Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Ice Wan Bing Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Edan Wong Sung Yuen Louis Koo Tin Lok
Joe Chow Kin Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Jaye Wan Wun Joey Meng Yi Mun
Rain Wan Lum Marianne Chan Mui Ying
Hang Lee Sing William Lam Ka Dong
Dylan Lam Bo Yau Steven Ma Chun Wai
Lam Yau son of Dylan and Ice
Pit Wong Sung Tin Wong Hei
Wong Hoi Sum daughter of the guys

Chapter 7

SETTING:  Many many hours HK
Ice[yarns after they announced that the plane will be landing in 20 minutes]:
What life time is this?  [just woke up]

Yuen:  Bing Jai, you're finally awake.

Ice:  How long have I been sleeping?

Yuen:  Umm, about, somewhat, 15 hours.

Ice:  What, why didn't you wake me up?  Ow...

Yuen:  What's wrong?

Ice:  Bathroom.  [She rushes to go to the bathroom]

Sum:  Ba Ba, when are you waking up?  [shakes his arm]

Edan[eyes widen]:  What?  Huh?  Oh, we're here?

Sum:  I don't know.

Yuen[pops up again]:  Yes, we are landing [checks his watch] in 15 minutes.

Edan:  Sum, you sit here and play with this gor gor.  Ba Ba has to go to the bathroom. 

Sum:  Ok.  [Edan takes off]

Yuen:  What's your name?

Sum:  My name is Wong Hoi Sum.

Yuen:  Hoi Sum!  That is good.  I am Lum Yuen.  How young are you?

Sum:  ??

Yuen:  When do you eat your birthday cake?  [sees Ice coming back.]  My mom is back.

Ice:  Chatting with this little girl?  [looks at Sum]  You are very cute.

Sum:  Jah Jah, you are very pretty too.

Ice[the flattering made Ice smile intensively]:  Sweet talker we have here.  Jah Jah will give you candy then.  [searches in her backpack.]  Here, I only have chocolate though.  [hands her a box of Andes chocolate]  Don't eat it all otherwise all your teeths will come off. 

Sum:  Ba Ba always eats this. 

Ice:  Oh really, then share it with your Ba Ba, ok!  [Sum nods, Ice goes back to her seat]

Yuen:  I have to make a stop to the bathroom too.

Ice:  You don't need me right?

Yuen:  NO!  [leaves...on the way bumps into Edan]  Sorry.

Edan:  Oh it's you.  Becareful.  [noticed that Yuen dropped a picture.  Looking at the picture...](I've seem this person before.  I wonder...)  Kid, you dropped your picture.

Yuen[turns back]:  Oh, thank you Shuk Shuk.  Bing Jah is going to kill me if I lose Ba Ba's picture.  Thanks again.  [goes to the bathroom]

[Minutes later, the plane has landed and everyone is getting off.] Edan[seeing Sum eating]:  Sum, who gave you the chocolate?  [Edan was busy talking to Sum.  Ice walked passed them heading to the bathrooms]

Sum:  Jah Jah gave it to me.  [She points to Ice's seat.]

Edan:  Oh.  [surprised that it was his favorite brand.]  Well, we have to get off now.  Jah Jah is not in her seat, we'll write her a thank you note, ok?!

Sum:  OK.

[Outside of the bathroom.]

Ice:  Yuen?  What are you doing in there?  We have to off now.

Yuen:  Ma, my tummy is hurting.

Ice(he hardly ever calls me anything close to mother, he must be in great pain...):  I have Mydos(?)...wait it's for cramps.  Nevermind.  Let me come in.

Yuen:  NO.

Ice:  Don't be embarrassed.  I'm your mother.

Yuen:  I am a man, I can take care of things.

Ice[gets a bit pissed]:  No 8 year old call themselves a man.  You're no where near.  [bangs on the door]

Yuen:  It's 8 1/2.  And you call yourself my mother? 

Ice:  Don't mess with my mind kid.  

SETTING: the girls house....
Rain:  Jah, how long do you think he's going to stay out there?  It's going to be a cold night.

Jaye:  It's really hard for him.  He just found Suet and now he lost her again.

Rain:  Poor guy.  It might snow tonight too.

Jaye:  Let's just leave him along.

[outside...Joe is sitting quietly on the bench, staring into the dark skies.]

Joe:  Before we had eight wonderful years together but this time, it was less then two months.  Where are you?  [sanked his head into his hands.]

[Not for long, slow falls of snowflakes filled the area, leaving a white color coat over everything.]
Joe[felt the coldness of the snow]:  Suet?!  (snow)  [he looks around, sees and hears no one but the chirping of the crickets...]  Where are you?

SETTING:  Unknown....
Seung[walking away after her mission]

Lui[sudden approaches Seung in front]

Seung[shuttles backwards, getting ready to fight]

Lui:  Are you reasonsible for Suet's disappearance?

