Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Ice Wan Bing Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Edan Wong Sung Yuen Louis Koo Tin Lok
Joe Chow Kin Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Jaye Wan Wun Joey Meng Yi Mun
Rain Wan Lum Marianne Chan Mui Ying
Hang Lee Sing William Lam Ka Dong
Sean Lee Mark Kwok Yiu Ming
Ha Ching Wallis Pang
Pit Wong Sung Tin Wong Hei

Chapter 4 Middle Person

SETTING: At the girls house...     Joe and     Deci were in their own little world.  The incident that happened early was still fresh in their minds.  They realized that they are fimilar with each other but don't have the exact idea.  The rest were more concerned over Jaye's conditions to recognize these two's weird behaviors.     The tv was turned on, the NY1 news was on..."...who would ever knew the burning torch came true but only burning from the inside.  Today, around 2 in the afternoon, a fire took place in the island of our Statue of Liberty. Firefighters soon found that the fire was caused by a leakage of gas in one of the pipes in the heater room.  But there was also a cigarette found in the scene.  Further investigation will we made to uncover the responsible(s). Fortunately, no one was majorly hurt.  No hospitalization was needed. It was later revealed by the victims and witnesses that there were heros and a herione at action."  The reporter stops talking.  Victims and bystanders spoke...."It was an asian girl who saved my life."  "Very brave young people out there."  "I saw them.  The young men escorted people out."  The reporter speaks again..."Unlucky, these youngsters were no where to be found after the police and firemen came about.  Many thought it was a pity that they were unable to thank them...."  Pit turns the tv off.

Edan:  Thank god they didn't report anything about Jaye's incident.

Hang:  It was pretty hard.  We dashed out so quickly.

Rain:  Now we told you our story.  It's time to spill your stories.

Pit:  There's not much difference.  We are the same kind of people.  It isn't a good idea to tell us too much.  We should have our limits.  [Now they finally realized both Joe and Deci's silence.]

Hang:  Hey, what's up with you two?  We were titled hero...[Rain gave him a stare] oh yeah, and heroine of the day.  Let's party and strip nake!  [That remark quickly caught everyone's attention.  They gave Hang the disgusted and prevent eyes.]  I only was joking, though I wouldn't mind stripping nake. [Rain instantly threw a cushion at him.]

Joe:  Don't mind him.  We have to live with this kind of person.

Rain:  That's all you need to say.  I got it.

Hang:  That didn't sound too much like a compliment.  Anyway, should we consult a doctor?  She slept for over an hour.[Suddenly, a loud scream showered them with concern.]  She's ALIVE!

Deci and Rain:  Jah.  [Everyone ran up the stairs.]

Jaye:  Mommy.  Mommy.  Let me go.  Mommy.  [Jaye was stressed with sweat and fear.  She threw hard punches in the air.]

Hang[whispering]:  Did I hear wrong?  How old is she?  She's calling for mommy?

Edan[hits Hang with his elbow]:  It's about time you shut up.  [Hang quickly made the imaginary zipper thing with his mouth and threw the keys away.]

Deci[on the bed side, trying to calm Jaye down with Rain.]:  Jah, it's over. It's ok.  No one is going to hurt you or your mother.

Hang:  What...[quickly stopped before Joe almost threw him a punch.]

Edan[unwillingly mumbling, bitting on his teeth]:  I know what you are going to say.  Don't ask.

Rain:  Why is Jah like this?

Jaye:  Ahhhh.  [her eyes opened, breathing hard...]  Mommy!  [sees known and unfamiliar faces.]  Suet, Lum, what happened?  Why are they here?

Deci:  Jah, you fainted in the island, outside of the bathroom.

Jaye:  I did?  [remembers]  Yes, I did.  And mother.  The last person I saw was...was... was you Suet.

Rain:  Deci?  That's not possible.  When we found you, you lost all consicious.  There were a group of people around you before we came.

Jaye:  I don't know then.  [Looks at the guys.]

Pit:  Don't be alarm.  We know who you are and you will know who we are.

Deci:  Yes, we told them.  We are the same.  You suspected correctly.

Edan(Corny but what the heck...):  It's on the matter of trust.  We trust you, do you trust us?

Jaye(Excuse me but we just offically met minutes ago?  He's talking about trust?):  Yes.  I will learn to trust.  [Joe and Deci gave each other a stare and both looked back another direcion again.  Suddenly, there was a broad of silence.  Everyone quick glanced at everyone else.  They guys had only one question left in mind.]

Edan[clearing his throat]:  There's still one undefined question.  [The guys looked at Deci]

Deci(the eyes again...):  It's about me?

