Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 4

Thief stole this pregnant woman’s purse. The guys (Andre, Brad, and Jimmy) gave a chase. As for the girls (Dawn, Jennifer, Serenity) helped the woman and got to know Sevati. Why doesn’t Dawn know Sevati when Arshia is Jimmy’s girlfriend? Let’s find out.

When the guys are giving the thief a chase

Jimmy: Theif stop! (all of them are really tired)

Brad: you know what… I’m really…tir..ed…

Jimmy: I’m…(breathing real hard) with you…on …that

So both of them stop

Andre: come one guys! Find stay there (still chasing after the thief)

At where Brad & Jimmy is resting

Jimmy: what’s his… job again?

Brad: …a…cop

Jimmy: the pregnant lady! (Worrying that something bad happened to her)

Brad: then let’s go and check her out!

Back at the bookstore. Sevati invited them to go in and rest for awhile.

Sevati: your pulse is normal now. You could leave once your purse is back.

Woman: thankyou

Sevati: (to Dawn) you know your name sound familiar

Dawn: really? Oh, I forgot to tell you who they are. This is Serenity and that is

Sevati: hello (to both of them)

Jennifer & Serenity: hi!

Jennifer: oh, did I tell you…

Then Arshia came in and interrupts

Arshia: Sevati! What happened? On my way here, I heard some lady said that there was a robbery in front of the bookstore

Sevati: it’s nothing. Just a thief stole this lady’s purse (notice that they don’t know each other, then starts to introduce them) Arshia, this is Dawn, Jennifer, and Serenity. (To them) You guys, this is my older sister Arshia.

Arshia: are you Jimmy’ sister? (To Dawn)

Dawn: yeah, why?

Sevati: that’s why the name is so familiar

Arshia: oh, I’m his girlfriend

Serenity: he has one?

Jennifer: I thought it was over between them

Dawn: no that was Tiffany. It was over half a year ago. (To Arshia) Sorry he never mentions you.

Arshia: it’s no problem

Andre chased the thief of the mall and down the streets. Then they reach behind a building.

Andre: Would you stop! Aren’t you tired?

Thief: then stop chasing me. (both of then are still running)

Andre: if you don’t run then I won’t chase!

Thief: but if you don’t chase then I won’t run!

Andre: just give me back the purse in one piece and I’ll let you go. Deal?

Thief: deal

So now both of them stop. Then thief threw the purse over and Andre still jump on him and struggled with him

Thief: Bastard! You said that you’d let me go! (Still struggling with Andre)

Andre: never trust a COP! (Then the thief threw a punch at his eye)

So now Andre push him real hard. So with this chance, the thief ran of. Andre grabs the purse and return to the mall with a black & purple eye

In the Mall, when Brad & Jimmy return to the bookstore

Jimmy: hey Brad, look!

When Brad look he saw Dawn. With a little awkward in him he didn’t want to go in

Brad: you go in

Jimmy: come on man don’t be a wimp

Then Arshia saw Jimmy, so she called his name out. So everyone turned their head and saw Brad & Jimmy. Arshia then ran up to Jimmy

Arshia: where’s the thief?

Jimmy: Andre chased after him

Then Serenity and Jennifer both know that Brad & Dawn are very awkward so Serenity ran up to Brad and told him what to do

Serenity: you told me last night that you still want to be her friend, right? I didn’t tell her cause I wanted you to tell her now go

Brad: no, she stills hates me very much

Serenity: no she doesn’t. Now go!

Serenity signals Jennifer to get out of the way. Brad then made up his mind to go and talk to her. At the same time Jennifer is telling Dawn to stay and don’t walk away

Jennifer: stay and hear what he has to say (For she too knows that Brad wanted to be Friends still with Dawn)

Dawn: but what if…

Jennifer: no ifs’ and no buts’ about it!

Brad on his way over and Jennifer on her way leaving Dawn to be with Brad alone.

**********************End of Ch.4*************************

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