Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Main Characters

Ice Wan Bing-Jessica Hsuan
Deci Wan Suet-Jessica Hsuan
Jaye Wan Wun-Joey Meng
Rain Wan Lum-Marianne Chan
Wan Seung-Vivian Leung
Wan Lui-Jacky Lui
Wan Law Mei-Lisa Wong
Edan Wong Sung Yuen-Louis Koo
Pit Wong Sung Tin-Wong Hei
Joe Chow Kin-Julian Cheung
Hang Lee Sing-William Lam
Tommy Lau Siu Man-Eric Wan
CiCi Kwok Yan Ci-Annie Man
Kwok Fung-Adam Cheng
Kwan Bik Yuk-Carol DoDo Cheng
Ha Ching-Wallis Pang
Jen Lam Bo Ming-Joyce Tang
Dylan Lam Bo Yau-Steven Ma
Lam Yuen-the vampire kid in MDWAV
Kyle Hoi Sueng Nam-Michael Tse
Sean Lee-Mark Kwok(not related to Hang Lee)


[A white glow shines through a lead way, she walked in not knowing where she was heading. Blurred by the shine, she heard death noises and gun shootings.]
Woman: NO! nowake updon't leave meyou said we are going to start overyou said we are going to go to a place where we can begin our own familyisn't that what we both want? Our wish cannot succeed without youplease, don't leave me[the trigger was pulled, the woman falls on top of the man]

[Another doorway suddenly appears. Her heart wanted to take a clearer view below the glow but her legs forbaded her. The door opens itselfShe saw her mother lying on the floor. Running over, with her little hands, she sturdily shoves forward on her mother's arm repeatedly. She pleaded for her to awake, to get up and play with her. There were no sign of aliveness but what does she know at age 4. A pair of hands are placed on her shoulders]
Woman: now, nowcome with me Jaye. It's all over now. Say goodbye to mommyFOREVER

[Jaye arises from her bed, yelling out a fearful scream, while is covering with sweat and tears. Rain and Deci woke up instantly.]
Rain[rubbing her eyes]: What?

Deci: Jah?

Rain: oh no, it's happening again?

Deci: no, it can't be

Jaye[breathing abnormally fast]: I see it, I'm dreaming of it again.

Hang[spurts inside]: huh? Huh..what? what's going on? Are we being attacked?

Edan[the others came from behind]: is everyone ok?

Pit: girls, are you ok?

Rain: it's one of those bad dreams.

Hang: oh

Jaye: It's coming all back to me nowbut why?

Deci: you haven't had those dreams for yearswhat startled it back?

Hang: what dreams are you exactly talking about? The one that you experience yourself in the never ending fall? I get that a lot.

Jaye: It's the same dream over and over again. But somehow, I dreamt of something else, something more this time.

Deci: you mean besides finding your mother dead?

Hang: watching your mother dying? Oh my god

Jaye: yes, the voice was familiar to me but I can't get the picture of it.

Pit: don't stress yourself.

Edan: you should consult a doctor or something if this continues.

Jaye: I will[still worries..]

[in the apartment next door]
Jen[rushes into Tommy's room with a drink]: Ok, okwater coming[hands it to the awaken Tommy.]

Tommy: thanks.

Jen: how are you feeling?

Tommy: it's 3 nights in a role nowI don't know why it's happening.

Jen: those nightmares again? Maybe it's pressure from our job. It's not that unreasonable to dream of gun wars.

Tommy: but it's differenta man and a woman dying. I don't understand what the dream meant.

Jen: don't think about it too much.

Tommy: maybe I should see a psychiatrist.

[In a restaurant]
Ching: are the investigations still going on?

CiCi: not sure, they will inform us asap.

Ching: I hope it's not too ugly. [They both notices Ice's inattentiveness to their conversation.]

CiCi: Bing? What's up with you?

Ice: huh? Oh, what did you say?

Ching: there's definitely something wrong with you. I hardly ever see you so lost in thoughts before.

CiCi: it's Edan isn't it?

Ice: let's just say it's something I don't wish to spend my thoughts on.

CiCi: like I said, it's Edan isn't it?

