Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Ice Wan Bing Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Edan Wong Sung Yuen Louis Koo Tin Lok
Joe Chow Kin Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Jaye Wan Wun Joey Meng Yi Mun
Rain Wan Lum Marianne Chan Mui Ying
Hang Lee Sing William Lam Ka Dong
Sean Lee Mark Kwok Yiu Ming
Ha Ching Wallis Pang
Pit Wong Sung Tin Wong Hei

Chapter 3 - Complicated Past

SETTING: At the girl's house...
    As the night arrives, Deci and Rain has prepared edible food on the table, only to wait upon their sister's return.  "Where did Jah go today? She's usually home before us."  Deci asked sitting in the circular dinner table in the kitchen with Rain.
    "Oh, I heard that she had to take the test today."  Rain answered.
    "It takes that long?"  Rain shook her shoulders, implying that she doesn't know.
    The door soon unlocks, with the voice of Jaye stepping inside.  "Gurls, I'm home."  Jaye called out.
    "Oh we can eat now!"  Deci delighted expressed.
    Walking into the kitchen with extra food from a "Siu Lap Po", Jaye took a seat.  "I chop some more food on the way home."
    "Cha Siu!  My favorite!"  Rain cheerfully said as she opens the box.  "I haven't had a piece of this good stuff since we left HK."  Stuffing a piece in her mouth.  "You are great Jah."
    "Well, you deserved it."  Both Rain and Deci crooked their eyebrows.
    "What do you mean Jah?"
    "You've been practicing so often lately.  Even had great outcomes too." Jaye complimented.
    Still confused, "Me, practicing often?  Come on Jah."  Rain laughs it off, taking another bite.
    "Then who was the one practicing down there?"
    "You mean down the basement?  Wasn't it you Jah.  Perfect shots too!" Rain smiled.
    "No, it's not me, I thought it was you."  Jaye replied.
    Irritated, bursted in while slamming her chopsticks on the table, "It's me!  Me! There are only 3 of us living under this roof, if it's not you, and not you, who else could it be?  You two better wipe that disbelieving look off?"  Deci spoke with annoyance.
    Rain, stunned, almost choked on the beef, couldn't say a word.
    "Well, hate to break it to you guys.  I do practice."  Deci said.
    "So that means from time to time, even back in HK, it was you?!!"  Jaye questioned.
    "It sure wasn't me."  Rain slipped in.  "But then why have you been hiding it from us?"
    "I'm not trying to hid anything."  Confessing, "I realized that I have some sort of phobia around people.  I can't practice with eyes staring at me but when I'm alone, I can extend my ablities with flying colors.  It's too strange.  My arms and legs tend to shake like the occasions of an earthquakes."  Deci told.
    "I never understood why you could have failed on the few missions you have received before.  I guess this answers it"  Jaye said.
    "Jah, I'm really not the killer type of people.  It's my fear taking over me.  I'll end up dead before I could lay my hands on anyone first."  Deci sarcastically said.  She soon reminded herself to shut up and change the subject before she causes Jaye to find fault on herself again.  "Jah, tomorrow I'm going for the test.  It's another reason why I've been practicing hard.  I don't want to let you down."
    "You definitely won't.  You have our support."  Jaye said, realizing Deci's intent.
    "Don't worry, with these results, you are going to ace it."  Rain added.

