Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Ice Wan Bing Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Edan Wong Sung Yuen Louis Koo Tin Lok
Joe Chow Kin Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Jaye Wan Wun Joey Meng Yi Mun
Rain Wan Lum Marianne Chan Mui Ying
Hang Lee Sing William Lam Ka Dong
Sean Lee Mark Kwok Yiu Ming
Ci Kwok Yan Ci Annie Man
Kyle Michael Tse

Chapter 5 - "Is this the best way or the worst is yet to come?"

SETTING: Another week the TO(training organization)...
Edan:  A8, can you reschedule another time for me?

Kyle[taking notes on a clipboard in his hands]:  You're not going to give up are you?  Even if you have the time, sorry to tell you, she's(refering to A2, the phoenix) out of the city.

Edan:  She is?

Kyle:  Yes, just your luck, isn't it!  [Edan walks away.]  I swear that guy needs to learn his manners.

SETTING: In a night, a late meeting...

Priest[on stage]:  See you all tomorrow.  [Ci takes her bible and began to walk out.]

    Ci, as another regular day after church, takes a bus home.  On the bus, she accompanies herself with her trusty bible.  Every page in it seems to be highlighted having special meanings.  The bus makes it's limited stops and only a faction of people attended the bus.  A man took a seat right next to Ci.  Pit was in a black outercoat with sun glasses on.  Suddenly, everyone was alarmed with the noises of the siren.  The cars in front had to stop one after another, seeing the crossguards.  Polices check every automoble passing this direction.     Ci, with a quick glance saw a gun stationary inside Pit's coat, half down into his pants.  Ci looked up at Pit.  Her eyes surprisingly didn't show much of fear but concern.  Pit and Ci's eyes met.

Pit[decides to threaten]:  If you listen to me, I will not harm you.  [He takes off his glasses and placed it on Ci's ears.  He then takes off his coat and layed it on, covering both of them.  He tilted Ci's head down on his shoulders and pretended to be a couple.  Ci automatically put her hands around Pit's arm, holding it tightly.  They both closed their eyes.]     Soon it was time for their bus to be searched.   A police walked in, scanning the area strickly.  But due to the fact of lacking many individuals in this bus, the process was quicker.  The police let the driver drive on as soon as he sense no suspision.  Unexpectedly, the two stayed that position through out the whole journey....

SETTING: At home...the house of the girls...     Deci is alone at home.  With a big bowl of mint chocolate chip flavor ice cream, she is seated on the comfy couch digging up the pile of tapes...also sobbing her life time of tears away...

Voices from the TV..."You won't, the woman I love isn't that kind of person...."  "I know, I know how the results will be...."

Deci[yelling from the top of her lungs]:  WHAT??  [She threw a cushion at the TV...]  Oh my god, I can't believe this.  [Walked up to the tv...]  You want her, not that other girl.  [poking on the TV screen.  She almost broke down the newly purchased 48" televsion set but resisted knowing that her sisters will not let her live if she did.  Meanwhile, she heard yelling noises next door as well.]

Joe:  What in the world?  How can you choose Tsui Ka Lap over Law Chi Kin??? This is insane.  [He then heard knocking on his backyard doors.  He walked over to make the peek and saw Deci. He slided the doors open...]

Deci[started to laugh]:  I'm going crazy over DIF4, and you?

Joe(she's a chinese tape lover too?!!):  CBWH, just borrowed it.

SETTING: Outside of the house, their backyards... Deci:  I've been meaning to ask you.  Are you...

Joe:  Are you the 'Siu Suet'?

Deci:  Only one person every called me that.  And he was the nice little boy, who always took care of me when we lived in the ophanage days.  [smiles sweetly.  Their eyes are now sanked into each others.  They both couldn't hold back anymore, they quickly hugged each other.]

Joe(I finally found her):  You are really Siu Suet.  I thought you didn't survive the fire.

Deci:  I thought you didn't.  You made me cried for months.

Joe:  Do you still remember?  [Looks at her deeply.]

Deci:  Yes, I always will.  Even though you were 14 and I was 12, I took it pretty serious.

Joe[giggles and looked away]:  No, I was talking about this.  [He stands up manly and made his posture to ask Deci to dance.]  May I?  [laying out his right hand.]

Deci(Ohhh):  My pleasure.  [She reached out her hands.  They started to dance.]

Joe[whispering in Deci's ears]:  Remember, when we were small?!  No matter where we were, what situation we were in, as long as we wanted to dance, any place was visualized as  a ball room.  [The scenes of the time when they where little filled their minds.]

Deci[whispering back]:  Yes, I remember.  But I also remember...

