing around.
"Who's A2?" Deci questioned.
Jaye scolded, "Don't drown him with questions."
"It's OK. Use to it. Anyway, A2's is known as the Phoenix. She is very high up there. Some say she's A1's daughter. No one actually knows for sure." Kyle continued. Rain wanted to ask some more questions but Jaye gave her the eye to stop her. "Let me guess, you're going to ask me who's A3?!" Deci and Rain both nodded back. "Well, all I know is that both A3 and A4 acts very cool. They are very skilled." It seems like Rain and Deci are quite amazed and entertained by Kyle but Jaye just thought this was a waste of time.
"Aside from all the pressure of the hard working, after practice there is a restaurant, called 'Her Destiny' down that hall for relaxation. Don't be disturb seeing all the barred sections. One person is allowed to one stall. Again, the rule that applies for all occasions, we are not allowed to find out each others identity, fearing complications when we do business. Even the waiter's face is unexposed." Kyle kindly advised. Rain was shocked and surprised with such strick rules. Deci 'psychically' agreed with Rain.
A man walks out of the gunning room. He walked passed them. Deci glared at his tag along the way. "Wow, it's A4."
"I told you he's too cool to handle." Kyle replied back. Jaye couldn't take much of this anymore and changed the subject.
"When do we take the test?" Jaye asked.
"We give you 2 weeks of head notice. You'll receive an e-mail regarding everything you need to know soon." Kyle answered. He saw that they are still holding on to the handouts, "Oh, you either give that back to me or burn it. Your choice."

SETTING: Inside "Her Destiny"...
Stood in front of Edan, the waiter asked for his order with a pen and a notepad in his hands.
"I'll take a Tequila." Edan told as he ripped his tag off.
At the same moment, in the stall directly opposing Edan...A voice is spoken, "I'll have a glass of Tequila and cheese cake." Edan found it strange that someone is ordering what he is ordering and will be ordering...
"Will that be it?" The waiter asked Edan.
"No and plus 2..." Edan stopped.
The voice, "make it 2 slices."
Edan stopped to ponder,", 2 slices of cheese cake." He continues to wonder why this person is so commonly like him.

SETTING: A week later...Dec 31, 1999...10:00 A.M at the house.

Deci yarned her way down the stairs in her tank top and shorts, "Jah? I want two eggs today.
"I know, it's a Friday." Jaye answered while cooking in the kitchen.
"You're the best!" Deci went forward to hug her.
Jaye wonders, "You didn't brush your teeth yet?" Deci smiled and shook her head. "Get off of me!" Jaye kidded.
"Fine, call me when food is ready." Deci yelled.
"Where are you going? Someone has to wake Yu up." Jaye concerned.
"Back to sleep is the only place I'm heading." Deci grabbed a jacket and went out to the backyard and lied on the bench, scrunched up her body, her butt faced out from the bench. She suddenly widened her eyes again. Deci speaking in mind, "Am I seeing things or did I just see a guy?" She instantly popped back up and looked away to the backyard of the house next to her. A handsome guy was staring at her while he was watering plants..Her mouth dropped knowing that the guy watched her untidy side.
Joe greeted, "Hi, you must be my new neighbor. I'm Joe"
Deci smiled embarrassingly, "Yes, I guess I am. Morning." She was still too stunned to speak in complete sentences.
"Morning to you too." Joe smiled back with interest.
Nevously, "Um, I think I hear someone calling me." Deci spoke.
Feeling odd and disbelieving, "You do?"
"Yes, um...I'll chat with you next time." She immediately went back in.
Jaye wondered as she heard the door opened and closed, "Back so soon? Why so frightened? Your prince charming turned into a frog again?"
"It must be your humor that is drawing us apart, isn't it sis?" Deci joked back.
"I was just about to call you in anyway."
Carrying a huge excited smile and smirk, "I just met our neighbor. Neighbor Joe that is. Did I mention he's so hot."
"Really I have to check it out someday." Jaye brought over the food to the table. "Remember, you can fantasize all you want."
"Yeah, yeah, no relationship with any guy. I know that." Deci answered as she sat down on the table, beginning to pick out of her food with her fingers. "Shouldn't Yu be awake by now? I thought she wanted to head over to Time Square and watch the that thing, excuse me, that 'ball' drop?"
"Yes, go and wake her up now." They both heard yarns and footsteps dropping heavily on the floor. "Nevermind."
"Jah! Nothing cold for me." Rain called out while walking into the kitchen in her Hello Kitty pajamas.
"Yes I must know, that week of the month again." Jaye replied.
Rain smiling and headed to hug her, "You're..."
"...I'm the best, yes I know." Jaye interrupts and mumbles to herself. "Both of you couldn't even come up with something better." Rain paused with her arms spread out in the air.
Whispering in Rain's ear, "I said and did the same thing you were about to say and do." Rain moved her body away, with a 'really?' expression. Deci nodded. "You owe her a huge debt? Ran her car into a pole? Used her last pad? Or broke her bottle of Este Lauder?
Rain roled her eyes in circles, "Umm, umm." Covering half of her month with her right hand. "C and D." She told straightly in Deci's ears.
"Ha ha." Then quickly erased her smile, "That's not too horrifying. It's A, B and D for me." Deci admitted.
"Oh god, you're so dead." Rain said while waving her index finger up and down. "Wait a sec, I didn't know she had 2 bottles."
A bang sound came from the cooking pan. It shook and caught both Rain and Deci's attention. "I sense something awfully bad has happened. Care to share?" Waited for an reply. "Anybody? Or do I have to spill them out myself?"
Speaking together in a extremely low volume, "She knows?" Deci and Rain was shocked. "She knows!" Nodded their heads.
"Tom's garage just called about the estimate. Who hit an eleven thousand dollor pole and didn't bother to mention?"
"Darn, should have gave my cell number instead." Deci mumbled.
"And who never buys their own pads? Who always end up using up this sister's pads? Then who forces her sister to run out in paranoid, early in the morning, hunting down the nearest deli looking for pads with the wings?" Jaye exaggerated. "I don't even want to list out the rest. You people know yourselves. Just take care of it. Or don't even think about going to Time Square, watching Guiliani press the button for that ball to drop."
"Oh noooo..not the ball." Deci made fun of, with her hands on her cheeks.
"Stop it." Rain lightly slapped Deci. Deci giggled loudly.

SETTING: In the house next to Deci's...
Joe ran in from the backyard to catch the ringing phone. He picked up, "Hey, morning. "We have a cute next door neighbor. Although she seems a bit awkward seeing me."
Voice on the line, "Did you frighten her away?
"It's just me. I don't know." Joe answered.
"Quit the daydreaming about girls, it's not going to happen anyway. Done with the chit chatting? Ah Gor and Hang is meeting with us."
"Yeah. I know"

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