SETTING:  The guy's house next door...
    Edan came home with Sum after their long meal.
    "Look at those two, home after your curfews again."  Hang joked, sitting on the couch.
    "Go over and smack God Pa for me,"  Edan ordered Sum.  Sum quickly ran over and lightly hitted Hang on his elbow with her small hands.  Hang at first playfully blocked but then gave in and let her hit him.
    "You hit God Pa, God Pa is hurt now."  Hang started to play dead laying on the couch.
    "God Pa, what are you doing?"  Sum pulled on Hang's shirt.  Joe and Edan was laughing at them.  Hang popped back up and lifted Sum.
    "Now God Pa is going to tickle you like crazy."  Hang began on her neck.
    "God Pa, stop.  I won't hit you anymore.  I promise."  Sum pleaded.  Edan quickly lifted her away.  "Ba Ba, it's your fault."  Sum started to tickle Edan with her tiny hands on his neck.  Edan stood there unaffected.  "Ba Ba, not fair.  You're not even ticklish."
    Coming down the stairs, Pit came down with an oversized Whinne the Pooh stuff animal.   "Dah Ba Ba."  Sum screamed.  Edan letted Sum down and she ran over and grabbed Pit's legs.
    "Here, don't say Dah Ba Ba don't love you."  Pit gave the bear to Sum. Pit kneeled down and Sum gave him a little peck on his left cheek. Unfortunately, the bear was as tall as Sum so she's couldn't lift it up.  The guys all laughed at her.  She didn't care and continued to play with it in the center of the living room.
    "Ah Gor"  Edan said.  "Where were you these few days?
    "I had orders from boss.  It was too sudden for me to alert you guys. It's all taken care of now.  It was nothing big."  Pit said and sat on the couch.
    "We couldn't find the woman you told us too look for."  Joe said.  "We didn't have a clue."
    "It's ok.  Boss said we can let that go for now.  Truthfully, I don't know who she is too."  Pit assured.
    Out of nowhere, Sum interrupted.  "Sai Ba Ba, what is that?"  Sum asked Joe because he was the closest to her.  Sum pointed at a tampon commercial playing on the television.
    Hang couldn't hold back his laugher.
    Sum turned around, "God Pa, do you know?"  Hang quickly stopped laughing.
    "Look who's laughing now."  Joe said.
    "Some how I knew this day would come."  Pit said.
    "This isn't the right environment for our daughter, god daughter in my case.  Living in a house full of 'Ma Lut Los'(men) sure can't cure her curiosity on the origins of puperty cause non of us would wanna bring such conversation up.  She may be eight now but her thoughts seems to hit the curiosity stage head start.  What are we going to do?"
    "She needs a mother, or at least a woman."  Joe said.
    "Yeah."  Hang agreed.
    "She would have been in a normal family if only I didn't..."  Edan said, tilting his head down.
    "Don't bring up the past again.  It's pointless."  Pit reminded.
    Sorry for causing despair on Edan, they both apoligized.
    "I was refering to a Nanny though."  Joe added.
    "Well, a girlfriend for Edan isn't too bad."  Hang mindlessly said.
    Pit suddenly aroused the most furious stare at Hang and then angerly walked back up the stairs.
    "Opps!"  Hang said.
    "You and you stupid mind again."  Edan scolded.  Joe shooked his head at Hang.

SETTING: Weeks later...Stepping on the island of 'The Statue of Liberty'...     "Why did I agreed to come in first place?"  Rain said.     "Come on, I dragged my ass to go with you to the ball event, the least you can do is to accompany me here."  Deci yelled.  "You come here before but this is my first time."
    "It's not my fault you didn't go last time."  Rain relied.
    "Lum, Suet, stop the arguing.  We're here already.  Gosh."  Jaye tiffs.
    "Watch out for getting a disastrous dessert.  Rain warned.
    "Tell yourself that.  Didn't you just get you hair done?  Deci laughed.
    "Oh quit the bickering you two."
    After a few minutes walk, the two became chatterboxes again.
    "Lum, what is that on Jah's hood?"  Deci asked Rain while walking behind Jaye.
    Taking a deeper stare, "Oh gosh, Jah won the jackbox."  Rain said.
    Stopping Jaye, "Jah, you have a surprise left on your hood."  Deci said with a disgusted look.
    "Oh just great, you don't see me winning the lottery everyday."  Jaye had her hand lifting the hood away from her 5 senses.  "I'm going to the bathroom.  You two wait for me here.  If we get lost, keep in contact by our cells."  Jaye walked away, heading to the bathroom.

    Oh the other side, Yuen nagged Ice to walk up the flights with him, at least reach the crown area.
    "Are you out of your mind, child?"  Ice complained.  (Sai Lo, nei hai 5 hai saw jor ah?)
    "Bing Jah, come on.  Free exercise."  Yuen letted out a pout.
    "It'll cost me my life for doing such exercising."  Ice joked.  "That look isn't going to get you anywhere."

    Getting out of the ferry, the guys all walked with Sum.  They all agreed to come here with her.
    "Wow, look at the tall lady.  Why is she green? I like blue better."  Sum asked.  Everyone kept quite because no one could answer her.
    "Honey, if it's blue, then we'll be seeing many plane crashes and you definitely don't want that."  Hang joked.

