Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 3

Jimmy threw a punch at Brad. Why? Letís find out

Andre: what the hell is your problem.

He stops Jimmy from punching Brad more

Brad: itís okay let him

Andre: are you okay in the head? That boy just punch you

Jimmy: he deserves to be punch at

Girl: Jimmy, isnít he your sisterís boyfriend?

Jimmy: hell yeah, and he just dump her

Andre: who told you that?

Jimmy: Jennifer & Serenity. They told me that Dawn came home last night DRUNK as hell! If you donít love her anymore then why make everyone think like that night was gonna be the proposal

Andre: ah man, even your sister knows about it

Brad: look jimmy thereís a lot of things you donít understand

Justin: Jimmy IímÖ. ready. What the hell happen to him?

Jimmy: nothing Justin. Just take Arshia out of here

Arshia: but I want toÖ

Jimmy: just go!--- Okay Brad explain

Brad: I ask her out for dinner andÖ(you know)

Andre: and all he wanted was to not make the relationship go deeper then it is already.

Jimmy: but 3years? Donít you think itís deep already?

Brad: actually we were just friends the first year, trying to get to know each other better

Andre & Jimmy: oh

Brad: who was that girl and guy?

Jimmy: oh she my girlfriend and the guy is one of my best friend.--- who is he?

Andre: oh, Iím Andre. I just came here from ConcÖ

Brad: please donít start it again. His father and my dad are best friends so they ask me to look after him. Heíll be staying here for awhile.

Andre: letís get something to drink.

Meanwhile Arshia and Justin were walking different ways

At the book store where her sister works

Arshia: Hey Sevati

Sevati: hello. Why are you having your mad face again?

Arshia: it is so unfair. Jimmy wouldnít let me be with him

Sevati: well, what happened?

Arshia: well, when Jimmy saw Brad, Dawn EX boyfriend, he threw a punch at himÖ(you know)--- And when they started talking instead of yelling jimmy said that me and Justin should leave. Like he doesnít want me to know any of my familyís business.

Sevati: donít think like that. You two make the cutest couple. And besides he really cares about you remember?

Arshia: but we just started dating like about 5 months

Sevati: and you love him. So of course he likes to share stuff with you

Arshia: maybe your right

Sevati: of course Iím right, Iím always right

Arshia: yeah right (then hits her playfully)

Well when all this conflict has been resolve, the girls (Dawn, Jennifer, Serenity) are still maxing out their credit cards.

Serenity: doesnít this make you feel so much better? Forgetting about my dumb, faggety brother (all of them walking out of the shop)

Jennifer: Serenity!

Serenity: oops, sorry, I mention him again

Dawn: hey, itís over. Even though how much it hurts,. But maybe heís right. You know, maybe weíre not comfortable with each other like we should be. I mean, I canít tell him things either. And even though I cried, I felt sort of relieve at the same time

Jennifer: are you serious?

Serenity: yeah are you?

Dawn: yup, positive--- maybe we still are friends after my stupid behavior, running out of the restaurant. --- Does anyone know about this?

Serenity & Jennifer: umÖ we sort of called Jimmy and let him Öknow

Dawn: you guys did what? You know he has a bad temper. What if right now heís (drop her shopping bags; they all bent down to help her)

Serenity: hey isnít that my brother, Brad?

Jennifer: where?

Dawn: oh I see him--- and thereís Jimmy also

Jennifer: theyíre drinking coffee together?

Serenity: whoís that guy that sits with them? Heís kinda cute

Jennifer: Kinda? Heís Fine!

Dawn: I wonder what Jimmy done to him?

Serenity: then letís go and find out.

Just then a thief stole this pregnant womanís purse.

Woman: THIEF! Help me itís a Thief! THIEF!!!!!

When Andre, Brad, and Jimmy heard this they all gave a chase. But the thief is on the second floor, so when Jennifer heard this she gave a chase also. Dawn and Serenity help the woman since sheís 7 months pregnant.

Serenity: Miss, you need to sit down

Sevati: here let me check her out--- Miss, your pulse isnít normal. Try to breathe. Can somebody get me a cup of water?---Okay, breathe in, breathe outÖ--- (Then Dawn hands her a cup of water) thanks

Since they were in front of the bookstore she works in, she came out and helps

Serenity: seems like you know a lot about Medical

Sevati: yeah, Iím studying to be a nurse

Dawn: oh thatís great. Iím Dawn and thatís my friendÖ (just then Jennifer came crawling back) whatís wrong with you?

Jennifer: the thiefÖ ran to fast so Ö IÖ let the guysÖ go chase after him--- whose water isÖ that? (Without an answer, she drank out of it)

Sevati: itís the ladyís. But thatís okay Iíll get you one.

Jennifer: thanks--- is the lady okay?

Woman: Iím fine thankyou. Itís people like you that should be rewarded not the lazy cops.

Jennifer:if any cops heard you theyíll take it as an insult

Dawn & Serenity both are laughing

**********************End of Ch.3*************************

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