Free Will vs. Fate 我們的命運﹐殺手的故事
Copyright Tin Tin 2000 All Rights Reserved.
Fan Fiction by Tin Tin

Main Characters

Ice Wan Bing-Jessica Hsuan
Deci Wan Suet-Jessica Hsuan
Jaye Wan Wun-Joey Meng
Rain Wan Lum-Marianne Chan
Wan Seung-Vivian Leung
Wan Lui-Jacky Lui
Wan Law Mei-Lisa Wong
Edan Wong Sung Yuen-Louis Koo
Pit Wong Sung Tin-Wong Hei
Joe Chow Kin-Julian Cheung
Hang Lee Sing-William Lam
Tommy Lau Siu Man-Eric Wan
CiCi Kwok Yan Ci-Annie Man
Kwok Fung-Adam Cheng
Kwan Bik Yuk-Carol DoDo Cheng
Ha Ching-Wallis Pang
Jen Lam Bo Ming-Joyce Tang
Dylan Lam Bo Yau-Steven Ma
Lam Yuen-the vampire kid in MDWAV
Kyle Hoi Sueng Nam-Michael Tse
Sean Lee-Mark Kwok(not related to Hang Lee)

CHAPTER 25-Wan Tong?!

[at the orphange]
Sister Lee: Good morning CiCi. Thanks for coming so early on such a short notice.

CiCi: it's no problem Sister Lee. The kids are so adorable, I wouldn't mind watching over them.

Sister Lee: Yes, I know. You won't be doing this alone. Mr. Wong over there offered to help out. [points at Pit, who apparently is telling a story to the children at the fields.]

CiCi: I'm going over Sister Lee.

[CiCi quietly sat down without Pit's acknowledgement. She didn't bother to interupt him. It is also obvious that Pit isn't good at story tellings. CiCi mindlessly giggles, capturing the children's attention.]

Children[all at once]: CiCi Jah Jah!

CiCi[startled]: Oh Hi everyone! [stared at Pit]

Pit: I hope you realized you just distubed my train of thoughts and now I can't continue with the story.

CiCi: oh is that it? I'm sure we all prefered that you didn't continue anyway. [she stands up, clearing her throat.] Where was Pit Gor Gor up to?

A child: Pit Gor Gor said, the wolf blew down the second pig's straw house

CiCi: okayum.

Another child: then what happens next?

CiCi: um..thenthen..the wolf ate the pig?and[the children released a horrified expression]

Pit[interrupts]: woowoo..hold itwhere is this coming from?

CiCi: oops

Pit: nonokids! forget what you just heard from CiCi Jah Jah

[Half an hour later]
CiCi[leaning against a tree with Pit]: I was really trying to help.

Pit: I know, I'm not blaming you. Just a bit surprised that you've never read 'The Three Little Pigs'

CiCi: Just say I'm not as lucky. I didn't have parents to read me any childhood stories before bed.

Pit: Story time isn't it? Are you sure you want to share it with me? I don't mind at all though.

CiCi[shook her shoulders]: Many many years ago, my mother died in a car accident chasing after my brother.

Pit: ..

CiCi: Everything changed after she died. My family started to split because my father believe it was my brother's fault that my mother had to die.

Pit: You have a brother?

CiCi: A half brotheryou know the deal. Afterwards, my brother ran away from home and I never saw him since.

Pit: How did it happen?

CiCi: It was my father. A child his age can only accept so much mental pressure and blame. Ever since I never talked to my father because he force my brother out of our lives.
Pit: I'm sorry to hear that.

CiCi: I just hope to find my brother.

Pit: Don't worry, I'm sure you will someday.

[In Edan's apt]
[Hang continues to spend his time in becoming a couch potato, not even willing to reach for the remote control.]

Hang: Anyone here? They are airing the rerun of 'The Disappearance' at the other channel.

Rain[coming into the living room with a jar of pickles]: And?

Hang: And I missed the first 5 episodes.

Rain: And? What do you expect me to do?

Hang: How about being a pal, and go flip the channel for me.

Rain: You're such a dirt bag, lazy scum. [picks up the remote]

Hang: Oh and I love you. [snatches her jar of pickles.]

Rain[whispers]: repeat what you said.

Hang: I love you! [stuffing himself with pickles while concentrating on the televison]

Rain: You mean it?

Hang: Say it, girls are suckers for those 3 words. [turns to Rain] Huh, what did you say?

Rain: What? You were talking to the TV?

Hang: Actually talking with the TV. There's a differences.

Rain: Shut up! [gets hold of the pickles and walks to her room]

Hang: Cranky today, huh?!

[At the Airport]
Mei: They need me back in NY. Otherwise I wouldn't leave now.
Ice: I know mother. You have to take care over there. [hugs her mother]

Mei: Edan, watch my daughter for me.

