Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 1

One day, Brad asked Dawn out for dinner at a French restaurant. They’ve been dating quite a long time now and all their friends and relatives think that they would here wedding bells pretty soon. Dawn has dressed up extra nice because she thought that tonight was the wedding proposal so she invited her friends Serenity and Jennifer over.

Dawn: Hello?! Peoples! Tonight might be the big night and I haven’t got anything to where and right now is 6:30 already.

Jennifer: And? We’re here to help you, not be scream at. And besides it’s at 8:00. (Still doing whatever she’s doing)

Serenity: Come on, give the girl a break. She’s turning all red. (Continued reading a magazine)

Dawn: Funny. Okay, hurry up and help me here.

Serenity: Fine. Jen, you do her hair and I’ll do make-up.

Dawn: what about my clothes?

Jennifer: Go with casual so he won’t think you’re desperate.

Serenity: Which you are. *Laughing*

Dawn: Okay how about some flares and spaghetti strap shirt?

Jennifer: Nah, go with your black capris and … this blue top.

Serenity: yeah and… this blue scarf.

Dawn: Fine I’ll trust you guys. Now get out, I got to change.

Jennifer and Serenity left.

Soon later, she opened the door and called them in

Dawn: so, what do you think?

Jennifer & Serenity: Perfect!

So they start to do her hair and make-up which took like a whole hour. It’s now 8:00

Jennifer: Shit! You’re late!

Dawn: It’s 8:00 already?!

Jennifer: Hurry up and get going

Serenity: Remember, if the question starts to pop up and if it did, act surprise. We’re going to be here waiting for the good news. Oh, and you look great!

Dawn: Thanks a bunch! You guys are the greatest!

Jennifer: Here

Dawn: An umbrella?

Jennifer: It’s still rainy outside

Dawn: okay, bye. And when you guys leave lock up for me.

At the restaurant

Brad: There you are. I was worry that you won’t show up

Dawn: I’m only 30 minutes late

Brad: Um, … you look great

Dawn: Thanks! Oh, let’s order.

Waiter: Miss, what would you want?

Dawn: I’m still deciding.

Brad: Let me have a Caesar Salad to go with a plate of lasagna.

Waiter: Any drinks?

Brad: Lemonade

Waiter: Miss?

Dawn: oh, can I have a plate of spaghetti and spring water

Waiter: Your foods will be brought to you shortly. My name is Katelyn and enjoy your food

Dawn: you normally don’t like lemonade

Brad: I got a soar throat today

Dawn: oh then this dinner should’ve been canceled if you didn’t feel too well

Brad: there’s something very important I need to tell you. …… We’ve been together for 3 years. I thought I love you, which …I did the first 2 years. This year I found out that I couldn’t tell you things. Can’t tell you how I feel …and… what I think. I just don’t feel very …comfortable with you, …do you understand?

Dawn: ……(with tears in her eyes, then quickly wiped them away) Yeah I understand. You want to end this relationship! 3 years! 3 years! And now you tell me that after the 2nd year you don’t love me anymore?! (now she is actually screaming) Everyone… people at work… my friends… my parents… EVERYONE thought that tonight was the proposal!

Brad: Dawn, don’t be like this. Look I’m sorry but…

Dawn: But what?! (she stared at him with tears rolling down her eyes)

She then storm out of the restaurant

Brad: Dawn!

Dawn: WHY?!!!!!

She woke up from a nightmare. She then realizes that it was never a nightmare and it really did happen. Even though how much she wishes that it wasn’t. Then she had a major headache of the beer she drank last night. She got out of bed and went to the restroom.

When she came out of the restroom

Jennifer: you’re up early

Dawn: you guys stayed here all night?

Jennifer: Yup, the bartender found your house number and called us to let us know.

Dawn: sorry I cause so much trouble

Jennifer: what are you saying. We’re friends aren’t we?

Dawn: best friends! Where’s Serenity?

Jennifer: Right here

She flips over the blanket and there she was sleeping.

Dawn: Oh lord that’s how she sleeps? *Laughing*

Jennifer: Yup, try living with her and you’ll know

Dawn: no thanks!

Serenity: would you two shut up, people are trying to sleep here!

Jennifer: Wake up, lazy bum

Serenity got up and went to the restroom with a mad face
10 minutes later.

Serenity: Morning!

Dawn: talk about two face. One minute you’re mad the other minute you’re happy

Jennifer: she needs to wash up that’s why

Serenity: no body understands me like you do.

She then drags Dawn to the couch

Serenity: okay, don’t pretend in front of us. We’re your friends so it’s okay to cry in front of us

Dawn: you guys know?

Jennifer: you were crying all night yesterday. You cried yourself to sleep

Serenity: now we want to know what happened last night?

Dawn: it’s nothing really. He just said…(all these stuff you heard already)

Jennifer: that Bastard!

Serenity: dumping you like that. Don’t worry you deserve better anyway

Dawn: I cried all my tears out last night so I won’t do it again.

Jennifer: that’s me Girl

Serenity: lets go shopping!

Dawn & Jennifer: what?!

Serenity: that always make me feel better

Dawn: then lets try that since to day it Saturday

***********************End of Ch.1*************************

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