Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Ice Wan Bing Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Edan Wong Sung Yuen Louis Koo Tin Lok
Joe Chow Kin Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Jaye Wan Wun Joey Meng Yi Mun
Rain Wan Lum Marianne Chan Mui Ying
Hang Lee Sing William Lam Ka Dong
Dylan Lam Bo Yau Steven Ma Chun Wai
Wan Seung Vivian Leung
Wan Lui Jackie Lui
Pit Wong Sung Tin Wong Hei
Lo Ka Bo Mark Kwok

Chapter 8

[in Ice's apt...]
Ice[shocked]:  Are you saying you found the solicitant?

Sean:  you didn't seem interested before.

Ice[raises her voice]:  no, don't even try to act stupid with me especially when the issue concerns Dylan.

Sean:  I'm sorry.  well, here's all the info...[hands her a folder]  I'll leave before you jump me.  By the way, I think Yuen is still sleeping...from AM to PM. That kid must know I'm here.[leaves]

Yuen[walking out of his room]:  Bing Jah, what's the noise?

Ice[hids the folder]:  Oh nothing...go back to sleep if you need to.

Yuen:  Did you help me say 'hi' to Daddy?

Ice:  Yes, I did. 

Yuen:  Remember to bring me next time.

Ice:  Ok, you're such a whinner.  Come over here.  [starts to fix Yuen's clothes and hair...]  Of all the things, always remember this...if you can't find Bing Jah, you have to go to Ma Ma, Ching Yee or even Ci Ci Yee, ok?  Promise?

Yuen[slowly nods and sense something wrong]:  Y-ee-sss...

[in NYC...outside of the two houses..]
Rain:  thanks for driving me to chinatown...because of what happened...nobody had the mood to buy groceries anymore...the fridge is starting to build up an odor.

Hang:  No problem.  Just hope we can find Deci soon.

Rain:  Wait, [about to get into the car] I forgot my money.

Hang:  Yes, you were going to look like a fool in the market place.

Rain[drops everything into Hang's car and runs back into the house]

Hang[hears the ringing of Rain's cell..he picks it up...]:  Hello?

Jaye[on the other line]:  Hello?  Who's this?

Hang:  This is Hang...Rain just stepped away for sec...

Jaye:  Help me call her...forget it...come down to the FDR drive...I need someone...

Hang:  Ok, right away.

Rain[running out]:  Ok, I'm all set...[sees Hang starting the car without her]  Hey, what are you doing? 

Hang[looks from the mirror]:  Joe is coming out...tell him to drive time to talk...[drives off]

Rain:  What?  [upsettingly walks over to Joe]  Joe, can you give me a lift?  Your so called 'friend' completely ditched me.

Joe[forcefully smiles]:  hop on...

Rain:  now here's a real gentlemen...

Joe[suddenly Deci's face flashes spontaneously in Joe's mind...]:...

Rain[about to get into his convertible, on the seat next to him...]

Joe[suddenly locks all the doors]:  I'm sorry...[depressed]  no one can take her position...[drives off]

Rain[shocked]:  I spoke too soon.  [shouts out]  I don't mind being in the back you know...some heartless people we have here.  If I didn't hit that second pole last week, I wouldn't have to beg like this.  Forcing me to fight with the rush hour people in the subways...gosh....

[FDR Drive...]
Hang[on the phone]:  Jaye, where are you? 

Jaye[waves from a distant]:  I'm here!  Do you see me?  [Jaye is on the floor]

Hang[runs over to her]:  Are you ok?  Why are you on the floor[tries to get her up]

Jaye:  Ow..I twisted my ankle.

Hang:  Why are you here? 

Jaye:  I thought I saw Deci...

Hang[signs]:  Can you walk?

Jaye:  I doubt it.

Hang[takes her left foot and roles down her sock]

Jaye:  Do you even know what you are doing?

Hang:  No idea..

Jaye:  Don't touch me.

Hang:  I'm kidding.  [checks her foot, notices a scar]  Hey, what a hideous scar...

Jaye:  Ah...childhood injuries...don't mention it.

Hang[recalls the past]:  Was this a burnt mark?

Jaye:  yes, how did you know?

Hang(it's really her...i made that scar):  I can tell?!

Jaye:  Yeah...just get me home...

[Joe is driving endlessly in the highway of the Holland Tunnel...He speeds his car at a dangerous mode...his cell rings...]
Joe[realizing the # of the person calling]  Suet!  Hello?  Suet?

Seung:  Does this voice sound like Suet?  I don't think so.

Joe[fears]:  Who are you?  Why do you have Suet's cellphone?

Seung:  Oh don't raise your voice at me...if you want Wan Suet alive...come to....

[in HK...Nathan Road...Ice is in Pit's car]
Pit:  Are you sure?

Ice:  It should be accurate information.

Pit:  Are you sure this is the way you want me to help?

Ice: sister is missing and...

Pit:  Say no more.  I totally understand your situation.  If I get a chance like this, I would definitely be doing what you will be doing.

Ice:  Don't worry, you will get your chance to avenge you lover's me pray that I do.

[in Pit's apt...]
Pit[opens the door, sees Sum]

Sum:  Dai Ba Ba, you're home!

Pit:  Sum, I missed you too.  Say hi to Jah Jah.

Sum[stares at Ice]:  Jah Jah?  Did I see you somewhere before?

Pit:  Yes, you did...remember when we went to the Statue of Liberty, you saw Jah Jah there.

Sum:  Oh...

Edan[coming out with a dish]:  You're home...

Ice[looks deeply into Edan...trying to make out his features...]

Edan:  It's Deci!  [runs up to them]  Why are you here?      

Ice[to Pit]:  Who is he?

Pit:  He is my brother Edan.

Edan: ??  

Pit:  Yes, I found her here, in HK.  We just came back from a doctor, she lost her memory....

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