Ching: What's going on between you two anyway?

Ice: nothing is going on

CiCi: maybe that's the problem? Nothing is happening.

Ice: I'm going to the washroom so you two can talk behind my back, okaren't I thoughtful?

Ching: Just go!

[on the wayshe is suddenly being pulled into the bathroom]
Ice: Ah, let go

Edan[standing in front of her]: Bing.

Ice: What do you think you are doing?

Edan: Look, I don't care if I have to drag you into the men's room to be able to talk to you

Ice: Edan, we are in the lady's room.

[Edan rapidly extracts Ice out of the lady's room and into the men's room]

Edan: where were we? Yes, if this is one way of talking to you.

Ice: you're crazy. I'm out of here.

Edan: don't go. [forces the door shut with his hand.]

Ice: Edan, not now, not here and if this continues, not ever!

Edan: can you at least explain to me what happened in our relationship?

Man[coming out of a stall]: I thought I heard a woman. [weirdly giving looks at Ice] um, mister, can you let me o

Edan[to the man]: Shut up! [turns to Ice]Bing, I need an answer. Do you realize how horrible you're making this? I don't even know what happened. Am I even deserving for all this.

Ice: What are you doing? Let the man out.

Edan: not until you tell me

Man: Mister, would you please excuse me

Ice: Edan

Edan: get out of my face!

Man: God damnit, Lady, just tell this jackass why you dumped him. You two are inactivating the earth from revolving.

Ice: I'm sorry[forces Edan to release his hand] so sorry

Man: some crazy people..[leaves]

Ice[angrily seizes the chance to leave]

Edan[caught her risk]

Ice[screams out]: It's meit's me! You didn't do anything're too perfect for me[dashes out of the restaurant]

[Somewhere windy with a great view.]
Deci[throws the envelope with the picture at Seung]: What's the meaning of this?

Seung: Feisty feisty[She picks up JAYE'S picture.]

Deci: What do you think you are doing? This can't be an order.

Seung: You know the rules. And I'm sure you know the consequences of not obeying by the rules of this game, am I right?

Deci[shakes her head]: You set me up. Wan Seung, you're such a hypocrite.

Seung: It took you pretty long to figure out.

Deci: All that time, I though you were on my side. [lifts her hands closer] What have I become to?

Seung: if you can figure all that out, I'm sure you will get this one soon enough. [Deci falls to the ground] Don't forget the deadline. The life of you sister's or yours. [starts to leave]

[Deci takes out her gun and aims at Seung]
Deci: It is all your fault. It is youyou never intended to help me but to make the worse out of me.

Seung: if you personally didn't want to, no one could have forced you. Put down the gun and don't be stupid. The games have just begun for you and I. Just watch. [leaves]

[days laterin the streetsA honk from a car catches CiCi and Ching's attention]

CiCi: oh Pit!

Pit: you two need a lift?

Ching: sure, why not

[inside the car]

Pit: so how's everyone?

CiCi: okay I guess..

Ching: I believe it's not okay for Edan and Ice.

Pit: Edan have been devastated. We asked but he doesn't know himself. Do you guys know about anything? Like about Bing.

CiCi[immediately answers]: nope, we don't know anything.

Pit: okay. Would you two kindly full me in on where you want to go?

Ching: Church!

Pit[smiles to himself]: I'm going there to.

Ching: just out of curiosity, has your friend, rehabilitated yet?

Pit: oh, you mean Hang. Forget about him, he's always like that.

Ching: so why are you alone?

Pit: ohwe decided to pig out todayI was sent off to by the food after the lousy 'all ma' game (a group of people repeatedly pats one hand on their chest and then throws out either the palm or the back of their hand to determine the split up of teams/group!) , so I have to go after church.

Ching: Aren't you going to invite us?

CiCi: Ching!

Ching: What?

Pit: I was going to

Ching: oh..I was only kidding, we can't anyway!

[after 5 minutes of driving]

Ching: oh, oh.stop the carI'm getting off here.

Pit: here? We're not at the Church yet.

