Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
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Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Main Characters

Ice Wan Bing-Jessica Hsuan
Deci Wan Suet-Jessica Hsuan
Jaye Wan Wun-Joey Meng
Rain Wan Lum-Marianne Chan
Wan Seung-Vivian Leung
Wan Lui-Jacky Lui
Wan Law Mei-Lisa Wong
Edan Wong Sung Yuen-Louis Koo
Pit Wong Sung Tin-Wong Hei
Joe Chow Kin-Julian Cheung
Hang Lee Sing-William Lam
Tommy Lau Siu Man-Eric Wan
CiCi Kwok Yan Ci-Annie Man
Kwok Fung-Adam Cheng
Kwan Bik Yuk-Carol DoDo Cheng
Ha Ching-Wallis Pang
Jen Lam Bo Ming-Joyce Tang
Dylan Lam Bo Yau-Steven Ma
Lam Yuen-the vampire kid in MDWAV
Kyle Hoi Sueng Nam-Michael Tse
Sean Lee-Mark Kwok(not related to Hang Lee)

CHAPTER 24-"We will be waiting..."

Jen arrives at the scene of seeing Ice and Dylan attacking one another...

Ice[distracted by Jen]: Jen?

Jen: Dai So, don't hurt him!

Dylan[seizes the moment, pushes Ice away and pulls out his gun]
[Laying on the ground, Dylan pulls the trigger. At the same time, Jen dashes over on top of Ice. Luckly, there were no bullets left inside Dylan's gun. Jen had already fainted.]

Ice[picks up her gun]: You even wanted to hurt you own sister?! You deserve to die.

Dylan: no…[she shoots him]

[In Ice's apt…]
Ice: everyone thought he was dead already, so it doesn't make much of a difference now.

Hang: what did you do with him body?

Ice: I called Kyle…I really don't care.

[Pit sat aside, face full of his own thoughts]

Rain: I'm trying to take in the fact that Wan Seung isn't responsible this time.

Ice: they thought Suet was I…[shuts her eyes] I caused her death.

Edan: Bing, don't say that. [holds onto her hand]

Pit[suddenly stands up]: We have to kill her.

Ice[knows very well what Pit meant]: No.

Edan: Ah Gor! Don't bring this up now?

Pit: We can't risk it. If she lives, we may die.

Jaye: Pit does have a point.

Ice: no. NO. Don't touch her.

Pit: It is not the time to provoke personally feelings toward the situation.

Rain: Don't forget who she is. She's a cop.

CiCi: Her brother just died. Guys, what is wrong with you?

Pit: Ci, that is not the issue. We are killers. We should know better.

Ice[raises her voice]: I assure you I know the rules better then anyone here.

Edan: Gor, don't pressure her.

Pit: I don't want to. But what needs to be done, should be done.

Hang: Guys stop arguing. We can't break apart like this.

CiCi: Everyone, have some empathy for Jen or for the most part Bing. Do you think it's that easy ending the life of a person you actually know? I can never do that.

Ice[gives up]: She's family.

Jen silently stands in the hallway, listening to every word. Pit realizes her existence.

Jen: No…[she runs back into the room with the walls supporting her balance.]

Ice: Jen, don't worry. We are not going to hurt you. [in a threatening voice] Noone come near us!

Inside the bedroom, Ice closes the door and approaches Jen. A weak Jen lies on the bed half-awake.

Ice[feels her forehead]: You're running a fever.

Jen[shaking her head in tears]: why, why do I have to know all this? Why has my brother turned into such a bad person?

Ice: honey, don't think about it anymore.

Jen[slams her fist on the bed]: Why all of a sudden, you are all killers?! Why?

Ice signs in return.

[hours later, Ice comes out with Jen]
Jen[in despair]: you guys don't have to worry. I won't be divulging your identities.

Hang: How do we know for sure?

Jen: believe it or not, it's up to you. [she pulls open the door and leaves]

Hang: should we trust her?

Ice: I don't believe this. At least trust me.

Jaye: We trust you.

Pit: Therefore, we trust her too.

