Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Main Characters

Ice Wan Bing-Jessica Hsuan
Deci Wan Suet-Jessica Hsuan
Jaye Wan Wun-Joey Meng
Rain Wan Lum-Marianne Chan
Wan Seung-Vivian Leung
Wan Lui-Jacky Lui
Wan Law Mei-Lisa Wong
Edan Wong Sung Yuen-Louis Koo
Pit Wong Sung Tin-Wong Hei
Joe Chow Kin-Julian Cheung
Hang Lee Sing-William Lam
Tommy Lau Siu Man-Eric Wan
CiCi Kwok Yan Ci-Annie Man
Kwok Fung-Adam Cheng
Kwan Bik Yuk-Carol DoDo Cheng
Ha Ching-Wallis Pang
Jen Lam Bo Ming-Joyce Tang
Dylan Lam Bo Yau-Steven Ma
Lam Yuen-the vampire kid in MDWAV
Kyle Hoi Sueng Nam-Michael Tse
Sean Lee-Mark Kwok(not related to Hang Lee)


[Around midnight, Edan and Ice wraps around each other facing the waters at the beach.]

Ice: I hope you will not deplore this decision.

Edan: no, this is what I want. This is the path of my heart.

Ice: but have your heart told you that, that

Edan[covers her mouth]: all I know is that, it is not the outcome of our relation but the process that counts. If you know I am going to die tomorrow, I know that you are still going to love me like always. It makes no difference.

Ice: I know, I do understand. But I wouldn't even know how long I would be able to be with you.

Edan: Don't say those things. That's why we will have to cherish every second we are together. Every second is a gain for us.

Ice: If something happens to me, will you ever forget me?

Edan: don't be silly.

Ice: just answer me.

Edan[tries to come up with something romantic to say]: If it so happens, when I see you in the streets but I don't know who you arewait for me at the subways of NYC. And I'll be a date, I will see you there! I will not leave until I see you and that you will do the same.

Ice: this may work with an 18-year-old but for not me. I am a mother already!

Edan: I thought all girls fall for the sweet talks!

Ice[curious]: why in NYC?

Edan: I don't know, but I feel I've seen you before. I don't believe I met you in HK first but rather in NYC.

Ice: To think of it, I've seen Sum before in chinatown a couple of times.

Edan: I saw Yuen too.

Ice: Do you think

Edan[nods his head]: it's all fate!

Ice: Why in the subways though?

Edan[looks out to the beach]: have you every notice how it is always rush hour underground? Everyone is aiming to land at a destination. While the whole city is rushing, I want to slow down. I once wanted to feel how it felt, sitting at the graffiti seats, watching people getting in and out of the subways. This is very silly

Ice: tell me

Edan: I was hoping that one day, out of the millions, my other half will come out of the subway and join with me.

Ice: aww..that's very sweet!

Edan: I thought it wouldn't work on you! But seriously I'm not lying.

Ice: I know you're not. At least it doesn't seem that way. You better not be telling this to some other girl when I'm gone.

Edan: stop it!

Ice: Wait, you didn't tell me what trains.

Edan: let fate play it's role.

Ice: yuck!

[as dawn hitsHang, having his head leaning against his left palm with his elbow on the bed, he stares at Rain, the being next to him. Apparently, the night hit them hard and they made a mistake. He starts to let out low blows at the sleeping Rain. Rain, feeling the funny itch, scratches her face and then swings her arm right at Hang, knocking him off the bed. Waking herself up, she sees the ceiling. Turning her body, she sees an unfamiliar hand reaching up. Hang's face sticks up and she clamors.]

Rain: AHHHHHH [grabbing onto the sheets.

Hang[quickly covers her mouth]: what are you doing, you want to wake the whole house?

Rain[settles down, she takes a peak at herself under the sheet; she lets out a low pitched cry]: oh my god.

Hang: Yeah, who would have ever guess I'll play one night stand, with you!

Rain: Get out, get outI don't want to see you!

Hang: This is my room, I can't get any outer!

Rain: I don't care if you have to jump out the window.

Hang: come on, It's not like I wanted toI meanno offenseoh just shut up Hang

Rain: What are we going to do?

Hang[suddenly thinks of Jaye]: Oh no, Jaye must not know of this. I'm going to be a foul ball for sure.

Rain[furiously slaps Hang]: I hate you.

Hang: You can kill me all you want later, but we ought to find a solution now.

Rain: I don't care anymore

Hang: what? What is that suppose mean?

Rain[realizes that all he cares for is Jaye's feelings]

Hang: hey, where are you going?

Rain: you're not leaving, I am.

Hang: out the window, in that?

Rain: anything to get away from you.

Hang: you sure hate me.

[somewhere unknown]
Joe: I heard you sent people looking for me everywhere.

Lui: Yes, I've came to stop something from happening.

