Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Main Characters

Ice Wan Bing-Jessica Hsuan
Deci Wan Suet-Jessica Hsuan
Jaye Wan Wun-Joey Meng
Rain Wan Lum-Marianne Chan
Wan Seung-Vivian Leung
Wan Lui-Jacky Lui
Wan Law Mei-Lisa Wong
Edan Wong Sung Yuen-Louis Koo
Pit Wong Sung Tin-Wong Hei
Joe Chow Kin-Julian Cheung
Hang Lee Sing-William Lam
Tommy Lau Siu Man-Eric Wan
CiCi Kwok Yan Ci-Annie Man
Kwok Fung-Adam Cheng
Kwan Bik Yuk-Carol DoDo Cheng
Ha Ching-Wallis Pang
Jen Lam Bo Ming-Joyce Tang
Dylan Lam Bo Yau-Steven Ma
Lam Yuen-the vampire kid in MDWAV
Kyle Hoi Sueng Nam-Michael Tse
Sean Lee-Mark Kwok(not related to Hang Lee)


[Unacknowledged over the tragic, the guys freely sat around, doing their things while waiting for the groom and bride to be.]

Pit: Why hasn't the two come home yet?

Rain: I know. She's going to burst out laughing when she sees my present.

Hang: What did you get? Lingerie?

Rain: shut up.

Edan: Joe told us that he's going to propose today after he gets the ring.

Jaye: Ring?!

Pit: That's right.

Hang: Yep, he have been eyeing this platinum. [shows Jaye the catalog.]

Rain: Hey, let me see. Wow, this isn't cheap at all!

Jaye: Where have I seen this ring?

[the doorbell ringsTommy enters with his team]

Jaye: Tommy? What seems to be the problem?

Tommy: Jaye, guys, I'm sorrywe found two bodies at the warehouseone male, the other female

[Everyone was now aware of what Tommy is about to reveal]

Tommy: We were able to determine the identity of the malewhich unfortunately is Joe! but he was rescued in time, being stable at the hospital

Rain: Oh my godand?

[everyone became speechless]

Jaye[shaking her head]: no, don't tell me

Tommy[hesistates]: Unluckily, we were unable to distinguish the female body because her facial features were severely lacerated from the burning. She was certified dead when we found her.

[Jaye and Rain broke out in tears]

Rain: Jah, it's Suet!

Pit: Suet?!

Tommy: this was the object left behind. [takes out a transparent plastic bag holding the ring]

Edan: Did you notify Bing yet?

Tommy: they are on their way to the morgue.

[at the room where Deci's body was held. Ice and Mei stood there devastated, looking at Deci. Both trying to hold their share of tears.]

Ice: are you sure this is Suet?

Mei[unwilling to but nods]: Yes. [she stares at Deci's mole.]

[Leaving the room, the others arrives]

Ice[sees Edan, runs over]: Edan, please hug me tightly.

Edan[wraps his built arms around her]

[The rest slowly enters the room, wishing that this were all just a bad nightmare]

Ice[burst into tears and falls to floor]: her face, I can't even look at her because her face is so disfigured. It hurts so much Edan, to she her like that. She's never come back but why such an awful punishment on a dead person.

Edan[drops to the floor and places her head on his chest for comfort; he knows no word can ease her pain]

[All around, the scenery of a green playground blossoms out a warm feeling. Deci appears to be sitting on Joe's lap on a swing while he is asleep. The closeness of the two enables each other to feel the security trapped within them.]

Joe[awakens]: Suet! Suet! Don't leave me here.

Deci: Silly, I'm here! Just turn you head around. [shows a big smile]

Joe: I thought I would never see you again.

Deci: And here I am!

Joe: Where are

Deci: shhh! [place her fingers over his mouth] Do you hear it? The birds over at the nest. The mother bird is feeding her babies. The father bird is on the look out for evaders. She is also singing a song to her babies.

Joe[sadly and confused]: no, I don't hear it.

Deci[frowns]: you don't? [smiles again] that means you don't belong here.

Joe: I'm following everywhere you go.

Deci[shakes her head]: You're not destined to be her with meyet.

Joe: No, I go where I want and that's to be with you.

Deci: Do you not see? We can't oppose to our fate.

Joe: But I want to be here, with you.

Deci: I want that toobut I don't want to be selfish.

Joe: Then can you let me be the selfish one now? [He stands up, Deci watches what he does. He offers his right hand to Deci. She accepts. They are once again hearts against heart.]

Deci: Yes, I want to dance.

Joe: I am willing to stay here and dance with you forever.

Deci: I know. [they embraces tightly]

[suddenly a deep voice from the background is spoken.]

Voice: Joe?! Joe, please wake up! Joe!

Deci[gives attention to the voice]: They are calling. It's time.

Joe: I have something else in mind. I can oppose to my fate. [takes her hand and gives a last glance at the direction of the voice] Let's go, my wife. [they walk further and further away from that direction heading to the forest]

[in the patient room, everyone is focused on Joe's condition]

Doctor: His coma is indefinite. He is the god within himself. It is now all up to him. Try to speak to him often, giving him hope, whether he hears it or not. [he leaves]

CiCi: why does this kind of tragic have to happen to them? They waited so long, finally they will be called newly-weds and this resulted.

Pit: How is Joe going to live without Suet?

Hang: Maybe that's why Joe's not willing to wake up.

[Rain, Jaye, and Ice sat on the sofa, wordlessly looking into the air.]

Ice[stands up and walks over to Joe]: I swear I am not going to let this go.