Ching: oh, I'm not going to church. CiCi is. You see, I'm not a Church person. You two have fun! [gets off]

Pit[shows a bit of disappointment, CiCi observes it]

[In Edan's apt]
Hang: Come on, this is all you got?! We have a herd of starving pigs here.

Joe: speak for yourself.

Pit: I'm sure this is more then enough to serve. The cashier thought I was going to purchase everything in their supermarket.

Hang: Cute!

Jaye: Let's just eat!

Rain: I have a big appetite today.

Hang: oh really! Don't come crying to us when you gain a pound of two.

Rain[ignores him]

Pit: you must be talking about yourself, huh?

[they soon have their 'dah been lo' is all set upeveryone is not afraid of each other's saliva, picks out food with their own chopsticks.]
Hang: we should get more of this organ stuff! It's so tasty.

Edan: watch, you're going to gain a ton and then complain the heck out of us for buying so much of this organ stuff that you love!

Hang: shut up and eat.

Sum: Daddies, I want fish ball. [All of her daddies, picks up a fish ball for her and drops it in her bowl. She giggles adorably seeing the hill of fish balls.] Daddies, it's too much.

Rain: you guys love playing her don't you? [helps her scoop half over to another bowl]

Deci: where's the beer?

Joe: I'll get it.
[after an hour of eating, the guys decide to go out for a movie to loosen their fullness. Edan hand somewhere else in mind. Leaving Hang and Rain home alone because they both went drunk from the beer.]

[in Ice's apt]
CiCi[uncovers Ice's blanket]: Bing, get up. Come on.

Bing: Ci, what do you want? I'm tired, let me sleep. [covers herself with her pillow.]

CiCi: there's something wrong and you know it.

Bing: no, nothingjust leave me along.

CiCi: you've been on this bed for the past days, you've slept enough.

Bing: Ahh..stop, I hate you, what are you doing?

CiCi: I don't care if you want to kill me. You have to face the fact that you do have a problem.

Bing: I'm fine, I don't have a problem.

CiCi: Then why have you been secretly trashing almost every meal I made for you. Come on, I'm bringing you to a doctor.

[in the clinic, inside Dr. Lau's office]
Bing: Doc, I feel fine. My friend is just over concerned.

Dr. Lau: well, the results hear doesn't appear to be the way you say it. We recommend a glycohemoglobin test ever three to six weeks to keep track of your sugar level. How long ago was your most recent testings?

CiCi: seeI told you.

Bing: he recommends, he didn't say must!

CiCi: Doctor, has it worsen?

Dr. Lau: your blood sugar level has gone up.

Bing: but I don't feel at thing wrong with me.

CiCi: be quiet and listen to him.

Dr. Lau: You must have been skipping your daily insulin injections, am I right? Tight control of blood sugar may prevent, or at least delay, the long-term complications of diabetes. Besides insulin injections, diet and exercise remains important.

CiCi: did you hear that?

Dr. Lau: here, I've packed a new set for you. I think you will find it easier to control your blood sugar level if you take two or more injections of insulin a day, rather than one big dose.

Ice: yes, doc

Dr. Lau: overall, there isn't a big problem in the meantime. Eat frequently and at regular fixed intervals, meaning three meals a day, plus two or three snacks.

CiCi: Yes, I'll make sure to it.

Ice: that's all right? I'm leaving[grabs the bag and takes off]

CiCi: Bing?!

[outsides of the office, Dr. Lau stops CiCi]
Dr. Lau: Miss, someone should watch her. She'll need all the support she can get. Because it is a chronic disease that cannot be cured, diabetes is stressful for the person who has it and sometimes for that person's family too.

CiCi: I understand. I'm trying my best.

[Ice decides to go back and look for CiCi but only find her sitting on the seats located in the halls with the doctor. She didn't show her face though.]

CiCi: I see that happening already. She even throws my prepared diet meals for her.

Dr. Lau[continues to explain] Adults with diabetes chafe at having to maintain a regular schedule for meals and medication. Emotions also complicates her actions.

CiCi[nods her head]

Dr. Lau: Spouses of diabetics may resent the illness for its demands on time and energy, or may live in fear of its long-term consequences. [Ice rushes her way out.]

