Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 2

So Dawn just got dumped so her friends took her to the mall to go shopping. Well at the same time Brad donít feel all that good either.

Andre: I donít get it. You said that sheís the one and said that sheís perfect. And now you end up dumping her?

Brad: there are a lot of things that you donít understand, okay?

Andre: then help me understand

Brad: we have different personality. Okay people may look at us like aÖperfect couple but we argue over small problems. Like last Monday I bought her the wrong CD and so we spent the whole night just arguing about that.

Andre: There are no perfect couples. When you argue you then get to know each other better

Brad: how? She then said that I donít love her and left the house, and it was her house

Andre couldnít help but laugh at how silly Dawn was

Andre: so what did you say to her?

Brad: all I said wasÖ(same thing). She took it really bad. She cried and strom out of the restaurant

Andre: my friend Brad you really need to learn how to dump girls. Never I mean never bring them to a restaurant. Why? Cause one too many sharp utensils like forks and knifes. Two, too many people, it embarrassed them

Brad: and how do you know?

Andre: From my years of dating. So you said that she didnít take all that well right? So you should find a chance to talk to her again. Maybe then you can still keep the friendship.

Brad: you know what youíre right

Andre: Iím always right. You know what I want to chill for a while, letís go the mall

Brad: yeah you just came from Concord. Sorry didnít have the chance to drive you around

Andre: itís not Concord. Itís Concord to California then from California to Wisconsin, then from Wisconsin to New York then from New York to here

Brad: Damn! And it all took 2 weeks?

Andre: yup

Brad: so how long are you gonna stay in HK

Andre: Forever, well I already found a job here. A Detective so Iíll be living here with you, roommate

Brad: ROOMMATE?! Who said?

Andre: my dad. This time itís for real. Heís backing me up

Brad: I really need to chill for awhile.

Andre: then letís go

At the Mall

Serenity: try this shirt on Jennifer

Dawn: no how about this?

Serenity: no this one is cuter

Dawn: Whatever that one is ugly

Jennifer: Hello?! How many times have I gone in and out of this fitting room, like about 1 million. Weíre here to cheer up Dawn not turn me into a model.

Serenity & Dawn couldnít help but laugh

The guys at the Men store

Brad: hey is this shirt is nice?

Andre: this whole store is nice

Saleperson: May I help you two?

Andre: umÖ no weíre still looking

Saleperson: well then if you need anything my name is Justin

Just then a couple came in

Boy: yo Justin, isnít it next shift already

Justin: yeah let me change out of this

Then Andre turn around and bumped into the Boy

Boy: watch where youíre going

Andre: sorry

Brad turn around

Brad: Jimmy!

Jimmy: Bastard!

He then threw a punch at him and it was a hard one.

********************End of Ch.2*****************************

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