SETTING:  In Deci's room...late at night... Jaye:  You're positive?!

Rain(wonders):  Then those guys, they are all from the ophanage?  [Deci nodded]

Deci:  You don't have to ask.  Yes Hang is "Dall Hou Jai" the guy who talked too much.

Jaye:  Yeah, haven't changed a bit.

Deci:  Wasn't he your crush?

Rain(Was he?):  No way.

Deci:  You know there was a coincidence.  Our fate all turned out heading into the same route.

Jaye:  We were picked up and saved by boss.  They were saved by another killer.  This sounds kind of odd.  Is there such coincidence?

Rain(He's really Hang?):.....[not paying attention to them]

Deci:  What do you think?  Lum?  [patted her on her lap]

Rain:  Yes, what?

Deci:  What do you think?

Rain:  He's really Hang.  [Jaye and Deci gave them the eyes]  I said that out loud?!

SETTING: The next day...outside of a nightclub... Deci(Oh, god, I'm so nervous.  It's so late already.  When is that guy coming out?  I want to get this over with.):....That's it, I'll get him from the inside.

    Deci awaits for the man in the hall way of the bathrooms.  She sees the target walk passed her.  She aims the gun behind him.  She sweats and shakes nervously.  Her legs became unbalanced again.  She shook so much, she dropped the gun on the floor.  The man hears this and turns around.  He sees Deci and then looks down at the gun.  He pulls out his gun...]

Man:  Ha?!  Trying to kill me?  [Deci was completely unable to make another move.  The man began to pull the trigger...]

[BANG...a low shot noice was made.  The man dropped on the floor.]

Joe:  Come on.  Let's go.  [Joe had to pull Deci by the waist to make her move.]

SETTING: At home... Joe:  I'm not going to let her do it anymore.  She almost got herself killed.

Jaye:  I don't want to force her either but it's not our decision.

Joe:  No, not anymore.  Not if I'm here.

Rain:  Look, you're just going to get her killed either way.  If she's doesn't obey boss, she'll get killed even worst.

Jaye:  I don't know what to do.  [Joe and Jaye had no idea how to help Deci.]

Rain:  We have to help her... Where is she now?

Jaye:  She's in the showers...

SETTING: The next day...

The door opens as Deci enters the house...     "Hey, I'm back.  I bought night snacks."  She dropped her keys in the decorated glass bowl and walks into the kitchen.  "Where are you guys?  Come to the kitchen for food."  The silence continues.     Questioned the silent atmosphere, she checked the bedrooms for their exsistence.  She stepped into the living room and sat on the couch. "They were home awhile ago...where are they now?"     As she wonders her head around, she was suddenly dramatized by a site...she sees a stream of bleed on the floor behind the television...This site shivered her soul with despair.  With a slow pace, she walks forward to face such tragic.  Her eyes widen as she sees her sister, Jaye deadly lying there. "Jaye!"  Deci screamed.  She went over to pick her head up. "Jaye! What happened to you?"  She constantly shook her body.  "Don't scare me." Her eyes are full of watery tears.     She looks around the room, not knowing what to do.  Hoping to find a solution, she sees another terrified site.  Putting Jaye down, she runs over to the balcony.  Her heart ripes as she sees Joe lying unconciously.  Blood was the main theme.  She have never seen so much blood before.  Her sorrowness was slowly taken over by furious and vicious thoughts.  She noticed that a gun war has taken placed before from their wounds and the guns they are holding.  "How can this happen?  How could have anyone hurted Jaye?"     She ran over by Joe's side.  Lifting his body, her drops of tears rolled down rapidly.     "Joe.  Joe, please wake up.  You can't leave me.  Not now, not ever."     Without Deci's noticed, a drop of tear ran down the corner of Joe's eye...Being too occupied with concern, she didn't notice that she wasn't the only conscious being in the house.  Instantly, the lights were shut down. Leaving Deci scared as ever.  A black shadow passes in behind from the reflection of the long moonlight.  Deci's attention was caught and given.     Deci asked, "Who are you?"     Before she knew, she heard the sound of gun movements behind her head. She turns around, having the gun exactly facing her forehead.  Deci still could not make out why this person and this person's motive to all this.     Aggravated by depression, her hateful side roamed her facal expressions. Reminded herself that Joe is holding a gun, she immediately picked it up and shot the person spontaneously with all her will and might.  Her hatred for who ever this person aims her to kill.  The person falls on the floor but Deci is still shooting.  She pulled the trigger until she finally came to her senses that she has ran out of bullets.  Hyperventilating, she realized her acts and drops the gun.  The lights are suddenly turned back on....

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