Joe: you sound serious. What is it?

Lui: Seung, she's the one who taught Suet all the vicious killings.


Lui: but it has came to the worst. She is forcing Suet to make a choice. Her sister's life for hers. She fell into her trap. If she doesn't do the order, you know what will happen.

Joe: you mean to tell me this is all happening because of you? What does that woman want? You two are not being fair to Suet. She doesn't deserve all this.

Lui: I know, that's why I came to you. So you can prevent a big mistake from occurring, hopefully.

Joe: no, I know Suet will not even consider hurting her sisters.

Lui: Yes, which is what I'm trying to tell you. [Joe starts to turn and run away] She will sacrifice her own life.

[at home, Ice is accompanying Yuen.]

Ice[flipping through a magazine]: Yuen, don't sit so close to the TV.

Yuen: Ok, okoh when is Auntie CiCi coming home?

Ice: should be home soon with you Auntie Chingwhy? I've noticed you constantly asking for your Auntie CiCi but I never learn the reason.

Yuen: I just remembered I didn't have a chance to tell her the other day at the cruise.

Ice: what is it? Very important?

Yuen: I don't know. I don't know how to determine the importance. I'm leaving it for you adults to take care of that. It's about Uncle Pit.

Ice: Pit? What is there about him?

Yuen: Remember in NYC a man was after Auntie CiCi and I was the only one who saw his face. I recognize it's

Ice: It's Pit.

Yuen: Yes Bing Jah.

[Downstairs of Ice's building]
CiCi: Bing? What are you doing down here?

Ching: This looks important.

Ice: I need to talk to you, CiCi. Let's go to the park.

[Ching, feeling unwanted, heads inside instead.]

Ice[turns to Ching]: Ching, come on [They exchange smiles]

[All sitting on the monkey bars]
CiCi: .then, the boss, their boss, it's my father?

Ice: most likely they all work for them.

Ching: Maybe I shouldn't have came. This is too complicated for me to handle.

CiCi: then

Ice: Yes!

Ching: What? You two can simply look at each other and read each other's mind. Gosh, thanks for making me feel so left out, you know.

CiCi: Pit once told that his boss was responsible for his girlfriend's death.

Ching: Oh no.he's going to kill your father.

Ice: great come back, you're finally getting it.

CiCi[unworried]: What do I care anyway.

Ice: CiCi

CiCi: I'm okay.

Ching: now that we know, what is going to happen next?

Ice: I'm actually more concern.

Ching:.if it will affect your relationship with Pit.

CiCi: what relationship?

Ching: Yeah that's a big problem too.

CiCi: I feel he is actually interested in you. [points to Ching]

Ching: you who? Me? No way.

CiCi: you hold a remarkable resemblance with her girlfriend.

Ching: I'm sure I realize that by now but it's so unrealistic. No, no matter what, I'll fully support you Ci!

Ice: Another problem is that, he still seems very stuck up over her girlfriend's death. He may not be as willing to accept a new relationship..yet.

Ching: What if he does?

Ice: Just don't regret afterwards Ci!

CiCi: I won't, I know I won't.

[surprisingly, they sense another being]

Ice: Who is it?

Mei[walks toward them]

Ice: Mother.

CiCi & Ching: Mei Yee

Mei: I heard everything you all discussed before. Now I have a story to tell. [they all sat closely to listen.] CiCi's father and I use to be old lovers. At that time, your father[to Ice] and your father[to CiCi] were chasing after me. I choose your father at first but ended up with Bing's dad because he really loved me. CiCi's father is too unbelievable. I just saw him at the latest annual international meeting. [looks at CiCi] Don't worry, I didn't expose where you are now CiCi. I should have guessed he will team up with that woman. Probably even way before they revealed it to the higher official.

Ice: what woman? And aren't you the highest official? Their boss

Mei: yes, that would be me. She is called Fong Yuk Bik. A very ambitious woman. She has her own crew of professional killers. I believe Kyle must have accepted a few in our TO.

Ching: Is it a problem?

Mei: no, we are just doing normal transactions. But I would prefer we keep a distance away from them.we don't and shouldn't mix. There's something else I didn't tell you. [turns to CiCi and Ching] Can you two excuse us for the time being?

CiCi: Sure. [they got up and left]

Ice: Mother, what's so secretive that even they can't learn about it?

Mei: It's because I haven't told anyone for over 20 years. I figure it's about time I should start revealing these things to you step by step. Besides hoping to find Suet, I was always searching for my best friend's daughter. She should be a year or two older then you if she is still living now. Her mother died terribly. It was back at NYC. Happened many years ago in the Island of the Statue of Liberty.

Ice: Statue of Liberty?

Mei: Why, what is it?

Ice: oh nothing, it just feels weird hearing that place again.

