Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Ice Wan Bing Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Edan Wong Sung Yuen Louis Koo Tin Lok
Joe Chow Kin Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Jaye Wan Wun Joey Meng Yi Mun
Rain Wan Lum Marianne Chan Mui Ying
Hang Lee Sing William Lam Ka Dong
Dylan Lam Bo Yau Steven Ma Chun Wai
Wan Seung Vivian Leung
Wan Lui Jackie Lui
Pit Wong Sung Tin Wong Hei
Tommy Lau Eric Wan

Chapter 9
Preview of Last Chapter: A mysterious caller informs Joe about Deci's whereabouts. Pit brings Ice home, she pretends to be her twin sister, Deci...

[in Edan's apt...]
Edan[shocked]: she what?

Pit: That's why I brought her home...she doesn't remember anything.

Edan[about to grab the phone]: I think we should call the guys and inform them...they are pretty much scared to death for her these pass weeks.

Ice: nooo....

Edan: Huh?

Ice: Who are you calling? (like i don't know...pretend..pretend..)

Edan: Your family...your sisters of course!!

Ice(god, help me): who, my sisters? Don't...I..I..don't even remember them.

Edan: But they are you only family members

Ice: Please don't...I'll feel very uncomfortable...

Pit: The doctor said, she only trust me at the moment...bringing unknown strangers may worsen her condition...(i'm lying to my brother...)

Ice: Yes...i heard that too...that's what I remember...

Edan(this doesn't feel right): Ohh...kay...but her sisters are not strang...

Pit: Wow, it's getting late...I'll escort her to the visitor's bedroom...[walks with Ice into the hallways of bedrooms]

Ice[whispering]: do you think he bought it?

Pit: hopefully...but my brother is pretty knowledgeable...don't count on it...

Sum: Daddy..aren't we going to have the midnight snack together? My tummy is making this weird noises again. [pulls on to Edan's pants...]

[in New Jersy...Newport Mall...]
Joe[holding onto his phone...being alert of everywhere]: I'm here already...where is she?

Seung: don't twist your head to hard...I wouldn't let you find me.

Joe: Please, tell me where Suet is.

Seung: it won't be that easy.

Joe: are you insane? why do you have to bring such pain upon us? Are you suppose to enjoy this? answer me.

Seung[laughs]: more of an entertainment...a game..a can I not enjoy this. I'll die to cause despair on every single person that links with Wan Suet. Sane? Yes, you can call me whatever you want. It's not going to make it any easier.

Joe: why are you doing this?...

Seung[drops the phone]

Lui[walking up to Seung as Seung shuttles backwards]: I warned you, I gave you a chance to turn back but you chose to omit my words.

Sueng: if you devour me, I can assure you, she will be the dessert that comes along.

Lui: don't threaten me. I heard every word. You are ten times worse then the Wan Sueng I knew.

Seung: What do you mean? You made me turn like this. This so called "new Wan Seung" is your creation.

Lui: Maybe, maybe it was really me. [feeling sorry]

Seung[sees Joe running toward them]: he's coming...

Lui: who's he?

Seung: your enemy.

Joe: It's you. I know it's you. What have you done with Suet?

Seung: It's too late.

Lui: What do you mean?

Joe: Who are you? You must be on her side. I'm not afraid of you two.

Seung[laughs...pushes Lui into Joe and runs to her escape...]

Lui: Seung

Joe: I'm not letting you get away. [runs after her] never...

[next the morning...]
Edan[stretches his body..coming out of his room] [he then opens the door to the bathroom]

[Ice was inside the bathroom...sensing that someone is opening the door..with her great reflexes of her legs..Edan almost couldn't get his finger out]

Edan: Gosh...What the...

Ice[opens the door]: Oh..i'm sorry...force of habit

Edan: Ok (I'm not use to another person in the house...)[looks at Ice up and down...she wasn't wearing anything but a long WHITE t-shirt] I'm sorry...[turns around](especially not another woman...)

Ice(oh yeah)[immediately closes the door](this is not my day...being taken advantage of early in the morning...)

[in nyc...the girl's house]
Hang: are you sure you guys haven't seen Joe? He doesn't have a habit of disappearing without a trace and not let notice first.

Rain: the last time was when he first agreed to drive me after you completely ditched me but then he mumbled something and droved away.

Jaye: what did he say?

Rain: umm...something one can take her position...[frozed with her mouth open]

Jaye: he's talking about Suet. [Rain shakes her head, agreeing]

Hang: I sense his sorrow for what has happened to her but i don't get what this have to do with her.

Rain: i don't know either.

Jaye: this moment, what is the only thing that can control Joe's emotional ups and downs?

Hang: finding your sister

Jaye: exactly, Suet. Yesterday, I thought I saw the back of Suet and I flipped...chased after a girl for blocks, but then I wasn't Suet.

Rain: Are you trying to say something similar might have occurred with Joe?

Jaye: Well, Suet is the only person that startled him like that.

Hang: he may be out to search for Deci, but how? It's like finding a needle from a hay stack.

Rain: we're working on it...spreading the words but hopefully not too far.

Hang: what do you mean?

Jaye: If our boss finds out, I cannot imagine what might happen next. [stressing]

Hang: It's getting late, why don't you two help yourselves to sleep. [getting up...Hang holds on to Jaye's shoulders and accompanied her up the stairs. Rain sees Hang's attentiveness and concern for Jaye...a sour face is revealed.]

[in HK....Ice opens the gate to leave with Pit...]
Pit[smiles when seeing a man leaving his apt as well]: Tommy, good morning...

Tommy: Hey, you came back from the U.S.

Ice(Tommy?!):...[Tommy stares at Ice and smiles nicely]

PIt: Where are you heading now?

Tommy: oh, to the station of course. It's better you don't follow me...

Pit: Right. So see you. [tommy leaves] [to Ice] He's the Tommy you're looking for?

Ice: How am I going to get close to him?

Pit: Are you sure he was the officer investigating Dylan's case back then?

Ice: I...I...I don't remember's been too long. My mother took me to the U.S. right after the's just been so hard....[runs down the stairs...]

[in the afternoon]
Edan[realizes Ice sitting alone in the park] [walks up to her]: Suet? What are you doing here?

Ice[surprised]: I...

Edan: Did you get lost? Oh wait, we live a block from here...

Ice[as mush as Ice wants to reveal the truth to this innocent person in front of her, she knows for Dylan's sake, she has to continue to play along]: I'm fine.

Edan: Are you sure you don't want your sisters notified? I mean at least let them know you are safe at the moment.

Ice[was too occupied with unanswered thoughts to care for what Edan said]: whatever you want...[walks away]

Preview of NEXT chapter: Edan gets supicious of Ice's identity. Jaye, Rain and Hang takes the fastest flight over to HK after Edan's call. Joe is still on the hunt for Deci. It turns out that Seung has been telling different stories to different individuals. CiCi comes back to HK after she heard Ice's plan. Rain starts to get jealous. Tommy and Ice actually has connections....stay tuned....

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