Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Main Characters

Ice Wan Bing-Jessica Hsuan
Deci Wan Suet-Jessica Hsuan
Jaye Wan Wun-Joey Meng
Rain Wan Lum-Marianne Chan
Wan Seung-Vivian Leung
Wan Lui-Jacky Lui
Wan Law Mei-Lisa Wong
Edan Wong Sung Yuen-Louis Koo
Pit Wong Sung Tin-Wong Hei
Joe Chow Kin-Julian Cheung
Hang Lee Sing-William Lam
Tommy Lau Siu Man-Eric Wan
CiCi Kwok Yan Ci-Annie Man
Kwok Fung-Adam Cheng
Kwan Bik Yuk-Carol DoDo Cheng
Ha Ching-Wallis Pang
Jen Lam Bo Ming-Joyce Tang
Dylan Lam Bo Yau-Steven Ma
Lam Yuen-the vampire kid in MDWAV
Kyle Hoi Sueng Nam-Michael Tse
Sean Lee-Mark Kwok(not related to Hang Lee)

CHAPTER 22-"Will you dance with me?"

[at the hotel]

Dylan[pretends to not recognize Bing]: Who are you? Why are you hiding there?

Ice[slowly walks out]: Dylan Lam Bo Yau! I was right this is unbelievable! I'm fully answered now. [She turns around to leave]

Dylan[quietly utters]: She heard everything?! [runs after her] Wait, Bing! you heard everything?

Ice: you're finally admitting that you know me? The rumors were true, you did owe money from the loan shark. How could you do what you did? You left our son and I. How could you? What about Jen? She praises you like a hero. When she finds out, she's going to be so heart broken. [She runs down the stairs]

Dylan: Bing! Bing [he ran after her]

[Runs to Edan's carEdan quickly drove off]

Ice: Edan, the truth really hurts!

Edan: so did you get what you were looking for?!

Ice: please drive me home. [looks out the window]

[Joe ambles around jewelry stores in seeking for the right wedding ring. He plans to propose to Deci tonight since they were notified that their killer identities are officially void. Joe is full of aspiration and relief. He has the feeling of fulfillment.]

[at the hotel]
Sean: why do you summon me now?

Dylan: I agree not to reveal anything.

Sean: why the sudden change in mind?

Dylan: I just have one request. I can't afford my girlfriend revealing my identity. I need her killed asap.

Sean: Easier done then said. Just send for my men.

[Joe is sitting in one of the jewelry stores, talking to Deci on the phone.]

Joe: Yes, you're in for a surprise today!

Deci: oh really! What is it? Not another one of your candle night dinners!

Joe: no, something even better! And I promise you I'll make you want to dance with me instantly!

Deci: stop with the tempting! I'll wait for you at the parking lot!

Joe: great, I'm coming over there now.

[at Ice's apt]
Edan: do you plan on telling Yuen? He is his father.

Ice: I don't know. It's such a disappointment. I don't know how to break it to him.

Edan: I know it's hard.

Ice: Edan, can you let me be alone.

[after Edan leaves, Yuen comes out of his room, holding onto Ice and Dylan's wedding ring.]

Ice: Yuen.

Yuen: Bing Jah! I've heard what you said with Edan Shuk Shuk.

Ice: oh Yuen! [Yuen goes over to hug her mother]

Yuen: Ma, what you don't want me to know. I will not even try to learn about. I know you mean the best for me.

Ice: you've really become a big boy!

Yuen: I'm nine already, Ma!

Ice: yes

Yuen: Ma, take this ring and throw it away. Did I mention how this ring doesn't match you at all! I think Edan Shuk Shuk's ring will be more appropriate on you!

Ice: He didn't give me any ring!

Yuen: I know, I'm just saying it so he can hear me!

[Edan laughs cleverly outside of the apt.]

[Deci patiently sits inside the car to wait for Joe's arrival. Astonishingly, she hears the rubbing of tires on the ground. She sees a man pointing a gun at her direction on his motor cycle. She quickly ducks. Reaching to get out, she hides behind cars. She smartly ends up in behind the killer cyclist and knocks him off his motor cycle. She fights one on one with him.]

[Joyously walking, Joe gave quick glances and smiles at the ring box he is holding knowing how happy Deci will be when seeing it.]

[Mei arrives home..]
[Coming out of the bathroom...]
CiCi: Hate to remind you but you just flushed a chunk of cash down the toilet.

Ice: It irritates my eye. Mother! Where did you go so early today?

CiCi: I bet she went out buying wedding accessories for Suet.

Mei: Yes, I've never dreamt of this day. I really want the best for my girls.

Ice: Suet will love theseheavy gold bracelets and chains.

Mei: this is my first time! The salesperson said style are most frequently bought by the young ones . I know you young girls wouldn't want to wear them. Besides, it's only for one night.

CiCi: do you possibly think Suet can even walk with the additions of the extra ton of weight on her?

Mei: Silly girl, it isn't all for Suet. You two will get marry someday.

CiCi: Aw, Mei Yee! You shouldn't have!

Ice: you're so old fashion Mother!

[Deci is being chased into an abandon warehouse. She knows she isn't being attack by one killer anymore. Joe calmly enters the lot but before he decides to take the elevator, he suddenly feel the unpleasantness. He grips onto the ring tightly then slips it into his pocket. He runs further away from the lot. ]

[near-by in a store]
Jaye: I promised Ping Jai to get him a pokemon doll.

Tommy: hey, he asked me to get one for him too.

Jaye: oh that sly boy.

