Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Ice Wan Bing Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Edan Wong Sung Yuen Louis Koo Tin Lok
Joe Chow Kin Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Jaye Wan Wun Joey Meng Yi Mun
Rain Wan Lum Marianne Chan Mui Ying
Hang Lee Sing William Lam Ka Dong
Sean Lee Mark Kwok Yiu Ming
Wong Hoi Sum 7-8 Year-old girl
Lum Yuen Fok Sung (child) in My Date with the Vampire

Chapter 2-Suspiciousness

SETTING: At night, 11:00 the crowd at Time Square. The background was full of the crowd's shouts, excitement and laughers. It was an unbearable situation for some people but not Rain.
"I told you we should have came earlier." Rain complained. "The best spots are all taken."
"Oh shut up. Be satisfy that we even came with you." Deci snapped back biting on her teeth.
Jaye added. "No, I had to be here, live, watching the ball drop, while I could have been home sitting on my comfy couch watching you losers on TV in this sickening cold."
"Please show some appreciation for Y2K. It is the millennium. How many millenniums do you think a person can live to celebrate?" Jaye and Deci simply ignored that remark. They followed one by one trying to slip through other people to get a better position. Rain had to drag the two to move their legs.
"I can't believe this. I don't get her excitement. I just know that I'm freezing my ass out here because of her." Deci spoke to Jaye.
"Well, as much as I hate to side with you for once and oppose her, let's just make the best of this insane night."
"What did you two say?" Rain asked. They didn't replied but let out a fake smile and a light shake of their heads.
Somewhere in the crowd, Hang, the friend of Joe and Edan, dragged them into this countdown event, both also unwillingly to go.
"I thought we were going to a restaurant? What happened?" Joe questioned.
Edan smiled, "Let's just bear with him. He's been going on and on about this day since the beginning of time." Unknowingly Hang brought them closer to the 3 sisters. Hang just thought this would be a better spot to watch from.
Rain called out excitingly, "Look the ball is green now. It was yellow before." Rain can act like an immature retarded kid when she wants to.
Pretending to care, "Wow, yahoo! That's great, it's yellow!" Deci joked.
Hang and Rain was almost touching shoulders to shoulders, pointing at the ball. "Isn't that cool?" Hang yelled.
"Yeah, it's great." Rain replied. Deci and Jaye wondered who she was talking to. Hang and Rain finally noticed the they were replying to each other's amazed remakes. They smiled cheerfully.
Edan's phone suddenly rang. He picked up to listen.
"Hey, that''s her. Our neighbor." Joe said while tapping Edan. Edan was too occupied on the phone to answer him. Joe managed to get Deci's attention from all the noises. Joe waved like he was waving to a movie star. Deci was also excited but stiff seeing him again.
"Jah, our neighbor. The guy I mentioned earlier." Jaye only smiled back coolly at Joe. Rain was too entertained to care.
"Hey, are you my neighbor too?" Joe asked Rain.
"Huh? Talking to me?" Rain replied. Joe nodded back. "Yeah, they are my sister. Then I guess I'm your neighbor."
Whispering back to Joe, "She's our neighbor?"
"What do you mean 'our' neighbor? The last time I checked, you don't live with us." Joe laughed.
"I do now. I thought you had an extra bedroom somewhere in that house."
Edan hung up the phone. Joe became concern over Edan's serious face.
"Ah gor just told me that the woman that boss have been looking for is here in Time Square." Edan answered.
"How does he know? Where is he now?" Hang asked.
Clueless at the situation, "Wait, nevermind on how he knows, even if she's here, how are we going to find her out of this two million crowd? It's less then impossible, brother!" Joe said. "And besides, we don't even have her picture. Only Pit knows how she looks like but he's not here!"
"I understand but we still have to give it a try." Edan reminded.
Due to the massive noise, the guy's voice were on to the maximum volume. Because of this, Deci and Jaye have heard their conversation. Only Rain missed it. Jaye already knew that they are not normal beings because they spoke of a 'boss'.
Edan finally noticed the 3 of them. "Yeah, it's them, they are our neighbors. Isn't this a small world?" Joe called out.
Suddenly Edan couldn't lay his eyes off Deci. He kept on staring at her eyes. Deci noticed this and felt extremely uncomfortable about him. "She's the Phoenix." Edan softly said.
"Huh? What did you just say? Who's the Phoenix?" Joe asked.
"'The Phoenix' that you are refering to is who?" Hang added.
"That girl with long hair." Edan didn't want to point.
Confused, "Excuse me, we are seeing millions of girls with long hair right now." Joe saw that Deci made a glanced at him, so he smiled back.
"You know her?" Edan asked.
Still confused, "You mean that girl, she's the neighbor I have been telling you about."
"Wait, wait, wait! You mean, 'The Phoenix' have been living next to you guys for weeks and you dummies didn't even know? Hang said, adding a 'you must be kidding' stare.
"Her, she's the Phoenix?" Joe found it unbelievable. "Then she's one of us?"
"I can never forget those eyes." Edan have been ambitious to defeat The Phoenix for ages but failed the many times he have tried. That is the reason why he seemed so aggressive about this.
Talk about time flies, it was 11:59 already. The crowd have started off doing the countdown. "...45...44...43...42..41..." Everyone yelled.
"Suet, Lum, let's go." Jaye ordered.
Rain became outraged. "What?'s almost over....33...32...31..."
"Yes, Lum we have to go. I think there's something fishy going on about our 'friendly' neighbors."
"Fishy? Ok, we can have sushi afterwards." Pretended to ignore.
"Come on." Jaye dragged Rain by her hood.
"I'm going to hate you for this." Rain replied with anger.
Before the guys knew, the sisters were gone. Edan was unhappy that they lost them but was even more upset that they couldn't find the girl. They didn't even know where and how to start.