CiCi: I see

Dr. Lau: I recall that she's unmarried.

CiCi: yes, I'm so worried over her mental thoughts. I don't want her to always see the worst out of everything. It's because of her disease that prevents her from having a normal relationship.

Dr. Lau: that's usually the case.

CiCi: Her behavior varies a lot.

Dr. Lau: Denial, guilt and anger are common. All normal responses to diabetes. There are established support groups and professional counselors available to assist diabetic patients and their families.

CiCi: Thank you so much for your valuable information. Your time is highly appreciated.

Dr. Lau: I just look forward into helping out my patients to the fullest.

CiCi[sees Edan walking up behind the doctor]: Edan?!

[in a park]
CiCi: I believe you heard everything.

Edan: I didn't mean to follow you guys here. I saw you two heading to the clinic, I was worried.

CiCi: It's fair enough that you should learn the truth by now.

Edan: She's very crazy(ho saw). Maybe someone else would but I will never resent her. Never because of this reason.

CiCi: Maybe you should tell her this, not to me.

Edan: that's if I can get close to her for a second without other people staring at me like I'm going to kidnap her.

CiCi: don't blame her for all this. Bo Yau(Dylan) left her when she was only in her late teens, with a baby left behind. When she finally had the courage to stand up again, she found out that she was diagnosed with this disease. She lived a life full of anguish and misfortune. I'm trying my best to change things around for her. I really hope to see that you will help me out.

Edan: she's very lucky to have you as a friend.

CiCi: I believe she will do the same for me if I was in her places. She did a lot for me, more then any friend could have done. This is the least I can do for her.

Edan: why? Oh..don't answer that.

CiCi: she's the reason why I'm still living today.

Edan: say no more.

CiCi: Bing really needs our support. Mostly yours.

Edan: I know what to do.

[in a book store]
[Jaye wanders around each aisle, searching for a book. Tommy appears to be in the next aisle before her. They spot each other though a slot of a missing book.]
Tommy: Jaye!

[leaving the store]
Jaye: I'm glad we can end all the frightenings.

Tommy: Yes, they were just a crew of hijackers. But you all sure showed them you're not just any normal person.

Jaye[feels cold feet]: what do you mean? We're as normal as normal can be.

Tommy: hehe, I know. I'm talking about your excellence in kung-fu's. Quite awesome.

Jaye: oh, ohthanks! It was really nothing.

Tommy: where are the others?

Jaye: They went to the movies.

Tommy: Romeo Must Die, huh?

Jaye: yeah

Tommy: haha, why didn't you go with them? You can compare martial arts skills with Jet Li!

Jaye: oh stop it.

[Edan pulls Ice out of the car]

Ice: What are you doing? Where are you taking me?

[They arrive to the cemetery]

Ice: why are you bringing me here? [tries to turn away]

Edan: just walk with me. [they stop at Dylan's grave] can you just give me at least 5 minutes and hear me out?

Ice[looks away]:

Edan: today, I finally understood. I know why and what the problem have been.

Ice[looks at him]: you do?

Edan: but I'm really disappointed that you're facing your problems by yourself. You're not willing to let me know.


Edan: what kind of person did you think I was? I never thought of leaving youand definitely not for such absurd reason. I'm concerned on your health more then anything. [holds on to her hands] As we are standing in front of Dylan, I am going to make a promise to him and to you. He'll be our witness. I'm not going to leave you, instead I will take care of you and that is a promise that I will never break. Can you please, give this poor guy a chance to do let him fulfill his promise?

Ice: Edan, I'm sorry. [lets go of Edan's hands and senses the worries in his eyes] I'm sorry for treating you so unfairly. [wraps her arms around him tightly] I'm sorry for being so stupid. I'm sorry for everything. [they continues to embrace..]

**What are the dreams suppose to mean? Why is Jaye's mother's death still haunting her? What is Deci going to do with her job? What is Seung's next move? What happens to two drunk beings when left alone? Will Edan and Ice's relation last even after his convincings? Does Pit show interest in Ching mainly because she looks like his dead girlfriend? Will CiCi ever get a chance? Will their be an existence of a killer/cop relationship?

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