    As Jaye approahed closer and closer to the bathroom, her head started to ache heavier and heavier.  She was frozed outside of the bathroom staring at mid air.  A sharp pain rosed as she deep thinks the past...
    (flashback)"12 pistols.  The last one that went through her heart was the cause of her death."  A man told inside of the bathroom to another man.  A little girl stood alone outside of the bathroom, taking tiny peeks of the occurances inside.  Another man starts covering the dead woman.
    Started to run inside, "Mommy, Mommy!"  The girl screamed from the bottom of her lungs.  She saw her mother lying on the floor with blood everywhere.
    "Why isn't anyone watching the girl.  Don't let her come in.  She can't see her mother like this."  The man ordered.
    Lifting the girl up and heads outside, "You must be Jaye.  Come here with me." a voice spoked...(ends)
    Jaye fainted in front of the bathroom after visualing her past again.
    "Do you have to go to the bathroom?"  Ice asked Yuen.
    "No, I am not going into the woman's bathroom again."  Yuen said.
    "I thought I stopped doing that ages ago."  Ice said.  Yuen looks down on the floor.  "Bing Jah, a woman is on the floor."  Ice runs over to the unconsicious Jaye.
    "Miss?  Miss?"  Ice shooked Jaye's body.  "Yuen..."
    "Yes, I'm calling."  Yuen answered taking Ice's phone from her coat.

    Inside, Deci and Rain were waiting impatiently for Jaye.
    "What's taking her so long washing that stuff off?"  Rain asked.
    Suddenly, loud screams was being heard.  Everyone was panicking as they ran for their lives.  "Fire, fire." people yelled.
    "What, fire?  Deci began to shiver.
    Seeing people running out, "Ba Ba, why is everyone running like they are crazy?"  Sum asked.
    "Sum, be quiet."  Edan told and quickly patted her head down tightly on his shoulders.
    "Something is wrong."  Pit said.
    "Edan, you stay out here with Sum."  Joe said.  They 3 ran in, trying to help people.
    "Suet, come on, let's go."  Rain told Deci.  Deci couldn't move a muscle. Rain suddenly saw a fire brick falling down rapidly.  Seeing an old woman right underneath it, she quickly went over to save her.  Hang saw it too and helped.  They saw each other.
    "It's you."  Rain said.
    "No time to talk.  Get out of here first."  Hang help the old woman out.
    "Where's Suet?"  Rain troubledly said.  Deci's most unforgetable fear was fire.  She simply could not handle the situation.  She was barred by a burning bench from everyone else.
    "Give me you hand."  Joe called out to Deci.  Deci reached out her hand and held on to Joe's.  Their eyes suddenly meet, giving them a fimilar feeling that they have been through this before....
    (flashback)"Siu Suet, don't let go."  Joe said with his hand stretched out to Deci's
    "Gor Gor, help me."  Deci cried out.
    "Don't be scared, Gor Gor is here."  Joe comforts Deci.  At this moment, Deci felt  safe with Joe by her side.  Suddenly, the roof collapsed, causing the looseness of their hands and they both separated...(ends)
    "Suet!  Save my sister."  Rain yelled.
    "Suet?  Siu Suet?"  Joe wondered.  "Siu Suet, don't be scared.  Gor Gor is here."  Those words seems to have came out of Joe naturally.  "I couldn't save you last time, I will save you this time."  Deci was speechless.  Joe strongly, reached over and lifted Deci up over from the blooming of the fire. Everyone ran out quickly.  Deci was left drowsy over the the amount of smoke her inhaled.
    "It's them?!"  Edan said running toward them.
    "Their were stuck in the fire."  Pit replied.
    Suddenly remembers, "Ah Jah?  Where is Jah?" Rain panicked.  They all suddenly saw a crowd of people surrounding someone.
    "Ma!  Ma, why are you on the floor?"  Yuen said with concerned.
    "Something happened to your Yee Yee(aunt)."  Ice said uneasily.  She was dramatized and was in fear a few minutes ago.
    "Auntie?"  Yuen looked around.  Widening his eyes, "Someone is lifting Yee Yee heading over here."
    "Suet?  She's here?"  Ice asked with joy.
    "Ma, we have to leave now."  Trying to help her mother get up.  "The guy after Auntie CiCi is here too." Refering to Pit. They quickly disappeared together.
    "Jah, Jah!"  Rain lightly slapped Jaye.  "Oh no, not you too."
    "Let me down."  Deci requested.  With her weak strengh, she went over to Jaye.  Joe followed in behind, fearing her uneven steps.
    "Jah."  Deci frightfully called.

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