Edan:  Yes, we don't mean to evade some more privacy(are you kidding, I'm dying to know...) but since we know what you are already...thought it wouldn't be a big deal if we know this too.
Deci(This doesn't feel right.):  What?

Edan(I have to know):  Are you the phoenix?  (Say yes.  say yes.)
Rain(The are from the same training organization...):  Ah ha, you are from the you know what.  [points]  You're A4, yeah you Edan.  And you must be A3. [points at Pit]  I have no idea what you two are.  [shaking her head at Joe and Hang.]

Hang:  Excuse me, we were in the middle of something.  (What an interrupter!)

Rain(Don't change the subject...):  But I guessed right.  Right?  [They nodded their head.]  Yes!  Oh, Deci, the phoenix?  Not impossible but not that I know of after living with her all my life.

Edan(That can't be...):  You're really not?

Jaye(What are you, phoenix obsession?):  She's not.  We just arrived to the program about a month ago.

Edan(right, i believe you..):  Then you really aren't.  [disappointed.]

Joe(she's not!  I believe her.)  [They then spent the night chatting, getting to know each other's present conditions better.]

    After this occurance, they all learned to know each and everyone and became good next door neighbors.  About a month passed, all are out of the training program but still inlisted to their job in the training organization.  Each given orders by the middle man or woman.

SETTING: Ice is sitting at home, monitoring a laptop... Ice:  Fong Bue, 41 years old male.  First trial in 1995, accused of rape but final verdict was sentenced innocent....second trial, rape again, innocent again?!  I'm no attorney but if the law doesn't get him, something or someone should.  [Ice is typing in this information in an e-mail to be sent but was interrupted...]

Ching[walking into her room; she has the "goo wak lui" gangster image...]: Bing, I don't quite understand.  Why did you switch your job?

Ice:  Very simply.  I have a son to raise.  I want to be the best mother, without have to neglect my child.

Ching(You're so cool!):  But you are 'The Phoenix'.  [whispering on 'the phoenix' part.]

Ice(swallowed bags of pills again?):  You seem to be encouraging me to kill, is that it?

Ching(she must think I'm on the pills again...):  No, I object it dearly no matter what the excuses are.  It just feels unlike you.

Ice:  Don't worry.  Now let me get back to work.

Ching:  What do you do anyway?  [stares at the notebook]

Ice:  It's better that you know lesser about all this, for safety purposes. But I can explain to you this.  [turns her chair around, facing Ching...]  In our society, there are 3 kinds of killers we categorizes into.  There are those who betrays their skilled abilities for all the wrong reasons...for the big bucks, for themselves, or mainly because they are just plain sick and evil.  Another are those who calls themselves 'Masked Prosecutors'.  They kill for all the right reasons but it is the unethical and immoral way as you know.  These people make the less, most of the time end up pennyless.  They feel that if the law doesn't deterrence them, they should take action on the punishable.

Ching:  I totally disagree.  What gives them the right to judge?  [popping gum]

Ice:  That's how our world revolves like.

Ching(wait as sec, which one are you?):  What does it make you?

Ice(she's looking at me awfully strange...):  I fit in between.  We are the ones who choose our victims.  We don't just kill anyone.  We do research to collect the sinful doings and then decide to take the order or not.  I'm the one who handles this job of picking.

Ching:  Like I said before, no one has the right to take away another person's life.

Ice(why am I even explainning it to her??):  Please listen.  Most of us had no choice into whether we want to live like this or not.  We were trained from little to become what we are now.  We have higher positioned people watching over us.

Ching:  Does that go for everyone of you?

Ice:  For the majority, yes.  Some are just killing machines as they say.  I know we are the less deserving people to be alive but it's not our choice anymore.

Ching:  I'm sorry.

Ice:  No hard feelings.  What is with you?  Suddenly so righteous.  Now that's not you.  [goes back to the laptop.  She clicks on send but...]  Oh, no.  What is this?

Ching(Y2K bug?):  Wow, it's blacked out.

Ice(like I don't know...):  Not now.

Ching:  What are you going to do?

Ice:  My computer may be affected but I'm not.

SETTING: Around midnight...     Edan sat behind on a round bench in the columbus park.  He sat on the darkest corner of the whole park.  Not even able to disguish his shawdow. Not for long, he sees a shawdow approahing.

Ice[took a seat, facing back to back of Edan.]:  Apologize for the inconvenience.

Edan:  Say no more.

Ice:  On the count of 3.  1, 2...

Edan(2...2...come on, where's 3?)[He turned around and Ice was already out of site.  Only an envelope was left behind.]

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