Edan: Don't worry Auntie, I will.

Ice: Mother, have you heard from Kyle? I can seem to reach him anywhere.

Mei: No, haven't seem him for some time already.

Ice: That's strange. Oh well, you should prepare for your flight.

Edan hands Mei her luggages.

[At a place with an ocean view]
Edan: It's getting dark, I should bring you home now.

Ice[wraps herself in Edan's arms]: I want to stay a little longer.

Edan: Okay, but not too long. The wind isn't good for your health.

Ice[shutting her eyes, the word 'health' pinched to her skin]: Promise me, you won't leave me. I can't lose you. Can't, not you too.

Edan: Saw Lui(crazy girl), why are you suddenly saying this? That will never happen. I know I'm the one who loves you more than you love me. Then perhaps I should be the one worrying that you'll dump me for another guy.

Ice: You bet. [giggles]

[outside of a movie theater]
Tommy: I'll never predict that kind of ending.

Jaye[was far to stunned to make a comment]

Tommy: It's such a tragic. The police officer had to cuff the woman he loves. What do you think?

Jaye: If you were the police officer, would you do that same?

Tommy: Definitely! You might think it's harsh but I wouldn't care for who the person is. Even if the person I know is convicted of the crime, I wouldn't mitigate whatsoever.

[His decisive words gave Jaye a thrust of fear and coldness. She walks ahead, alone]
Tommy: Hey, wait up! [grabs her hand] Your hands are pretty cold. Let me warm them up for you.

Jaye[gives him a weak smile]

Tommy: I know this Vietnamese restaurant up the corner. Let's go.

[in the livingroom]
Rain: Wait up! Wait up! Hang!

Hang: ah..what? Huh?

Rain: sleep in your room.

Hang: Nah, here's fine.

Rain: Move your legs, I'm watching the late night drama.

Hang: Be my quest. [covers himself with a cushion]

Rain[suddenly thought of something]: Oh, wait! Don't go to sleep yet.

Hang: leave me alone

Rain: Hang, this is important.

Hang: Look woman, don't make me throw you out the window!

Rain: Come on, Hang!

Hang[whines]: ahh, make it quick.

Rain: When you have a child, what will you name him or her?

Hang[eyes half shut]: oh really

Rain: Hang?!

Hang: Huh? Name? Oh

Rain: How about 'Lung' for boy

Hang[pops up from the couch]: No way! Lee Lung, Lee Lungit going to sound like 'Lee Lung ga?'(are you deaf?)

Rain[gives Hang the eyes]: Who said the baby is going to follow your surname?!

Hang[yarns]: What are you murmuring about? [stretches his arms] How does 'Tong' sound? Boy can be called, "Ah Tung." Girl can be called, "Siu Tong" Yeah, I like it. Lee Tong.

Rain: No, Wan Tong that is


Rain: Hang, can you do one last time for me?

Hang: ..what?.

Rain: Today is a full moon. Let's go to the beach and get a better view of it.

Hang: Now?

Rain: Yes, now!

Hang: But it's so late now. We can go tomorrow!

Rain: no

Hang: Yeah we canwe can watch that boring moon rise in the morning

Rain: What?

Hang: Now don't bother me

Rain: Hang!

Hang: there's a tomorrow.

Rain: But

Hang: There will always be a tomorrow.

Rain[playfully hits Hang]

Hang: tomorrow.

Rain[rises with anger]: Stop telling me there will be a tomorrow. [Hang is completely awaken] There is none! There may be one for you, but there isn't one for me!

Hang[frozen in mid-air, didn't know what's got into Rain]: Rain, calm down.
Rain[pulls Hang up]: Get out! I don't want to see you! [runs over to open the door]

Hang: Hey, I live here!

Rain: Leavenow!

Hang: Hey, what's with your mood swings man?

Rain[rushes over to push Hangaccident falls to the ground]

Hang: becareful!

Rain: don't touch me

Hang: Are you ok? How's your leg? [takes a look] It's only reddish. I'll be gone in no time. [suddenly starts to rub his eyes over and over] Oh my god, what is that ? [points to Rain's ankle]

Rain[pushes him away]: I hate you! You're such a jerk. How can you not tell I've been crushing you all this time?

Hang[eyes widen]: huh?

Rain: can you stop it with the zombie talk? Yes, I like you.


Rain: I said I like you! What are you going to do?

[Jaye and Tommy, hand in hand show up to the door]

Jaye: What is going on here?

Hang: Hey! When did you two started to date?!

[Both embarrassingly released each other's hands]

[Rain furiously ran into her room, pulling out her luggage and stormed out of the apt]

Jaye: Lum? What are you doing? Where are you going? [turns to Hang] What did you do to her?

Hang: Nothing!

Jaye: Don't lose sight on him, Tommy! I'll be dealing with you afterwards. [roams to the elevators.]

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