[In a pharmacy, Rain observantly picks up pregnancy tester. She is getting gushes of confusion, hate, fear and loneliness.]

Rain: so this is how it feels to be an outcast. Out of all, baby isn't the right thing at the right time for me now. Please don't play me like this. [she pretends to pray and makes her purchase.]

[near the abandon warehouse]
Joe: Suet?! Suet?! Are you here?

Deci[attentive over Joe's calling]: Joe? Joe, you're here?

[Men sudden starts to attack the two individually. Deci is on one side of the warehouse, Joe is on the other end. They hope to get to each other in time. Without delay, a gas pipe explodes inside the warehouse after a bullet going through it. Afterwards, a trace of fire follows surrounding the warehouse.]

Deci[slides out a gun out of her sleeves]: Who sent you all after me?

Killer: you don't have to know.

Deci: Then you don't have to answer [she takes him and tries to shoot him.]

Another killer: I think it's wiser to save the man who followed you here because he's dying in the flames. [Shoots Deci but misses]

[Deci kills the attackers one by one. ]

Deci: Joe?! Where are you? Are you inside?

[the whole place is now covered with dreadful flame. She didn't hesitate and rushed in even knowing that she fears fire.]

[in Ice's apt..]
CiCi[flips through a wedding gown magazine]: hey, what about this one? [places the magazine against Ice's chest to compare] I mean you guys are twins, we can use you as her model!

Ice: cut it out! Oh my god. [she place her hand on her chest]

CiCi: Bing, what's going on?

Ice: I don't know, I feel so aching inside. I feel so hot all of a sudden.

CiCi: don't scare me.

Mei: I don't feel too good myself.

[in the streets]

Rain[catches Jaye and Tommy walking together]: Jah! And Tommy?!

Jaye: Lum, are you feeling ok? [notices that she came out of a pharmacy]

Rain: oh no, I'm fine. I think we should relate to something more important! Are you two going out?

Tommy: no! well

Rain: I know, you wish!

Jaye[changing the subject]: Let's go retrieve my car.

[Inside the warehouse, Deci focuses on finding Joe. She coughs heavily due to inhaling too much smoke. A pipe from the ceiling unexpectedly drops]

[Outside, Joe is screaming for Deci. He ponders where Deci is actually located. He results in going inside the fire. He finds Deci lying on the ground, leg underneath a pipe.

Joe: Suet! [He runs toward]

Deci: Joe, watch out! [the burning causes bricks to fall off the ceiling and finally lands on top of Joe]

Joe: Suet!

Deci: Joe. You're bleeding. [At the this moment, both wants to rescue each other to the extent but lack the strength to do so.]

Joe: Suet, your leg. Get yourself out.

[Deci starts to crawl up to Joe after detaching the pipe on top of her leg.]

Joe: Suet, noleaveyou won't be able to lift that. Get out of here now!

Deci[determines to get Joe out]: no, come on. You have to help me out too. [Deci and Joe uses their utmost strength to displace the bricks off of Joe.]

[Holding Joe by his waist, she tries her best to assist him out. Joe feels his pocket..]

Joe: my ring!

Deci: what ring?

Joe: I dropped our wedding ring.

[Needless to say, Deci quickly went back into the fire.]

Joe: No, Suet! I'll get you another one.

Deci: No. This is our first wedding ring and will be our last. I have to find it.

[Abruptly, burning pieces blocks the doorway. Both coughing intensely, also intends to find the ring without delay.]

Joe: I found it. Suet, I found it!

Deci[with a great smile]: Let me see! [she suddenly sees two of everything and collapses to the floor]

Joe: Suet! [he too becomes weak from being in the fire too long.]

[in Ice's apt]

Ice[holding onto her cell]: she's not picking up.

Mei: I have this urge to see Suet now.

Ice: I know what you mean.

[Joe shakes Deci for her conscious subsequently blocking him of another falling object. They both couldn't get up.]

Deci: Joe [holds onto his hand] I don't want to die, not now.

Joe: Suet, try to get up!

Deci: I can't. Joe, you try.

Joe: I don't have anymore strength to.

Deci: Joe, the ring. Is it really for me?

Joe: Of course. [Deci takes to ring and attempts to wear it.] No, let me! I'm sorry, I'm too weak to kneel. Suet, will you marry me?

Deci[willfully shreds tears]: Yes! [Joe makes an effort to slip the ring into Deci's ring finger. Deci is clearly fading away.] Joe, I want to dance! [she manage to repeat those words before she closes her eyes.]

Joe[piercing cry]: Suet! Suet. Don't go! Suet! Get up. We still have to dance. Suet. Come back.

[in the parking lot]
Jaye[clicks on her remote control of her car]: Let's go home.

Tommy[his cells rings]: Hello? Oh, I'm near. Actually very close to it that I can see the smoke. [he points] Okay, I'm heading over now.

[Both Jaye and Rain follows him. The firefighters and ambulance have all arrived.]

Tommy: My god, what happened here? Jaye. Rain. Why don't you two go home first. I believe I have a long night ahead. [signs]

[The men carry many bodies out into the ambulance.]

Jen: there were two inside the warehouse, holding onto each other. I think the guy is still alive but the woman isn't.

Jaye: Let's go Lum. Bye Tommy, Jen! [they are suddenly attracted to the shine given off from the ring of this one body, as they watch men taking it inside the ambulance.]

Rain: Jah, we have to go home. I promise to show Suet her wedding present.

Jaye: okay! [Strangely, they didn't move and stared till the ambulance disappeared around the corner]

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