Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 6

When Andre and Dawn finally get introduced will any feeling spark? How about other characters will their love spark toward one another? I guess you have to find out

*New Characters*
Sevati &Arshia’s mom: played by woman at is around 40. Her name is Mrs.Yang
Sevati & Arshia’s dad: plays by anyone man that is around their late 40s’. His name is Mr. Yang

After the robbery on Saturday, everyone got to know each other and became fast friends

On Sunday

*Ring, Ring*

Mrs. Yang answers

Mrs. Yang: hello

Jimmy: oh hi Mrs. Yang. Is Arshia there?

Mrs. Yang: yeah she’s here. Hold on

Mr. Yang: who’s that?

Mrs. Jimmy, Arshia’s boyfriend

Mr. Yang: oh

Mrs. Yang going in her daughters’ room

*Knock Knock *

Sevati: yes mom?

Mrs. Yang came in

Mrs. Yang: here

Handing the phone to Arshia

Arshia: who is it (to her mom)

Mrs. Yang: Jimmy

Then Mrs. Yang & Sevati step out leaving the Arshia alone

Arshia: hey, baby

Jimmy: still sleeping?

Arshia: sort of. Why are you calling?

Jimmy: want to go to the movies?

Arshia: sure. Just us?

Jimmy: no, cause Ryan wants to go along

Arshia: two guys and one girl?

Jimmy: is your sister free? Maybe she could be Ryan’s date

Arshia: I’ll ask. Hold on

Arshia stepping out of the room.

Arshia: Sevati, you want to go to the movies with us?

Sevati: yeah and be the light bulb. I don’t think so

Arshia: come on. Please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top.

Sevati: two girls and one boy?

Arshia: Jimmy’s best friend, Ryan is coming

Sevati: no body said anything about double date?

Arshia: it’ll be fun. Trust me. Ryan is not bad looking and he is also very sweet.

Sevati: fine I’ll go

So the girls go and got dress. Awhile later the boys came to pick them up. Sevati was feels kinda awkward. And Arshia and Jimmy are trying to set them up. Ryan who thinks Sevati is very pretty but doesn’t like her.

At the movies. While waiting in line

Arshia: what movie to watch?

Jimmy: how about …(any movie you want)

Arshia: yeah sure. What do you guys think? (to Sevati & Ryan)

Ryan: good you two finally notice us

Sevati: it looks like it’s gonna be a bad movie. How about …(whatever movie you want)

Jimmy: (thinks for a while) maybe you’re right. It looks like a bad movie

Arshia: see I knew it was gonna be a bad movie

Ryan: weren’t you the one who said it looks good?

Arshia: um… whatever

Sevati & Jimmy couldn’t help laughing

Sevati: okay you guys stop picking on her

After getting their tickets, they were in line for snacks

Ryan: 10 more minutes and the movie start.

Arshia: what can we do about it? (was in a grouchy mood ever since when Sevati & jimmy were laughing at her)

Jimmy saw that she couldn’t take a joke

Jimmy: god! He only told us the time and warns us. You don’t have to yell at him

Sevati saw that Arshia was ready to explode

Sevati: Arshia let’s go to the ladies room (dragging her off)

After they left

Ryan: man your taste is getting worst. She’s like a spoil brat. Do you even like her?

Jimmy: I like her but not as much as she likes me.

Ryan: you see her sister, Sevati, is whole different story. Understanding and nice.

Jimmy: I knew you’d fall for her

Ryan: who said I like her. I think you and her make a cute couple

Jimmy who is laughing

Jimmy: are you serious? Go out with her? It’s like going out with your own sister. She’s still too babyish

When Ryan was about to say another word the girls came out. In the Restroom Sevati was telling Arshia to cool off and so when Arshia came out she was normal

Arshia: we’re up next

Jimmy: yeah we are

They got their food and went in and took their seats. Jimmy and Arshia sat next to each other. Sevati sat next to Arshia on her right and Ryan sat next to Sevati.

After the movie, Jimmy drove all of the girls home.

At their house

Arshia: bye. (she gave him a kiss on the cheek) I’ll call you

Sevati: Bye (then she open the car door to get out)

Ryan: What about me?

Feeling kinda nervous but she kiss Ryan anyway so she could get it over with.

After the kiss Ryan pulls her closer and whisper to her ear

Ryan: (Whispering) you’re not my type so don’t worry

After hearing that Sevati smile

So the girls went inside and the guys drove off

**************End of Ch.6*******************

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