SETTING: Deci is doing the driving on their way home...
Holding on to her watch"...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR" and then gave them a furious stare. "Remind me to kill you both." Rain just lost her mood for everything.
"Lum, grow up. Those guys, I'm beginning to wonder that they are one of us. Suet and I both heard that they were looking for a girl. And then that charcoal guy couldn't let his eyes off Suet." Jaye explained.
"Don't you think there's a possibility that maybe he just had interest in Suet. He is a guy and our sister is a beauty. Can't that be a good explanation????" Rain said temperamentally.
Started to blush, "Hey, you know, Yu does have a point." Deci said.
"Oh get real." Jaye stabbed at Deci. "My six sense have always been accurate."
"Oh there she goes...her six sense...that's a good come back and a very reliable source to count on too."
"I don't want to argue with you. You'll see that I'll be right."

SETTING: Outside of their house, hiding behind a bush.
"This is absurd. I profoundly refuse to put up with this." Rain loudly announced, standing up.
"Be quite and bent back down." Deci pushed. "If you're so sure, then stay to prove Jah wrong."
"Exactly. If I'm not wrong those guys will come sneaking up to our house." Jaye explained.
Deci agreed, "Yeah, the lights are on, they will think were home."
Soon a car stoppped in front of the guys house.
"They're here." Deci said softly.
"Hang, I don't get it. What if what Edan told us was true? Joe asked walking up the steps with Hang.
"Then you'll just have a very, very, very cool neighbor. Aren't you satisfy?
"I just can't accept this. She seemed too cute to be one of us." Joe suddenly crossed over to the girl's steps of the house.
"What are you doing?" Hang stopped him. "Edan specificly told us not to do you know what. He thinks those girls might be suspicious of us to leave so unexpectly."
"I would go crazy if I don't build my knowledge, fulfill my curiosity on those weird sisters."
"Look, I'm right behind you but you know how precise Edan can be. He's not 'A4' for nothing." Hang whispered to Joe.
Behind the bushes, "He's not what?" Deci anxiously asked.
"I didn't get that part either." Rain said. Hang finally convinced Joe not to do it. They went back home.
"Now do you believe..." Jaye immediately made contact for Deci not to say another word and signaled her to continue walking into the house.
It turned out that Edan was in his car far across the street, watching the them.