Jen is in complete hopelessness after knowing the truth. Not only is she lost as a person, she lost her courageness being a police officer. Her brother was the main reason why she joined the force in the first place. She knows she wasn't able to handle the actuality after the happenings of today. She has made a decision…

Flying the tester into the wastebasket, Rain simply didn't know she had missed and had slid it underneath the toilet seat of their bathroom. Rain dropped the black garbage into the bin located in the stairwell. Confused, she placed her hand on top of her stomach. Staring at the plain wall, she stood there without a word.

The prolonged and unsavory week past by promptly. The week was apportioned for Suet's funeral and everything else that needed to be done. Everyone, especially the ones closest to Suet were still unable to endure to the fact. They guys came home, depressed and unspoken.

Jaye: where is Edan?

Hang: I thought he came home with us?

Pit: he went to visit Joe.

[Rain suddenly raced to the bathroom, wanting to vomit.]

Jaye: Lum, what's the matter?

Hang: Yeah, are you ok? [they knock on the bathroom door.]

[Outside, Tommy repeatedly rings their doorbell.]

Jaye[shocked to see Tommy so impatient]: Tommy? What is it?

Hang: Tommy?

Tommy[holding a letter in hand]: Do you guys know where Jen is?

Pit: what do you mean?

Tommy: she left the house with everything. Leaving this resignation letter behind.

Ice[showing up in behind]: I'm not surprised at all.

Tommy: Bing? What did you say?

Ice: nothing…can I go to your apartment?

[in Tommy's apt…]
Tommy: this must be serious. She took everything, everything but the pictures she took with her brother. I'm worried.

Ice: Don't be. She's a big girl now. It's time she dealt her problems her own way.

Tommy: but how can she not leave me a word about this. This is too sudden. I've treated her like my own sister after all these years.

Ice: when it's the right time, she'll come back. We will be waiting. I know she will.

[in the patient room of the hospital.]
Edan[sitting besides Joe]: don't you think you have slept enough? [sign] Today, today was the funeral. I guess it's ok if you didn't attend, but I know Suet would prefered you did. I hope this is what you want, sleeping away your days here. When you learn it's the time for you to realize and wake up, we will be here, waiting for you. To help you stand up again.

[A month went by quickly. Everything has been settled down and backed to normal. For the past month, they all decided to rest and not take any jobs as to show respect for their deceased friend.]

Jaye[entering the apt with large bags of groceries]: Is it me or has our supply of food seem to emptying out pretty quickly?

Rain[stuffing a spoon full of mint chocolate-chip ice cream into her mouth]: nah, it's probably you sis.

Jaye: you are defintely eating away too much. What's gotten into you?

Rain[dropped her spoon back into the ice cream cartoon]: what, nothing! I mean, do I have no right to eat under this roof anymore?

Jaye: no…I didn't mean it like that.

Rain: then supposingly, what do you mean?

Jaye: okay, okay..i'll back off…just eat! But you sure look like you gained some mega weight.

Rain[mumbling]: maybe I'm suppose to…

Jaye: what?

Rain: did you get me some those preserved munchies I asked for?

Jaye: here…[throws it over to her]

Rain: Yeah!

Jaye: I'm going to do the laundry, do you have any cloths?

Rain[releases everything in her hand]: I'll do it! You sit.

Jaye: Lum, seriously, are you going through some sort of stage? It's certainly not you, fighting over doing laundries. [she grabs the sweater in Rain's hands.] what is this? You can call me out or whatever you pleased but when did extra, extra large became the popular apparel?

Rain: hey, give that back. [Stuttering] should keep up with the growing fashion trend…'baggy' is the hittest oversea, Jah!

Jaye: whatever…there's something wrong with you. I don't know it now but when I do, it's not going to be pleasant. [takes the basket of dirty clothings]

To Rain, having to go into different kinds of interrgations once in a while given by her sister, was a common routine. But she is now getting more and more afraid of exposure. She even surprised herself that no one has figured out her situatiion by now. Knowing that she won't be able to hide it any longer, she wants to leave HK, leave the father of the baby.

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