Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 5

Brad is on his way over to Dawn in the bookstore. He reach there and both felt very awkward for Dawn thought that Brad hated her and Brad thought that Dawn hated him.

Brad: um…how are you?

His hands are starting to get sweaty and wanted to walk off

Dawn: …fine. Are you?

Brad & Dawn: look I’m sorry (at the same time)

Dawn: why are you sorry? I’m the one who ran off and acted like a lunatic here

Brad: then why are you sorry? I’m the one who dumped you and made you ran off like a lunatic

Dawn: even though I went through a whole night of crying, I came to know that you’re right. We don’t feel very comfortable talking to each other like we should be.

Brad: glad you understand. I was wondering that could we still be friends?

Dawn: always

Then Serenity & Jennifer cutted in

Jennifer: yes! We finally got this problem resolve

Serenity: the pain we have to go to. We have to take her shopping and…

Dawn: what?! You were that one who thought of that idea. And don’t act like you didn’t buy anything here.---Jimmy

Jimmy: yeah sis?

Dawn: You never told me that you had a girlfriend

Jimmy: well, I guess I never had the chance to anyways. By the way how did you guys meet?

Serenity: well after you guys gave a chase…(you know)

Jennifer: yeah and we think you’re gonna be a great nurse

Sevati: thanks

Dawn: what are you studying, Arshia?

Arshia: to be a flight attendance

Jennifer: that use to be my dream. To see the world

Arshia: that’s why I want to be one

Then Brad saw Andre came walking back.

Brad: Andre over her!

Serenity: Brad, who’s that?

Brad: you don’t remember him? He used to play with you. He use to always smack you behind your head.

Serenity: oh…him. But he use to short and skinny

Sevati: Short? Then how can he pick on Serenity

Brad: cause she use to be way shorter than him

Serenity: wha…

Andre: and she still is

Approaching them with a woman’s purse (she is resting on the couch) and a smile on his face

Jimmy: what happened to you?

Jennifer: man, you got beat you

When dawn saw the purse she went and woke up the lady. Soon after the introduction between them, Dawn and the lady came out

Andre: ma’am, here’s your purse.

Lady: what a kind and generous person you are. You chase after the thief and came back with a black eye just for this purse. Which has nothing in it

Everyone: WHAT?!

Arshia: what do you mean?

Sevati: is it yours?

Lady: here I just bought this purse and I accidentally drop it on the floor so the thief snatches it away from me.

Andre: I chase after him for like about a whole hour and now you said that nothing is in it

Lady: I tried to tell you guys but all of you just left. And when…

Dawn: you don’t need to explain.

Sevati: yeah

After the woman left, everyone laugh at Andre. Andre who is still mad at the fact he got punch at and got tired for is a purse that has nothing in it

Brad: man, you are so stupid

Everyone is still laughing

Jennifer: next time don’t do these things. Let the police do it

Jimmy: he is the police (laughing even harder)

Dawn: you guys shouldn’t make fun of him. He’s just doing everything that good citizen would do

Andre who is a little chill now finally speaks

Andre: see she knows what’s right---by the way who are you?

Jennifer: oh they weren’t properly introduced

Dawn: oh, I’m Dawn

Andre: and I’m Andre

******************End of Ch.5*************************

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