Mei: My best friend was killed by a group of professional killers, took 12 pistols to end her life. The cops soon convicted her husband for murdering her which of course isn't the actually fact. I know Fong Yuk Mei was behind all this.

Ice: What happened to her daughter?

Mei: We don't know. No body seems to know. But under many investigations, I learnt that she was last seen with another woman.

Ice: This is so sad. But what does Fong Yuk Mei have to do with all this?

Mei: She was in love with my friend's husband. Unfortunately, he was only faithful to my friend. I guess this was the consequence they had to pay because Fong Yuk Mei for once didn't get what she wanted.

Ice: That woman irritates me already.

Mei: Just be careful with things.

Ice: I will mother. There's so something I should have told you earlier as well. I found Suet.

[In Edan's apt]

Jaye[banging on the bathroom door]: Lum! Lum! What are you doing in there? It's 10 minutes till 5. Are you ok?

Sum: do you think Yee Yee fainted inside?

Jaye: oh noLum?!

Rain[insides, looking at herself in the mirror]: Do you realize you have slept with a man you love but doesn't love you back? [hears Jaye knocking] Okay, I'll be out soon.

Jaye: Oh thank god.

[Deci is lost in thoughts, sat aside quietly on the sofa.]

Jaye: Suet? Are you ok? What's going on today? Care to talk?

Deci: Jah. I'm fine.

Jaye: I hope so. You two are worrying me.

Deci: I think you should look after Lum instead. She is the person acting strange since morning.

Jaye: Yeah, you noticed too.

Deci: Jah, let me help you.

Jaye: help me? You think you can help me cook?

Deci: I just want to

[outside in the balcony, Edan and Pit are sharing their brotherly moment while accompanied by cans of beer.]

Pit: I know I use to be very objective over relationship issues.

Edan: Use to? Isn't that still the case now?

Pit[signs]: I've changed. I should change by now.

Edan: So you are going to support us?

Pit: Although I am in deep concern if that man will do anything to the two of you, I still hope the best in you. Remember to be extremely watchful. [signs again] Otherwise such tragic wouldn't have happened to Ah Wai.

Edan: I know Ah Gor. I love Bing too much to afford losing her.

Pit: Be good to the girl, she may not have much time.

Edan[signs]: I know, I know. Gor, isn't it about time for you to move on?

Pit: no, don't even start. You're not bringing me over there.

Edan: Gor!

Pit: Because of my ignorant, I lost the woman I love. I don't want to do it again to another woman I may love as much.

Edan: Gor, you should stop feeling guilty. It's not your fault.

Pit: Love isn't what I have in mind. There's something even more important.

Edan: revengebut how? How are we able to get close to him? If he had trusted us, he would have sent us back to HK while he's in NY.

Pit: I don't know how yet but I know I will not give up. [slides open the glass door and goes into the apt]

Edan: Is food ready girls?

Jaye: almost.

Edan: Oh Suet, Bing asked me to ask you when you have any free time, call her out.

Deci: Huh? Oh, oh sure, I will.

[the door bells rings spontaneously]

Rain: Who is it? I'm coming. [Joe dashes inside.]

Joe: Suet. You're here!

Deci[gets up]: Yes, JoeI'm here! What's going on?

Joe: Suet, come with me. Guys, you all eat first. I'll come back with Suet later on. [they exit the apt]

[outside, into the staircase]
Deci: What is it?

Joe: Suet, what are you planning to do?

Deci: What, what do you mean?

Joe: you don't have to hide anymore. I know what Wan Seung is forcing you to do.

Deci[let's out a cry]: Joe! [hugs on to him] What am I going to do?

Joe: don't worry, I'm not going let anyone hurt you. When is the deadline?

Deci: tomorrow.

Joe: tomorrow?

Deci: I am so scared.

Joe: It'll be alright.

[Deci cell suddenly rings]

Ice: Suet, this is Bing. Come downstairs nowalone.

[DownstairsMei is waiting patiently for the arrival of Suet.]

Mei[sees Suet]: Suet!

Deci:..[confused] What's going on?

Ice: Suet, she is our mother.

Deci: Mother?

Mei: I am your mother. [Mei and Ice races over to hug her. Deci doesn't know how to react.]

[in Ice's apt]
Mei[skipping through a photo album]: See, this is you! You were around 1 and a half years old.

Deci: Mother, how could you tell us apart?

Mei: Well you see. [takes both of Ice and Deci's arm] Right here, by your elbow, Suet has a mole but Bing doesn't.

Ice: Oh, that's pretty easy to distinguish between us.

[Deci was so into learning about her identity, she completely forgot about her troubles. They all talk till midnight.]

Mei: your father was a lovely man. He loved you both to death. Unfortunately, he really left us.

Ice: Mother, you never told me. How did it happen?

Deci: Yes how was I separated?

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