Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Character Artist
Deci Wan Suet Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Ice Wan Bing Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen
Edan Wong Sung Yuen Louis Koo Tin Lok
Joe Chow Kin Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Jaye Wan Wun Joey Meng Yi Mun
Rain Wan Lum Marianne Chan Mui Ying
Hang Lee Sing William Lam Ka Dong
Dylan Lam Bo Yau Steven Ma Chun Wai
Wan Seung Vivian Leung
Wan Lui Jackie Lui
Pit Wong Sung Tin Wong Hei
Tommy Lau Eric Wan


Edan[catches up with Ice]: Suet, are you sure you know your way around?

Ice:....[crossing the streets]

Yuen[on the other side]: Yee Yee, Bing Jah? [turns over to Edan] With Shuk Shuk?

Cici: Yuen...[shakes her head at him]

[Ice walks pass them without knowing that she did. Ci Ci and Yuen both purposely ignored Ice]

Yuen: Auntie Ci Ci, can you please tell me what's happening?

[unknown place]
Deci: Seung, where have you been?

Seung[closing the door]: I was out doing my business. How is the training going?

Deci[suddenly approaches an attack toward Seung to show her improvement]

Seung[gasps her moves and blocks...] [she almost couldn't withhold the speed]: not bad.

Deci: I am learning everyday.

Seung: Believe me, when boss finds out you are becoming more and more of a willful killer, the arrows will be turned away.

Deci: hopefully. I will not be a disgrace to my sisters, ever...

[in HK, in Edan's home]
Pit: Edan, do you know where B... Suet is?

Edan[a little nervous]: I was walking with her just then. I losted her around the corner.

Pit[seems unworried] Oh all right. [sits casual on the sofa]

Edan[starts to question the situation]: wait wait, oh all right? Did I hear wrong? she's a walking body wouldn't memory.

Pit: Oh, ohhh, yes. She'll be alright. I mean, cops are all over the streets. She may have amnesia, she's not an idiot. [starts to leave the apt...] and don't forget....9 pm, sharp....

[outside of Mong Kwok Police Station...]
Ice[Sees Tommy coming out...]

Tommy[notices Ice, starts to ponder again]: It's you again. Is there a problem?

Ice{stammers]: I...I...

Tommy[interrupts]: wait, I remember, are Ah So(meaning brother's wife).


[at a cafe]
Ice: I'm glad you recoqnize me. I didn't have a clue on your identity.

Tommy: I was wondering why you left before the investigation even ended.

Ice: I...

Tommy: It's ok, I understand. It must have been tough for you.


Tommy: You wanted to know about the case, right? It's been so long...8 years long.

Ice: I just want to know, who is responsible for Bo Yau's death?

Tommy: I'm sure you know his body was never found....we never found it even after your departure

Ice[nods]: no one was convicted?

Tommy[hesistates]: the case went on, we found out that he had connections with some illegal business. He owed a debt.

Ice: illegal dealings? He's a police officer....he was killed by loansharks? I recalled he didn't owe money to anyone.

Tommy: should be a professional killer

Ice(killers...): his name was never cleared, wasn't it?

Tommy: we never had a chance to dig through the whole truth.

Ice: it's because he didn't have a chance to explain is Jen?

Tommy: maybe it was because of her brother's incident, she immediately join the police force after college. Currentlly, she holds a position in my team.

[at Edan's apt. building...]
Ice: Thanks for discussing it with me.

Tommy: Bing...

Ice: I still preferred to be called Ah So.

Tommy: yes..[smiles]

[edan comes out was his garbage...sees Ice and Tommy walking up the steps]
Edan: you're finally back. Tommy, you know each other?

Tommy: yes, she's....

Ice[interrupts]: Tommy, thanks for your help. I've distrubed you enough's getting late...

Tommy: Ok, good night...

Edan: I didn't know you know him?

Ice: Really...

Edan[decides to stop the questions]: We're not going to be home today There's some left overs in the fridge. For emergencies, you know how to reach us, right?

Ice: Yes, just go.

Pit: Hang should be back in HK very soon.

Fung: What about Joe? I've been notified that he hasn't been taking his orders for over a month.

Edan: Boss, he will report himself...

Fung: when will that be?

[there was silence]

Fung: I hope he will realize the leave me. [both Pit and Edan left]

Sean[comes out]: Boss, I know who that girl is.

Fung: There is really a woman involved?

Sean: Yes, she is called Wan Suet. I've seen her around with Joe most of the time. Oddly, Joe is no where to be found but that girl has been wtih Edan and Pit constantly in HK.

Fung: Wan surname?

Sean: Yes.

Fung: I guess they still haven't learnt their lesson, especially for Pit, such a pity. [looks at Sean] You know what to do.

[in Edan's apt...]
Ice[hears the doorbell ring]: I thought they won't be home this early? [opens the door]

Rain: Suet!! [drops everything and gave her a bear hug....followed by another hug for Jaye]

Jaye: You're ok.

Ice[stunned, didn't know what to do with these people](why are they here?)

Hang: guys, let's not stand here. [they all went inside]


Rain: Girl, where have you been?

Ice[felt so bad, trying to fight with her conscience]: I don't know.

[the door unlocks from the outside...Edan and Pit comes home]


Edan: You guys came.

Hang: Yes, we got on the plane as soon as we received your phone call.

Jaye: What's wrong with Suet? [looking at the guys]

Edan: she, she has amnesia.

Rain: What?

Jaye: no wonder, your behavior is so different.

Ice:....[just looked around brightly]

Rain: so you have no idea who did this to you? Don't worry, I'm going to break their bone for you.

Ice: I really don't remember.

Pit: You all just survived hours and hours of boredom on the plane, why don't you get a good sleep, take care of you things.

Hang: yeah, i'm being to get a back ache. [rubs his back] Jaye, I'll show you to the rooms.

Rain[angryly]: Where's the bathroom?

Hang[points]: Oh, it's down the hall, last room right corner.

Rain[realizes Hang will care not for her, walks to the bathroom, moodlessly]

Hang: now you don't have to be so upset, your sister is safe and sound. [Jaye smiles]

Ice: Jaye, don't worry.

Jaye[suddenly stares at Ice](she just called me by my first name? She never calls me that)

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