SETTING: Inside the house...
Deci quickly questioned about what happened outside. Jaye kindly told her that there was another pair of eyes watching them. She scolded herself for discovering it late.
"Those guys are really up to something."
"Now do you blame us?" Deci strongly asked. Rain could only deeply apologize for her unreasoning.
"It's not over. Now we have to be extra careful. As you can tell, that Edan is no where near stupid." Jaye warned.
Confused, "But why do we have to be afraid? If they are really one of us, there shouldn't be a problem. We aren't supposed to find out their identities anyway."
"Didn't you hear, that Joe wanted to peel the skin of the oranges, and we are the oranges!! Wait, but that Joe sure has something for you. Right, Jah?"
"Well, I have to agree too." Jaye nodded.
"Don't start teasing me now. What are we going to do?" No one could present a solution at this moment.
SETTING: The next the house...
At usual days, Jaye was the early bird that wakes this early but surprisingly, someone was even earlier. As she arrived into the kitchen, she saw the table with food. The breakfast was already done.
Minutes later, she head down to the basement for her daily practice at her shots. She then saw disassembled gun and equipments spread all over the desk.
"This is odd. Which one of them suddenly changed their minds to work so hard? Suet?" Paused. "Nahhhh, it must be Lum." She answered herself. Checking the results, "Besides I've never seen Suet aimed this well."

SETTING: In the afternoon...the front door of the girls house...
"Bye, tell her I won't give up that easily." As the door closed by Rain, Sean yelled out these last few words. Joe was just approaching the sister's house as he saw Sean about to leave.
"You know the sisters long?" Sean asked out of curiosity as he saw Joe.
"I just came for sugar." Joe replied.
"Oh, I've used that many times. Salt, pepper, you name it." Lightly knocking Joe with his elbow. "We guys are really running out of ideas, aren't we?" At first Joe did not have the slightest clue of what he was trying to say but it finally hit his mind a few minutes later.
"So have this always been the result?" Joe asked laughingly.
Clearing his throat with a smile, "Not always...." Then letted out a sign. "She is just playing hard to get."
"Really?" Joe couldn't resist but to laugh.
"Would you believe it? Why would anyone go bowling more than twice a week? At least come up with a better line to turn me down." Sean disappointly turned away and went back into his house, next door. "Bowling?" Joe curiously said to himself.
Joe walked up and rang their doorbell. Within seconds, Rain ran to answer the door. Casually turning the knob, as the door opened, seeing that it was Joe standing there, Rain stood there stunned, staring at Joe. Joe was feeling odd from her reaction. Rain quickly closed the door in his face. She made a low but able to be heard whistle.
"What? Lum, who's at the door?" Deci asked while running toward the door. Rain, in a confused mind, swayed her hands in the air, expressing a form of weird body language.
"I know! Diarrhea?!" Deci said, pointed her finger out with an 'I got it look'. Rain, wanted to strangle her, but repeated her actions again, trying to hint that Joe is outside. Soon, Rain couldn't stand it anymore.
"That guy is outside!!!" Rain shouted.
"What guy? The one after ah Jah? I thought you threw him out already?
Wanted to scream, "No, Oejay, hetay eighbornay! (No, Joe, the neighbor!) Rain speaking in pig latin. Deci frozed to make out what she said. Trying to tranlate it into understandable English, she finally got it.
"Ohhhh...." with an understanding face. Then it slowly turned into a frown, "...nooo."
"Yes, not a good thing." Rain looked like her eyes where about to pop out. They heard the door bell re-ringing over and over with Joe's concerned calls.
"Stop, what are we? What do we do for a living? We don't have to freak out like this." Rain reminded Deci.
"No, I'm not hurting anyone." Deci strickly said.
"It's not like you can!" Rain calmly re-opened the door again.
Putting on a big but fake smile, "Sorry about before, we had a mid-day crisis. How can I help you? Deci was hiding behind the door for listening purposes.
"Oh, sorry to bother you. I was wondering if...."
"It's sugar isn't it?" Rain turned to her right. There were stacks of sugar, evenly separated in plastic sandwish bags, tightly tied in knots. She quickly grabbed a hand full of the plastic bags. Then lifted Joe's hand and dumped the bags of sugar on him.
"I don't need...."
Interrupted again, "Then it's salt, right? No one can live without salt.". Again, she turned to her right, opening a closest. There was stacks of different kind of seasonings. She grabbed a hand full and put it on top of Joe's sugar.
"But I really..."
In between, low laughing noices was coming out behind the door. "Oh, it's pep..." Rain jumped in again.
Finally chopped Rain's sentence for once, "Forget it, just forget it." Joe yelled.
"Ok, good to see that you are all set now. Later!" Rain slammed the door shut again.
Joe suddenly felt like a lunatic, or thinking, she fitted the description as one even more. Heading back, "Poor girls, that Sean must be a scary thought." Looking at all the salt and sugar in his hand, "Wow, this will last us for years to come." Happily walked back into his house.
Back inside the girl's house. "What was that all?" Deci laughingly asked.
"Couldn't have handled it better, just admit it." Rain said.
"Ok, anything you say. Just wait till Jah comes back and see all the missing bags!" Deci commented as she walked back into the living room.
"Hey, it was for a good cause."