Seung:  Lui?  [smiles and looks away]  You seldom come to me and this is your reason?  For Wan Suet?  [shakes her head]  Should have known.

Lui:  Is it true?

Seung[lightly laughs, turns another direction and began walking]

Lui[held on to her arm]:  Answer me.  [raises his voice]  This wasn't even bosses order.  What do you think you are doing?

Seung[flings his hands off, gets upset]:  For every issue, every situation, everything is for Wan Suet.  What about me?

Lui:  Their is no more you and I.  We are still friends and nothing more than that. 

Seung[sobers and faces Lui]:  Why?  What did I ever do wrong?  The last thing I knew, you just completely neglected me. 

Lui:  Come on, Seung.  Let's not do this again.  We are not meant to be together.  

Seung:  You're lying.  I know.  It's Wan Suet isn't it?

Lui:  Don't drag her into the issue.

Seung:  I can see it in your eyes. 

Lui:  No.  What you can't see is the wall built in between us?  I am no one to judge, we are both the same but the fact that you carry the bloodest hands due to innocents, I cannot live by that.

Seung:  What are you talking about?  You are a killer too.

Lui:  No, there is a difference.  You will accept any offer to kill anyone.

Seung:  I can change.

Lui:  No, I don't want you to differ yourself for me. 

Seung:  What do you want me to do?  [pleading voice]

Lui:  Please, just tell me if you have Suet or not.

Seung[revealing burning eyes]  Wan Suet, Wan Suet, alway Wan Suet.  Well you can just dream on.

Lui:  Don't make me....

Seung:  Is that a threat?  You are even considering to kill me?  I DEAR you.  [looks straight in the eye at Lui.  exposes her gun and jammed it on Lui's hand]  KILL ME.

Lui[pushes her away]:  You are crazy.  But I warn you, if I find out that you are really behind all won't be getting away.  [runs off]

Seung[shouts]:  Wan Lui, don't leave.
SETTING:  HK...Ice's home....
Yuen[jumps on the couch, scattering luggages everywhere]:  It's great to be home.

Ice:  Hey Hey, take off your shoes. 

Yuen[hears a bedroom door opening...]:  Ma Ma!(grandmother)  [runs over to hug her]

Ice:  Mother. 

Yue[shook her head]:  Yuen, got to your room.  I bought you some toys while you were away.

Yuen:  Wow, thank you Ma Ma.

Yue[Waits till Yuen leaves the area]:...

Ice:  Mother, we can't hid from that kid.  He'll know.

Yue:  Still, it's better that the problems of the adults don't interfere him. Have you found Suet yet?

Ice:  Yes, I really found her in NYC.  I have Sean watching over her.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet her and tell her our existence.

Yue[signs]:  She is my lifetime regret. 

SETTING:  next day...early in the morning...
Yuen:  Ma Ma, good morning.

Yue:  Good morning.  Come, I made breakfast.

Yuen[looks around]:  Where's Bing Jah?

Yue:  Where....

Yuen:  Oh, nevermind.  She must be at the cemetry.

SETTING:  XYZ Cemetry...
Pit[bending in front of a tombstone]:  Gina, don't worry.  I'm getting closer and closer to your avenge.   

Ice[few rows down, sitting aside a tombstone...]:  Thinking back, I haven't visited you near to a year.  [cleaning and swepting dirt away with her hands] Our son resembles you more and more as he grows.  You know this?  [holds up her ring]  I almost lost it again.  Sorry for being clumsy.

Pit[stands up and walks down after noticing Ice]:....

Ice:  Next time I will bring Yuen to see you.

Pit[feels strange]:  Deci? 

Ice[stops and turns her head around]:....

Pit:  Deci, it's really you.

Ice[stands up too]:...

Pit:  What are you doing in HK?  Where were looking all over for you.

Ice:  What happened to Suet?  What's going on?

Pit[confused]:  Huh?  What are you talking about?  I don't understand.

Ice:  Look, [signs]  I'm not Deci.

Pit[??]:....What do you mean?  Who are you then?

Ice(he seems truthworthy):  I am her twin sister. 

Pit:  Hold it, twin sisters?  When did that ever happened?

Ice:  She doesn't know about me.  I know you are confused now.  There's no time, tell me what happened?

SETTING: at Ice's apt...
Ice:  Yuen, I'm home.

Sean[already sitting on the sofa]:  Bing.

Ice:  Sean, what are you doing here?

Sean:  I..I..

Ice:  You lost track of my sister.

Sean:  Yes, how did you know?

Ice:  nevermind that.  Who told you to come back to HK?

Sean:  I thought I had to report it. 

Ice:  There's  a thing called...telephones and even electronic mail...

Sean[goes over and holds Ice by her waist]:  why do you constantely treat me so coldly?

Ice[trying to get lose]:  put you hands off me.  [gets relaesed and heads to her room]

Sean:  What if I'm here to tell you about Dylan?...

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