Edan[places his hands on Ice]

Ice: Who did this? [pleading for an answer]

CiCi: where's Mei Yee?

Ice: I told her to go home first.

Pit: We aren't going to sit around. I'm going to get this person. CiCi and Ching, please stay her and watch Joe for us.

CiCi: we will. [Ching nods her head.]

[Everyone returns to Ice's apt]

Edan: How are we going to do this?

Ice: I'm contacting Kyle for assistance.

[minutes later, they reached Kyle. They turns on the speaker so everyone joins in.]

Kyle: oh my god, you must be joking?

Hang: No, Kyle. I only wish.


Rain: Kyle?

Kyle[sobbing on the line]: I'm sorry, let's get back. [forcing on his keyboard] I don't believe this job has a record.

Ice: the only reason for information not needed to be insert is when another killer orders another killer.

Kyle: that is the only explanation.

[they all had a particular person in mind]

Sudden togetherness, they screamed out: Wan Seung.

Hang: should have known.

Jaye: she finally got her hands on Suet.

Rain: and we couldn't prevent it.

Ice: I should have killed her when I had the chance last time.
[Mei sank into tears in her room when she found the untouched accessories lying around.]

[Tommy arrives home late with Jen. Jaye waited upon his return, flew open the door as soon as she heard the clinging of his keys.]

Tommy[turns around]: Jaye?!

[at the stairwell of their building, they sat on the steps]

Tommy: I hope you understand that I can't reveal information about the case.

Jaye: I know, this isn't why I came to you.


Jaye: I just need someone's accompany.

Tommy[smiles]: I'm surprised that you thought of me. [signs] If you don't wish to talk, I can just sit here with you.

Jaye[closes her eyes]: It's just the thought, the thought that I was so close, so near to the warehouse and I couldn't save my sister. [wipes her watery eyes] If I only I knew, this may not have happened.

Tommy: No, Jaye! Why are you burdening yourself with the blame? Like you said, if you only knew! You didn't know about it. And even if you were there, what could you have done? It was a gun war that occurred. You couldn't have done anything, even might have gotten you killed.

Jaye[rises up]: You don't understand.

Tommy: I do. Calm down. What has happened has become a part of history. History can not be change. Everyone is depressed about the tragic but because you are the older one, you also have to be the stronger one. You lost one sister, you still have another one to watch over.

Jaye: You're right. I can't let anything happen to Lum. She's the only sister I have left.

At Bik's hideout...

Seung: Boss, you asked for me?

Bik: I'm sure you heard about...

Seung: Yes, Wan Suet's death. It's been the most talked about topic.

Bik: It's not that simply.

Seung[confused]: you think I did it?

Bik: You didn't?

Seung: I know, I know. You're not the only one who doens't trust my on this one. I really didn't do it. I actually never thought of really killing her.

Bik: That's all I needed to hear. As long as we're not part of it. I don't want to get into any mess with them, especially that woman. I'd say the one behind Wan Suet's death is in for a big repay, bound in getting him/herself killed.

[Ice aimlessly walks around, stops at the beach for a cooldown...She sat down, against the outside walls of a little wooden cabin and looked out into the deep ocean...]

Sean[chasing after Dylan]: Do you even know who you commanded my men to kill? Are you crazy?

Dylan: What, I thought the job is done? She's just my former girlfriend.

Sean: You mean you used to be with Wan Suet.

Dylan: Who's Wan Suet? But she's called Wan Bing.

Sean: You actually wanted us to kill Wan Bing? oh my god. We are so dead.

Dylan: what are you talking about?

Sean: Are you that big of an idiot? You killed Wan Suet. It doesn't matter if it was either Wan Suet or Wan Bing. You are still doomed for doing it. They are both A1's...[he sees Ice's existence, his eyes starts to gloom...]

Dylan[turns around]: Bing? [glares at Sean] I thought you said your men killed her already? What is she still doing her, alive?

Sean[fears to speak]:...

Dylan: Talk to me. [felt strange in Sean's reaction when seeing Ice]

Ice[furious]: Sean, I'm going to give you a chance to

Sean[he immediately runs out of sight]

Dylan[calls after him]: Sean? What are you doing? Why are you afraid of her?

Ice: I should say, you are the most ignorant killer I have ever encountered.

Dylan: What are you talking about? Since you know that I'm a killer, you shouldn't be standing here.

Ice: I know everything, but you still seem to be absent minded.

Dylan: I'm sorry, you know too much, you know who I really am. I didn't wish to watch them kill you, but I guess I have to this time. [Gushes of men in masks come out of nowhere...Dylan steps aside...]

Ice[fearlessly, takes out her mask and wears it a blink of an eye, the killers all shake with fear...Bing signals them to leave]

Dylan: What are you all doing? come back...[pulls out his gun] no one can do anything right.

Ice[swings into attacks, Dylan loses to her almost too embarrassingly quick...she holds a gun to his forehead]] Listen to me, my mother is A1 and I am the phoenix. I have been a killer every since you bastard left me with OUR SON. I have killed people more then the lives you could have ever saved. I waited so many years for your return because of this ring...[takes it out and throw it into the sand] but now I know it is definitely not worth it. I never hated you for leaving me, but I have never hated a person like I hate you this very moment. Now this is not about us anymore. You killed my one and only sister. If you think I am going to let that go, then you are so very wrong. [about to pierce a couple of bullet into his brains...]

Jen[running toward them]: no, don't! Dai So, don't kill my one and only brother. [aims at Ice with her gun]

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