SETTING: Chinatown, Mott St..."Si Lai Day Tou"
Chit Chating of everyone was everywhere as this was the grocery street. Everyone after work filled the street corners, hunting for their convenience goods.
Standing infront of a fruit and vegatable stand, picking oranges. "$1 for 4?! Why don't you make it 5 miss?" Ice(Bing) asked. Ice couldn't resist but to bargin over oranges.
"Bing Jah, I'll help you pick it out." Yuen offered.
"You? You're not even tall enough to reach." Ice joked.
"I can if you lift me up." Yuen suggested.(nay pou aug ma duck law.)
Taking his request, Ice happily lift him up. "Wow, you are so heavy, fat boy." (Wah, nay gum chong gay, fay jai.")
"It's because you haven't lifted me up for ages."(nay ho loy may pou gor aug ah ma)
"Yes, I know. Bing Jah will remember to." Seeing that Yuen was touching the oranges. "Do you even know which ones to take?" (nay sick um sick gan ga?)
Laughing sillily, "I don't know!" (um sick ah.)
Pitching his cheeks, "If you don't know, why did you asked to help?!" Picks an orange up, "Here, the key in picking out oranges is to look for the ones with the biggest bottom(butt). (la, gan chang, yit ding you gan dee dai law yau gor dee.) Thoses are the sweetest." Yuen was nodding his head as Ice spoke.

On the other corner of the same street. "What do you want to eat today?" Edan asked, while piggy backing Sum. "Ba Ba(daddy) is cooking today."(Ba Ba gum yut lok chu)
Suddenly gave a long face, bent her head down, looking at Edan, "Ba Ba cook?"
"Sum, you are blocking Ba Ba's view. What's wrong was Ba Ba being the chef?" Edan asked.
"Ba Ba, why don't we eat out today!" Sum clearly hinted that Edan can't cook since little girls don't lie!

The store owner(Lo ban Leung) was overwhelmed by this lovely mother and son moment. "Ok, I'll give an extra one, $1 for 5!"
"Hurry and thank Yee Yee(auntie, the story owner)."

Edan carrying Sum, walks passes Ice and Yuen...

"Thanks Yee Yee." Yuen adorably said. Ice paid and let down Yuen. "Bing Jah, I'll help you hold the oranges."
"Ok." Gives him the lighter bag. He carries it like a man carrying bricks since it was quite heavy for his size. They got into her black BMW and she started the car.

"Ok, we'll eat out." Edan said seeing Sum's desperate face. They got into the black Honda. The two cars droved passed each other, in opposite directions...

-Ice and Deci are clearly twins! They were separated at a very small age.
-Ice has an 8 year old son.
-Edan has an 8 year old daughter.
-Edan has an older brother, Pit(played by Wong Hei)
-Edan, Pit, Joe and Hang all lived together since they were young. They are all ophans.

Tin Tin: That's all I can leak for now! I will add as the story goes on. I hope some of you are splendid that there is 2 Jess in this story, hehe! Now we don't have to fight about who Jess should be with, w/out splitting her in halves, hehe!(letting out wicked laugher!!)...
Oh, if you emailed me to be added in the mailing list and somehow the chapters didn't sent, can reconfirm it again! You know I make a lot of mistakes! And anyone new, just sent me an email. Thanks! Oh and I have to thank Jo(not Chi Lam!) for suggesting a list of names for me to use! I hope you will be happy that I will be using them soon, hehe!

OK, now everyone is suspicious of everyone. When will they have to reveal each other's identity. Who are the guys looking for? Is Deci really their so-called 'the phoenix'? Who actually started to change her acts and shape up? Who is this Ice and why does she have a son already? When did Edan every get a daughter? Does Ice and Edan have any relationships? Why is Pit always out of sight? To be continued...

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